23 October 2014

Now thats a rather Blooming Gorgeous Bag for Mum!

Since having Molly-May i started to use a changing bag again and i have been through quite a few now they always had something not quite right so it didn't take long for me to move onto another brand. I had too big, worn out too quickly, not my colour and one just didn't match my pushchair, yes that's me, very picky indeed! I want a bag which is not too girly, not too big, easy to clean and has to last for quite a while. 
 A few weeks ago something literally "flew" into my house and its rather blooming gorgeous 
don't you think?
Now you might have heard about the fabulous Pink Lining Range already but if not here is a little bit more info about the bag:

On the exterior of the bag there is a large canvas pocket with the Blooming Gorgeous slogan 
and patch and two side flap pockets in body fabric. 
The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to fit over any 
pram/buggy handle bars.
Internal Features: 2x insulated bottle holders, 2x nappy pockets, pen holder, key fob, mirror, phone pocket, small zip pocket, padded changing mat and wet zip bag.

The Bag size is slightly wider then the other styles which gives you more room: 
38(L) x 25.5(H) x 19(W) cm
Just to compare the Yummy Mummy Bag dimensions are:
38(L) x 28(H) x 14(W)cm
What i love about my new Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag:
The Space - I love the fact that i can fit everything i need for going out into the bag and its not overflowing, my old changing bag was most of the time unzipped because i couldn't fit it all in!
The PrintThe owls are just adorable and i am a big fan off the laminated finish which makes it so easy to clean when its getting dirty! The wet bag is a great little extra and comes in very handy i store Molly-May's spare Clothes in there:

Attention to detail -All the tiny little details from the leather straps to the elastic side pockets, the red 2 way zip and the adjustable shoulder strap which can be taken off the bag very easily.
I think the metal studs on the bottom off the bag are a big must have for any chaining bag to avoid getting the canvas bottom dirty!

Favourite Feature - that has to be the handle clip which connects both handles together, no more fussing around with the strap sliding off your shoulder whilst carrying the bag!!! Its such a simple but clever idea!
No more fiddling around with the straps when you want to pick up your bag!
What i wasn't so keen on:

It would be great if there would be a outside zip pocket to store my PL wallet in to make room for other baby essentials.
I am not a big fan of large changing mats because i just feel they take up too much room in the bag, but the changing mat which comes with the bag is nicely padded and a good size mat.
The following 2 statements are very much a personal choice of mine:

50% of the time i leave my buggy in the car and baby wear Molly-May and although i can cross the strap around my shoulders i feel like it is just a tiny bit on the short side for me to do so:

When i was looking through the different Pink Lining Bags i excluded the Yummy Mummy design straight away because i don't feel like a "Yummy Mummy" and secondly i don't think Mr. C. would ever carry it because he would think its way too girly.

So what is my overall verdict?

The Blooming Gorgeous Tote from Pink Lining is a really pretty bag which is easy to clean and all the little extras makes it such a practical, stylish and perfect changing bag for all those busy mums out there. I have no doubt that my Blooming Gorgeous Bag will tackle our busy family lifestyle no problem and will last for quite a while!
Whilst browsing the website i came across the matching wallet and with my old wallet ready for the bin i decided to treat myself to a matching purse to go with my bag and as you might see on the picture i am rather fond of the owl design! I went to a local market the other day and picked up those gorgeous owl leather shoes for Molly-May and they go rather well with my new bag and purse:

Here are a few pictures from the inside of the purse:

At first i thought the money pocket might be a little bit too small but its just right!
I love the fact that there are plenty of card slots within the wallet the only thing missing is a little picture window underneath the Pink Lining logo but other then that i love my new wallet!
If you want to get your hands on your very own Pink Lining Bag head over to the website and check out all the lovely designs as well as the wide range of other products they have from Childrens Backpacks to Baby Comforters to Phone Covers!
Disclaimer: I have been send the Blooming Gorgeous Wise Owl Changing Bag from Pink Lining for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine. I have purchased the Pink Lining Wise Owl Wallet myself and just wanted to show you how lovely it is!

22 October 2014

A special Letter from Father Christmas

Early this week the Kids received a very exiting Letter each from Santa!
Oh yeah after all its only 63 days until Christmas!!!
I have half of the presents sorted and every time Finn likes the look of a toy he urges me to add it onto his Christmas Wish List!

So i was more then happy to receive a email if i would like to trial a personalised letter for both children from the Lapland Mailroom.

Here is a little bit about what the Lapland Mailroom has to offer:

From the 1. December you can order a personalised letter from Santa to your child to get into the Christmas spirit!
Each letter can be personalised with your child's name, age, name of town where they will spend Christmas eve, the name of the child's best friend as well as that special gift which is wanted by your child and as a extra you can add some special achievements or a social note at the end of the letter too:

There is a choice of 2 Mail Packages:

Mail Package 1 consists of a personalised Letter from Santa for 6.95£ 
(and for a limited time only you receive a free Nice Child List Certificate worth 2.95£)
or you can get the 
Mail Package 2 for just 1£ more so 7.95£ you can get the same as above with a added activity pack.

Delivery is included in the Price!

And you can choose between  3 different written letters as well as a "Babies 1st Christmas" letter.

Our Thoughts on Finn & Molly-May's personalised Letters from Santa:

The website is very easy to use and i took less then 5 minutes each filling in the required information the only slight niggle i have is with the size of the personalised letter, there is a option to read your finished letter after filling out the form but the font is so tiny and hard to read although there is a magnifying glass you can use to slide over the letter it was a little bit of a hassle.

But having said that once you placed your order the confirmation email has the details of your personalisation attached and in case you spot a mistake quickly (just like i made one with the kids surname!oops) the lovely team from Lapland Mailroom are more then helpful in correcting a mistake before the order is being processed. A truly great service!!

I love the fact that there is a choice of 3 different letters which are all written slightly differently so siblings do not receive exactly the same letter! Very clever!

Another thing what is fantastic is that you have the choice of having your letter signed from either Santa or Father Christmas so however you address the Man in the red coat it will be just right for your child's very own personalised letter!

I adore Molly-May's 1st Christmas Letter at first i was unsure but i think its nice for Finn to see that Father Christmas has thought about Molly-May too even though she is only a little baby and the letter will be kept in her keepsake box!

The Letter as well as the certificate are printed on a lovely thick piece of paper and i love all the little details like the picture of Father Christmas on the top corner and the little red bows.

In our activity pack we found a 
Colouring in "Santa Stop Here!" Sign
Colouring in Christmas card
Elf Yourself! Activity sheet
Christmas Eve door hanger &
Colour out some Christmas decoration

Those are great little crafty activities to do all the way through December 
until Christmas is close!

I think the Letters will put a big smile on any child and would make a lovely keepsake!

The last ordering date for all UK order will be Friday 20th December 2014.

To order your personalised letter head over to the Lapland Mailroom Website and don't follow Santa Claus on Twitter for the countdown to Christmas.

Disclaimer: I have been send the 2 letters from the Lapland Mailroom for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

21 October 2014

Dinner in Disguise with Miele

A couple of Sunday's ago we all went off to London and whilst the boys had fun at the Cinema Molly-May and me meet up with the lovely Ruth and Kip and their kids to have a "Dinner in Disguise" morning at the Miele Gallery in the heart of London.

In all honesty!  I am not a good cook! No that's a lie, i am a RUBBISH cook! 
I really would like to improve my cooking skills (any cookery classes going send them my way!) 
so my boys and MM can have something else then my short list of Mummy Dishes like Spag Bol, Lasagne, Spaghetti Carbonara and slow cooker chicken!!
But all is not lost!  
I am pretty decent Baker not to GBBO standard of course, but i can do a mean Marble cake!!
Coming from Germany i was already familiar of the Miele brand and there are quite a few Miele appliances in my parents house! but it was interesting to check out their brand new Miele Steam Oven Range and sample some healthy food!
Whilst we waited for the food we started off with decoration some cupcakes with a twist (they where coloured with beetroot!)

As a starter the Miele Chefs dished us up Brussels Sprout Croquettes with green pesto fresh out of the steam oven cooked in 20 minutes and they tasted very delicious so much so that i eat them before taking a picture to show you!
For our main we decorated our very own little pizza with a choice of cauliflower or beetroot base, i have to admit i was very sceptical with the beetroot base because i normally don't eat beetroot but i was more then pleasantly surprise that it was my favourite out of both! We also tried some meatballs with courgette and carrot spaghetti.
My finished mini pizzas before they headed into the Miele Steam Oven:
And because there is always room for desert we where all in agreement that the Avocado Chocolate Mouse was divine! Avocado & Chocolate  i hear you say?
Believe me it does work! This is the 2. time i tried it my cousin did make it a few month back for our Cousin Brunch when i went to Germany and don't ask me how but you can hardly taste the avocado and its such a healthy treat! 
I thought i share the receipt with you so you can try it out yourself:
At the end of the Event the Miele Team gave us a fabulous Goodies Bag full of receipts of all the dishes we have been served today as well as a cute Miele Toy hoover for Molly-May to help me keep my house clean. She is a little bit too small for it now so i put it away for her to enjoy next year!
And as a little treat for Mummy we received a box with a Surprise Lemon Drizzle Cake! 
I shared mine with the family when i got home and let them all have a guess what the secret ingredient was and non of them knew that the cake was actually baked with mashed potato!! 
But we where all in agreement that it was rather tasty and i have been asked to make it for the next family gathering!
And now i let you in on a little secret! The Miele Gallery in London has got some fabulous Creative Living Courses going on you can find some more details on their website
I personally would love to go on the Steam School Course to learn more about cooking with steam!
(Something for my Christmas Wish List Mr. C.??)
I know for a fact that once we finally moved from our flat into our own house that a Miele Steam oven is high on my must have list for my new kitchen!!!
Disclaimer: I have been invited to the Miele Gallery in London for the event but i have not been asked to write about it and all opinions and thoughts are my own.

20 October 2014

Week 42 - Project 365

Week 42 - 12. - 18. October

Day 285
Smiles all around in our new purchase i treated myself to another keppeke this time a ring sling in coral cube i love the colour!

Day 286
Today i made my first ever pie i even decorated it lovingly lets just say the after picture doesn't look as pretty i will try again:

Day 287
Look who i spotted in Finns room today a little train loving intruder little miss loves standing up and checking out her big brothers train track:

Day 288
Its a selfie day, do you think she looks like me? Loads of people do tell me so:

Day 289
Ohhh look mummy new spoons from Tommee Tippee lets do the chewing test first:

Day 290
There is a little cupcake thieve in the house! We went to A3 Baby Barn Baby Shop to check out the new Combi range i will post about it soon:

Day 291
Went to Lidls and found my favourite Lebkuchen or Gingerbread Rounds as they are called in the UK, Christmas is coming oh yeah:

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Week 41 - Project 365

Week 41 - 5. - 11. October

It is International Baby wearing week so this weeks pictures are all about the buckles, wrap and baby wearing love! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Day 278
MM loves a snooze in our colourful Beco Solei:

Day 279
There seems to be loads of sleepy dust in my new keppeke cube wrap:

Day 280
Here is my stash shot, not quite finished yet (shh don't tell Mr.C.)

Day 281
Who needs a highchair? breakfast in our Beco Gemini excuse the crazy mummy face!

Day 282
sleep? who needs sleep?

Day 283
Today we are doing a back carry so i can get on with cleaning done around the house:

Day 284
First successful wrap transfer from mummy to cot! and she stayed asleep yippee:

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