21 August 2014

Supersoft Large Muslin's from SewLomax

When Molly-May was a newborn (this makes her sound so old even though she only turned 6 month recently) she was a very sickly baby and i never left the house without a bib and at least 1 or 2 muslin's in my bag although her sickness made a U Turn when she gotten to the 3 Month stage there is always the need of a Muslin in our House!
So i was delighted to receive a parcel consisting of a set of 3 large Muslin Squares of the newly launched Baby Collection from SewLomax.

Emma Lomax has been taking the fashion and beauty world by storm for the last two years with her ethically produced collection of stylish wash bags & accessories, we are now delighted to introduce her highly anticipated baby range!
Her debut collection of must-have essentials consists of beautifully designed and ethically produced muslin's, dribble bibs and baby bath time towel and flannel sets.

A little bit more about the Product itself:
The muslin sets are 100% cotton and include three cute designs in a choice of two sizes and three colour options, pretty pink, boisterous blue and gorgeous green. 
Each set comes beautifully boxed, making them the perfect gift for new mothers.
Large set are £26 and the small set are £12.50.

Here is what we thought about our new Muslins:

So i might have got a few Muslin's already but nothing like this first of all its Size each of the 3 Muslin's measures a big whopping 100cm x 100cm which makes them so unique.
We have used them for a blanket, emergency sun cover over the buggy or car seat 
(i know this is not recommended but we did it only because we forgot our Snoozeshade and we made sure there was plenty off ventilation coming through for our sleeping beauty) 
changing mat and of course it's original use as burping cloth.
 It is so massive that it would be ideal to swaddle your newborn in it too!
It's super soft and even after a few washes it keeps it's softness which makes it my favourite muslin by far. I am very tempted to get the smaller pack of 3 too now! 
The only slight niggle i have but i think its down to personal preferences is the pattern i am not so keen on the baby safety pin pattern all over the muslin but the white muslin with the stitched Pin is absolutely adorable:

This gorgeous 3 set of (extra) large Muslin's makes the perfect Newborn Present 
for any bundle of joy!

You can pop over to the SewLomax Shop to get your Set and check out the rest of the new 
Baby Range which includes dribble bibs, towel & flannel sets 
and even a few pretty Mummy Pouches.
You can find SewLomax also on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I have been send a Set of large Muslin's from SewLomax for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

18 August 2014

We went to LolliBop 2014!

On Sunday we went to Hatfield House to attend our very first festival with the kids in tow -
 the amazing and very popular  "LolliBop Festival"!

I heard from loads of my Blogger Friends what great fun it was last year so when i saw that this time they will be holding it in Hatfield House which is only 50 minutes away from us we couldn't wait to "bob along" and check it out for ourselves.

We planned to make our our way there nice and early for opening time but due to the Boys not arriving back from a day out in Brighton rather late at night Saturday i let them have a lie in and we arrived midday at the Festival.

Upon arrival we where greeted by a massive field full of little colourful stations.
 Although it seemed like there where a lot of People due to the fact it was all so spread out there were hardly any queues (unless you wanted to see a show in the Lollipaladium).

Finn's first activity was checking out the Parcour from the Bear Grylls Survival Academy which he thought was great fun! Running through sticks underneath some netting through the tunnel and jump into a Jeep whats not to like:

Then we headed to see the Animal Man UK in the National Geographic Kids Tent who done a fantastic show which had both Mr. C. and Finn gripped:

I was really glad i printed out the Timetable and highlighted the stuff i wanted to see and do because it helped us plan a little bit.

We meet up with Jo from Sit Still Monkeys, Clare from Emmy's Mummy and Liz from The Hart of the Munchkin Patch and their little ones who had a fun time on the Kia Bouncy Castle:

Molly-May couldn't help herself she checked out Jo's yummy Lunchbox in her uebercool Brandon Wagons whilst the Monkeys weren't looking of course! And Emmy and Munchkin looked super relaxed being pushed around. Those Wagons look fab and certainly did there job very well carrying cargo and the kids around the place.

Just when we where heading to another area I spotted Finns best mate Josh and his parents and for the rest of the day the boys (as well as the Daddy's) where joint by the hip!

We meet a few Bears and the kids had fun with their Bubble Guns, we spotted Hagrid and Harry Potter and checked out Thomas the Tank Engine and Finn had a cuddle with Fireman Sam:

I have to say although it got its name as "the festival for little people" it has so much more to offer!
For instants the food stalls where amazing and certainly not your average Burger and Chips Van i had a pulled pork sandwich which was delishious and us Mummies might have enjoyed 1 or maybe even 2 lovely cups of Strawberry with warm chocolate sauce as desert whilst watching Justin live
 and the Daddy's loved the fact they had there very own "Adult Creche Bar" 
what more do you want (in the words of Mr. C.):

Although we didn't manage to get to the Meet and Greet with Finn's Favourite Andy Day we manage to watch his last Show in the Lollipaladium on Sunday late Afternoon and he didn't disappoint.
Finn loved it and joined in with some dancing in front of the stage with loads of other children.

There was just not enough hours in the day for us to discover all the brilliant little workshops and stalls Lollibop had to offer from Dent Making to Ginger bread men decorating to magical workshops and much much more!

We know one thing for sure we will be back to do some more bopping next year!!


Disclaimer: I have been send some free Blogger Press Tickets  for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

16 August 2014

Week 33 - Project 36

Week 33 - 10. - 16. August

Day 222
Double Scrummyness i might have bought a new buggy for my dearest daughter doesn't it suit her?

Day 223
I can see a rainbow:

Day 224
Just some of Finnster's Disney Planes Collection:

Day 225
We went to a Fisher Price Event and Finn got this cool glitter batman tattoo on his hand:

Day 226
Went to the South bank today and saw this funny board so Finn peaked his head through although its only *nearly* with no hands haha:

Day 227
I adore this picture we headed to my Cousins House and MM's Uncle put her in the Sink to play:

Day 228
My wedding shoes came and there are oooohhh so lovely but unfortunately there too high so they didn't make the cut:

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15 August 2014

Hurray to clean and germ free Gadgets thanks to CyberClean!

When did you last wiped the keyboard on your laptop, or the remote control 
or even your mobile phone?

Cant remember? Well that makes 2 of us.

A report discovered that keyboards harbour harmful bacteria. In the WHICH report they swapped 33 keyboards from an office and found that 4 were potential health hazards! If someone had a cold in the office then it could easily be picked up by the other people from their keyboards.
Biscuit crumbs, butter finger and dirt finds it's way in no time at all in-between those little spaces on our keyboard this is why Cyber Clean have invented this nifty little thing which helps to clean your gadget and even kills of the germs!

Here is the description of Cyber Clean Cleaning Compound:

Our unique Cleaning Compound is ideal for cleaning many household devices such as 

Computer Keyboards, Ventilation grills, etc.

With antiseptic cleaning it eliminates 99.9% of all germs. 

How does it work?

CyberClean have brought out a Cleaning Compound. The compound is like a gel that contains anti-bacterial qualities which will kill germs. The clever compound is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
The cleaning compound is very easy to use, turn your keyboard off then you simply press the compound on to your keyboard do not rub. Let the gel sink in between the keys and then you simply peel off, repair all over your keyboard. The cleaning compound is reusable, the compound digest the dirt and locks it away within the compound, once it has changed colour then it's time for a new one.

And here is what i thought about it:

I recently got a new Laptop and i am very eager to keep this new gem as shiny as possible but crumbs do you everywhere when you write those reviews whilst having a sneaky little biscuit (who hasn't!)

The cleaning compound comes is a little zip bag and when i opened it a slimy bright yellow glue shine at me and i felt a bit taken back to my childhood when i use to love playing with slime balls!

Once i took it out of the package it was a very slimy substance and i did hesitate if i really want that all over my shiny new keyboard but once i played around with it a bit i braved it and started the cleaning work.
Its really hard to capture the dust with a picture but i tried it anyway but as you can see on the bottom right picture there was quite a bit of crumbs and dirt which the compound taken on board.

I think its a brilliant little piece of kit which is great to have for any frequent Computer or Laptop user and i can see myself using it on our remote as well as Mr. C. "retro" Nokia phone.

You can get your very own CyperClean Cleaning Compound over here for only 5£ with FREE delivery.
Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for the newest Updates too.

Disclaimer: I have been send a pack of Cleaning Compound from CyberClean for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

14 August 2014

World Cup Champion Quality - The Canvas Prints Review

When i spotted a call out for Bloggers to review a Canvas from The Canvas Prints a new Company from Bolton I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally add a picture of our new addition onto our Canvas wall in the Living room.
Normally it takes me ages to choose the right picture but this time it was decided in 2 minutes.
I guess i was still very much in a happy "World Cup Champion Mood" so I was very exited when the delivery came and couldn't wait to put it up to display.

The Canvas Prints is a new company from Bolton, Lancashire who aim to provide quality canvas prints at low prices. They decided to create a hassle free bespoken application to allow customers to upload their design from the computer or mobile.

You can choose between 3 different wrap styles from Gallery, to solid colour and a mirror wrap (which you can see on my finished canvas below).

The Canvas arrived secure and well packaged via courier and although the outside was a bit bashed the Picture wasn't harmed thank god, here are some pictures of my chosen print but i have to say even though i took the pictures with my good camera the Canvas does look even better quality then seen in the picture:

I love the sturdiness of the Canvas Frame and the colours are really vibrant! The print has come out fantastic the only thing what I would change for my next order would be the solid colour wrap because i think the mirror wrap makes it a bit too busy with all the colours of the print itself, but that is just a personal preference of myself. 

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anybody who is looking for a Canvas.

You can get your very own Canvas from The Canvas Prints over on their website with prices starting from 18£ for a single print up to 60" and 80.80£ for Photo Splits and Wall Displays.
The Delivery fee varies depending on the area you are living and delivery times are 2 to 5 business days.

If you don't like to upload your own design you can always use any of the 20 million high quality images which can be found on their Wall Art Page on the website!

You can find The Canvas Prints them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: The Canvas from The Canvas Prints was send to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

12 August 2014

"Winna" Maternity and Nursing Dress Review

If you are breastfeeding you might know how hard it is to find a nursing dress which might not look like the standard tie in the front or wrap dress so i was delighted to review this rather different Dress from  KLM Maternity Wear.

The "Winna" is a Maternity and Nursing Dress from the Brand Mamalicious:

Here is the Dress Description:

This is a maternity dress and nursing dress all in one, so will take you right the way through your pregnancy and into breastfeeding.

Sleeveless with hidden nursing panel with hidden zipper closing for discreet feeding. 

Elasticated waist with detachable belt 
Zipped faux pockets detail 

Here is what i thought about the "Winna" Dress:

First off the Material of the dress is a lovely light and soft viscose so its defiantly a great summer dress, it has some zipped faux pocket details on the front which i think looks nice but it would have been more practical to have actual pockets!
It is a lovely length and the colour and pattern looks great.
Once i put the Dress on it was rather tight on the bottom half. I chosen the size 14-16 and i am normally a bottom 14 and top 16 so i would say that the dress is rather on the tight side.
So if you are intending of wearing this dress throughout your pregnancy i would recommend buying it one size up to last all the way through the 9 month.
I love the cut off the dress but the top bit around the shoulders is slightly cut too wide so there is a bit of loose material around the neckline.
The discreet breastfeeding panel is easy and quick to open with the zip and allowed me to nurse Molly-May without any boob peeping out.
I can see myself wearing this dress even after i finish breastfeeding although i might need to loose a bit of that "baby" belly first, here is me (and Finnster who wanted to be in the picture so he gave his best smile for the camera) in my "Winna" Dress:

You can head over to get your very own "Winna" Dress from the KLM Maternity Wear Shop for a very reasonable 25.20£ (down from 42£) and check out all the other great Nursing Clothes and other practical items.
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: The "Winna" Nursing Dress from KLM Maternity Wear was send to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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