24 April 2015

Wedding Invitations Part 2 - The German ones

Choosing a design for my German guests was once again combined by endless evenings spend on etsy, Ebay, German wedding pages and Pinterest to find one which is "us".

Our theme is rustic so I thought I would love to have a rustic, tree, vintage inspired card 
which is just a little bit different to the normal picture lovely dovely invitations 
the Germans like to send out 
(don't get me wrong they are nice cards and stuff but I knew for a fact that I couldn't find a picture 
of Mr. C and me which we both liked so that was off question!)
So I found the German version of etsy called dawanda and they had a pretty cool design with 
wooden slats as background and a gingerbread heart (the once you get from the beer festival) 
with our names & date written inside i ordered a sample to check them out:

But for 2.50€ per invitations I decided to let that idea go and after more browsing 
I came across a pretty cool design on vista print.

Once again just like with the English invitations (Link) the wording was a pain in the backside and this time I couldn't even ask Mr. C. for help so my cousins and mum overlooked it (especially my German grammar which was never good!)

The Invitation arrived on the same day then our English ones and eager to crack on with writing addresses and sending them out i opened up the parcel to notice there was a label from the courier company stating it has been repacked by them. 

Not only the outside but most envelopes and some of the invites had dirt all over them! I was gutted!!
But after a very helpful phone call to Yodel & Vistaprint they sorted it out very quick for me and 2 days later i had some new (dirt free) Invitations delivered to me!

So here are our finished German Wedding Invitations:

I won't translate them because i guess it says what every wedding invitation is mentioning but i found a really nice and fitting phrase for us which i have written on the top of the back:

"Nobody is that crazy, that he couldn't find a crazier person to understand him!" (Heinrich Heine)

I added a little homemade card with the RSVP date into the envelope which in he insight wasn't a good idea at all because not a lot of people seem to have taken that piece of paper out of 
the envelope when opening it.

The feedback i received so far has been that the little line on the top of the back page couldn't be more fitting for us and that its a very unique and different invitation to get.

Well that's another tick for my wedding to do list! 

Now onto more wedding planning adventures i see you on the other side!

21 April 2015

Our Weekend with the Bugaboo Bee3

Way back in September Molly-May and me went on our first girls only trip to Germany for a long weekend to celebrate the Wedding of my dearest Cousin Nicola!
When I attended the Bugaboo Bee3 Launch at the OXO Towers in August I happen to mention that I am flying to Germany soon so the lovely Bugaboo team was more the happy to loan me out their newest model for me to test drive.

The Bugaboo Bee3 is compact, nimble and highly manoeuvrable: perfect for busy urban families.
This compact and nimble Bugaboo Bee3 is suitable from birth and features a comfortable reversible seat unit that can also be extended. Baby can either face rearward to interact with Mum or Dad, or travel in a forward facing position to view the world around them. Bugaboo Bee3 is adaptable and flexible to adjust with your little one taking them from newborn to toddler.

The Bugaboo Bee version 3 is also travel system compatible with the addition of an infant car seat and adaptors (both available separately). For an extra-comfy ride, you can also purchase the Bugaboo Bee3 bassinet separately, which easily clicks onto the Bee’s chassis.

Bugaboo now offers a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all pushchairs registered online. To receive this additional year of warranty customers must register their product with Bugaboo online within 3 months after purchase (www.bugaboo.com/extra-warranty).

Here is what we thought about our weekend with the new Bugaboo Bee3:

The new Bee3 is a great new upgraded version of the Bee+ i love the new sturdiness i always thought the Bee+ was just that little bit too lightweight when i pushed it and i was a little bit vary of it.

The harness is a no thread harness which is just brilliant and lets you take your child out in seconds instead of fiddling around with your children's arms before they are released. Its one of my favourite features because it lets you adjust the harness very easy on the shoulders!

It has a very generous basket which is even larger then on the bee+ model here is a picture to show you just how large it is next to the 2 bags of nappies was still plenty of space for other things. It holds 22 litres which sounds rather a lot!

I was gutted that Molly-May with her 6 month was too small (and way too nosey) to try out the hard bottom carrycot which goes onto the bee3 with adaptors and it can now hold a car seat too which makes it a versatile and compact travel system!
I am still not too sure about the hood it has a more stretchy feel to it then the older bee hood designs which where made out of canvas. I think i didn't have the pushchair long enough to see how it would last in time but it did cope very well with Molly-May pulling it down and trying to get her hands through the fabric for the long weekend we used it.

The bee3 has got 3 seat positions and you can fold it with the seat attached from both directions. 
The seat can be extended to grow with your child which i think its a big plus.
The fold is a little bit stiff but easy to "teach" even my dad had it in him after me showing it to him twice normally he always needs a little reminder but with the bee3 he told me he knows 
what he is doing! So its certainly Babysitter/Grandparents friendly!!
I haven't really used the Rain cover so i cant comment on that but i have used my snooze shade because Molly-May has been napping ALOT over the whole weekend and believe me it wasn't just the lovely countryside which put her to sleep she must have felt rather cosy and comfy in her holiday buggy because she normally never sleeps in any of her pushchairs!
Onto the colours as always bugaboo has created a pure colour delight when it comes to designing your very own bee3 you can choose from 2 different colour chassis which is Aluminium or Black, 4 different seat fabric options which come in: Red, Black, Grey Melange (my favourite!!) or Dark Khaki and then there is of course the sun canopy options which vary from: Off White, Dark Khaki, Red, Soft Pink, Ice Blue, Black, Bright Yellow or Grey Melange.
And lastly we have the carrycot colours which are: Red, Black, Grey Melange or Dark Khaki.
That's over 64 different colour combinations to choose from!
Here are some more details:
Suitable from birth up to 37.5lbs/17kg
5 Point Harness with height adjustable shoulder straps 
6 inch Swivel wheels and 6 inch rear wheels with durable foam filled rubber tyres
Weight: +/- 8.7kg / 19.2 lbs
Folded lwh: 85x45x32 cm /35x18x12 inches
Basket holds 22 Liter / 5.8 gal
All fabrics are washable
We are giving the Bugaboo Bee3 9 out of 10 stars. 

I love the smooth push but would have loved to see a bumper bar which can be used with it 
because i know a lot of children who love bumper bars (and MM is a tad bumper bar obsessive!) 
Its a great urban pushchair, brilliant for travelling and in my Mums words: 
"that's my favourite from all the ones (22 plus counting) 
you have brought with you to Germany so far!"
If you want to check out some more about the Bugaboo Bee3 and all the other lovely rides head over to their website or give them a visit on their Facebook and Twitter Page.
Disclaimer: I have been loaned the Bugaboo Bee3 over a long weekend for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

We're going on an adventure

15 April 2015

Introducing you to my #ThinkingSlimmer Slimpod Journey

I am doing everything i can to try and look as good as i can for my big day but that doesn't mean i am doing full on diets and shakes and all that crap because that's not me i just cant do diets and don't want to yoyo around with my weight.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join a 12 week Focus Group to share our experience   together which i find very helpful and its great to see such positive feedback from the other ladies!

Because if i am brutally honest i was very sceptic if something like this would work at all. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Slimpod:

Its a cutting edge weight loss solution created by Harley Street neuroscience specialists 
Sandra Roycroft-Davis and Trevor Silvester. 
In just 10 minutes a day it retunes your mind and creates healthy lifestyle changes which free you from the battle with your weight and give you the power to make good food choices naturally. 
Slim pods make changes from the inside out and retune your mind so you gain control over food. This means eating only when you're hungry and stopping when you're fill. Best of all its your mind that's creating these lasting changes, not some fad short-term diet or willpower!
Uniquely, Slimpods have been scientifically proven to work in independent clinical trials. 

I am now 3 weeks into (my 12 week Journey) listening to the Slimpod recording and my doubts 
have faded a little bit.

Trevor voice which i mostly listen to on my phone (with my headphones in) at bedtime is very soothing and i have to say he even gets me to sleep! I use to have problems falling asleep no matter how tired i am it takes a good 20-30 minutes for me to drift off but this has changed since i started listening to my Slimpod "Drop 2 Dress Sizes (or more)" every night for the last couple of weeks.

Now when you do a diet there is always the dreaded weigh in every week which i think puts every woman into panic mode: have i? how much? 

Well a lovely Lady called Debbie who is a member of the Focus Group has told us she is a recovering "Scale Addict" and has showed us her new "weigh in" method which is less stressful so i decided to give it a go and here are my results after 3 weeks!

Its so simple! 
Just take a ribbon, put it around your waist and cut it, 
then take a picture of you with the ribbon around your waist every week to see your progress 
which is not that easy doing it selfie style so Mr. C. has lent a hand taking a pic:

I also thought i share some of my changes i have noticed (and written down in my Slimpod Diary) over the last 3 weeks:

Iam falling asleep quicker something i have struggled with all my life.

I am stopping and thinking about snaking before i actually go for it and sometimes a Glass water 
helps me take my mind of wanting to snack. 

I noticed i either don't finish my normal portions of food or sometimes don't even fill up my plate 
as much as i use to do!

And here is a little before and week 3 comprising shot of me in my not so flattering Gym wear:

I did take my measurements and weight myself for my monthly update post over here.

(And yes i did "cheat" regarding the weighing myself although i don't do it weekly i am only doing it once a month when i write a update and measure myself for my monthly posts.)

I don't feel like i have lost weight but looking at the pictures above i do see a little different on my side view and the scales do tell me i have lost 3kg (6.61lbs) in the last 3 weeks and according to my Slimpod journey start measurements i have lost about 5cm on my waist!

If you want to know more about the Slimpods head over to their website where you can also read some Success Stories from normal people just like you and me!
Disclaimer: I have been send a instant download of the #ThinkingSlimmer Slimpod "Drop 2 Dress Sizes (or more)" as part of being a Member of a 12 Week Focus Group but all thoughts and opinions are my own, this is not a full review of the Slimpod Program only a introduction!

14 April 2015

#Opfitbride Measurements April & Update

I realised i completely forgot to take my measurements last month with everything going on!
I did weigh myself start of March and have lost 2kg taking my weight down to 88kg. 
I was very exited but that excitement didn't last long.
Unfortunately throughout the month i gained at least 1kg, i could blame my missing Zumba sessions on the time of the month, stress and dealing with a second loss of a family member but in all honesty although those are factors to consider my weight gain mostly its down to my laziness 
and snacking more then usual.
But with my dream wedding dress found, paid for and arriving in the store by May 
i have a new focus point!

I am about to start going to my local Leisure Centre (which is only a 10min drive away)
 for classes throughout the day instead of my usual Monday Night Zumba class which always collided with Mr. C. having to dash out to head to work the moment i arrive back from Zumba 
and being a parent to 2 demanding kids i struggled with the end of the day class 
but i absolutely love doing Zumba.

Sculptlite/Fat Freezing: 
Next to having my lower tummy done End of January (10 Weeks ago) i recently played model for Lisa at the Wedding Show in Ascot (15. March) where she done my flanks or widely known as love handles i have to wait another 12 weeks until i can see the result for that. 
In the meantime you can read all about my first Sculptlite Treatment over here.

As mentioned above i missed at least a few sessions last month but i am hoping with me starting a late morning class at my local leisure centre soon i can go regularly again.

I am still bad with remembering to drink enough water i think i need to write myself a big note in the kitchen DRINK MORE WATER!!
I have done quite good with cutting down on drinking Coke and replacing it with watered down 
Juice at mealtimes instead.

#ThinkingSlimmer with Slimpod:
This is a brand new project which has been added on to my #Opfitbride Schedule.
The Slimpod is created to change the way that you see your food.
Its a cutting edge weight loss solution created by Harley Street neuroscience specialists 
Sandra Roycroft-Davis and Trevor Silvester. 
In just 10 minutes a day it retunes your mind and creates healthy lifestyle changes which free you from the battle with your weight and give you the power to make good food choices naturally. Uniquely, Slimpods have been scientifically proven to work in independent clinical trials. 

I will tell you more about my Slimpod Journey so far very soon!
So here are my measurements:
February:                                   April:
    Weight: 14st 1lbs / 90kg             13st 7lbs/  86kg
  Chest:               112 cm                           110cm
Under Bust:        94 cm                           94cm
   Waist:               104 cm                              91cm  
  Hips:                116 cm                           120cm
 Biceps:             35.5 cm                           32cm
 Tights:               65 cm                              67cm
I have to admit some of the measurements i am a bit sceptic about, i did You Tube how to measure correctly but i still don't trust my own measurements! So i am guessing this is just a little bit of a guideline of my measurements.

13 April 2015

NUK Bottles & Learning Toothbrush for Babies

A while ago i have been asked if i would like to join the NUK Real Mum's Panel and write about some NUK Products and i didn't hesitate for a second. 
We have been using NUK Products since Finn was little and we still use them to this day.
He loves his Sports Soft Straw Cups who come in a variety of funky designs.
Molly-May got a send NUK Parcel just in time for her Birthday a while ago:
We received some First Choice Mickey Mouse print Bottles, some Learner Spout Teats to go with the bottles as well as some training Tooth Brush Sets.
After i finished breastfeeding Molly-May back in late December last year she has been on a bottle feed 2-3x a day and i decided that i would like to get rid of the normal bottles quicker then i did with Finn so the NUK Bottles with the Learner Spout couldn't have come at a better time i did wonder 
if she will be ok having her milk in a bottle with a different spout
 but she took to it very quick and loves it:

I like the fact that the teat is very easy to clean and the bottles keep the design over years (i kept some neutral NUK bottles from Finns baby days and there just as nice as the new ones we have now)
I also like the fact that NUK doesn't just do blue and pink and have some great black, red, 
green and even funky purple designs!
Molly-May got stuck right into trialling her new toothbrush set and the first few days she was seen constantly with a brush in her hand or more likely in her mouth all day long!

There are a brilliant design, the yellow protective ring prevents your little one to put the toothbrush too wide into her mouth and choke and it even doubles up as a handy brush stand.
The chunky design makes it easy to hold for little fingers. 
The first pack was the Training Toothbrush Set which is design from 6 month to 15 month includes a cleaning trainer which massages the gums whilst its being chewed on it and a brushing trainer which helps your child become use to a tooth brush next to gently cleaning.

The second pack is the Starter Toothbrush which is for age 12-36 month and the toothbrush is for gentle care for those first tooth's. The rounded brush head has soft bristles and comes again with the yellow protective ring as mentioned above!
Molly-May's favourite is the brushing trainer which i think does help her with her teething to have something to play with!

IF you want to check out those products and more of the NUK range head over to their website.
You can also find NUK on their Facebook and Twitter Pages.
We give the Bottles and the Toothbrush Sets a big thumps up and would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends expecting, in fact i know for sure that NUK products will be found in my Baby Box which i will be gifting to my new Nephew or Niece towards the end of the year 
(eek YES i am going to be a Auntie for the first time ever!! #exiting)
Disclaimer: I have been send the NUK Products mentioned above as part of being on the NUK Real Mum's Panel for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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