12 February 2016

Degustabox January 2016 Review

Who doesn't love to get a box full of food surprises delivered to your door every month! I am certainly not one to complain and get rather exited when a new Degustabox is coming to my door!
Here is what the first Degustabox of the Year 2016 has got on offer for you:

Lets start with the savoury bits in the box:

#1 Finn Crisps - Original Thins are made from 100% rye wholegrain, baked with sourdough, giving them a distinctive tangy flavour. Original Thins reflect all that is good about healthy Nordic food, a quick and easy breakfast or snack on-the-go, delicious with any topping, great for adding crunch and flavour to cooking. Rich in fibre, essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
I love Finn Crisps and enjoyed mine with some creme cheese and jam as a snack through the day its very crunchy and i love the flavour to it and i probably like it even more because it has my 
sons name on the package hehe!

#2 Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks are a baked snack made using green peas. As a healthier alternative to fried potato crisps they are less than 99 calories per 21g serving, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, nut and dairy free, high in fibre and a good source of protein.
They tasted alright the flavour Sweet Chilli & Lemon are not really my kind of taste but they have other flavours too.

#3 Konjac - Slim Noodles Those are UK's No.1 Health Product and are made from organic 
Konjac flour and oat fibre (Juroat™), Slim Noodles is a healthy alternative to regular noodles 
that Helps You Lose Weight. It has Zero Carbs only 9 calories per 100g serving, it's Fat-free, 
Gluten-free and Vegan friendly.
I am a big noodle and stir fry fan and was looking forward to cooking the Slim Noodles but i just didn't feel the love or taste for them.

#4 Amoy’s New Taste of Asia range brings delicious cooking sauces in a convenient pouch, allowing you to prepare truly authentic Asian dishes at home. From classics such as 
Thai Green Curry to dishes like Malaysian Laksa and Thai Massaman Curry, 
our new range offers a selection to suit every taste.
I got the Malaysian Laska and Thai Massaman Curry sauces to try but those are not flavours i would reach for personally when food shopping but the ingredient list sounded nice and its a good sized sauce pouch for the average 4 headed family.

Then its onto the sweet stuff:

#5 Jordans Country Crisp Fruit & Nut: Get ready for light and crunchy golden oat clusters 
with a generous handful of delicious fruit and crunchy nuts. 
And the best part? They stay crunchy to the last bite.
I am a cereal breakfast kind a girl and i love Jordans for a while now and the new Fruit&Nut does not disappoint it is rather tasty and will be defiantly put on my favourite list for my online food shopping!

#6 At Fruit Bowl we aim to help mums by providing handy fruit snacks to naturally fuel their kids’ daily fun. To help make eating fruit a bit easier, and without the mess or waste, we have created an irresistibly tasty range of fruit snacks packed with real fruity goodness.
The kids are huge snack eater and i try to give them as much fresh fruit as i can but sometimes it has to be a quick and easy solution for example on the way home from school they both have some snacks to help them keep their energy up and those Blackcurrant snacks from Fruit bowl are the perfect tasty and healthy car snack for us!

#7 Conscious Chocolates - raw, organic, vegan, hand –made, truffle-like chocolate bars. 
Plain Jane is our smooth, award-winning bar that we base the range on.
 They also got Intense (a dark-chocolate lovers delight) and Chili Hot bar (an immune system booster with all chocolate taste first and a warming chili tingle to finish).
In the box i found Plain Jane and i am not a huge chocolate bar fan anymore so it was a bit too raw for me but i can see it work grated over a vanilla icing covered cupcake to make it pretty.

#8 Clarks Carob fruit syrup - A naturally sweet low GI syrup that is made by extracting the fruits from the Mediterranean Carob plant. It can be used everyday to sweeten drinks and can be used in baking. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and diabetics as part of a controlled diet.
Now this sounds like the perfect healthy partner to accompany a tasty pancake and it didn't 
disappoint it had just the right amount of sweetness!

And last but not least here are the drinks:

#9 Coldpress Golden Delicious Apple Juice is cold pressed (not heat pasteurised) so it tastes fresher and retains more nutrients than conventional pasteurised apple juice. So you get more nutrients including Vitamin C and other antioxidants with each sip of Coldpress.
I loved the taste of this apple juice because its not overpowering nor too sweet which i find most apple juices are its perfect and the small sized bootle would make it a 
great car drink for the kids (or myself).

#10 Internationally recognised as the finest beer in China, Tsingtao is an incredibly smooth and easy to drink pilsner. Founded by The Anglo-German Brewery Co. Ltd in 1903 in the seaport of Qingdao in North Eastern China, it is still only ever brewed here using pure Laoshan Mountain spring water. Our master brewers select only the finest malt and hops and blend rice, from the paddy fields of Western China, to mellow the bitter aftertaste, making it one of the most ‘drinkable’ beers around.
Beer tasting is Mr. C's speciality and seeing as him loving German beer i was sure that this would be a hit with him and he said it had a nice taste to it!

Overall we liked 7 items out of the 11 in the Box and we liked the variety of it and i am looking forward what next month box will bring!

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:


Disclaimer: I have been sent the January Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

11 February 2016

Let's just have a #NetflixNightIn

Once upon a time in the deepest darkest depths of Buckinghamshire there lived a newly married couple who couldn't wait to put the kids to bed and cosy up on the couch to have a #NetflixNightIn.

On this cold and wet January evening, storm Imogen was in full force as the branches banged against the windows and the wind howled through the trees...

Whilst Lucy went into the kitchen to prepare some popcorn and drinks Gru heard a noise from upstairs and before he even could blink 2 little Minions made their way under the snuggle blanket 
he had laid out for him and the missus...

So much for a quite #NetflixNightIn... the mischievous Minions started playing tricks on Daddy:

There were minions of reasons for the night not to begin but we all snuggled up 
cosy for a #NetflixNightIn!

Can you guess what we have been watching??

(aka Agent Lucy Wild)

Disclaimer: The Pictures shown in this blog post where taken with a professional camera unfortunately the "cast" didn't get the memo of posing nicely for a picture so those are the "outtake shot" because lets face it when will you ever get a picture perfect family shot unless you are a photoshop pro which i'am clearly not!

9 February 2016

Happy 2. Birthday Dearest Daughter!

You are crazy, adorable, loud, funny, stubborn, cheeky, cute, pretty, and a little bit mad 
but you are YOU
Thats why we love you all the way to the moon and back!
Happy 2. Birthday Darling Molly-May!

Wishing you a fun filled day with cake presents and lots of laughter and here is 
to another year of awesomeness ahead of you!
Lots of love from Mummy, Daddy and Finnster! xxxx

4 February 2016

Cuddlepaw Toddler Dress Up Towel Review

We got a rather exiting delivery the other day come through from the Postman and Molly-May couldn't wait to get her hands on the brand new "Cuddlepaw" Toddler Dress Up Towel from Cuddledry as you can see she is a huge dressing up fan and loved to put the hood on 
and twirl around in it in our living room!

Here is a bit of info about the Cuddledry "Cuddlepaw" Toddler Towel:

Cuddledry are well know for their Original Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel which is a apron style towel to keep your hands free and yourself dry, but they also got a range of quirky and colourful toddler towels in different designs like the Cuddlemoo, Cuddleroar and Cuddlebug (plus many more) and for their brand new leopard design aka "Cuddlepaw" their have partnered up with WWF and will be donating money to the charity for every sale of their new leopard print and giraffe print towels 
to protect endangered snow leopards.

The towel contains bamboo fibre and cotton its silk soft and 60% more absorbent than just cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality. It has a cosy hood made out of super absorbent bamboo 
to dry hair and keep your little ones warm and cosy

Its designed from walking age to 3 years and retails for £34.99.

Our thoughts on the new Cuddlepaw Toddler Towel:

As you can see on the above pictures MM couldn't wait to get the box open and try out her new "cape" and after a first wash (the towel came out just as soft and snugly as it went into the machine once it dried on my drying rack) it was ready to be used after our weekly bath time. 
I really like the fact that the towel is very light which definitely makes it a great towel to pack when we go on holiday or a trip to our local swimming pool!
I was sceptical to see if it would dry as quick and be as absorbent as normal towels because of its lightweight but I was very much mistaken and positively surprised that it did its job very well!
Molly-May did not want to part with the towel and even after I dried her up and she and her brother posed for the pictures below she protested when I took it off her!
The button is fantastic to ensure the towel stays on and keep her cosy and warm (whilst I grab all those things I forgot to bring into the bathroom like a new nappy and a new set of PJ's) and those ears are super cute. The towel length is a great fit and a very generous size and I am more then certain this will last us a long time (beyond her being 3) its nearly down at her toes and she is turning 2 next week (and is tall for her age being in size 2-3yr clothes for the last 3 month already).

Well its hard to find any fault with this towel but there is room for improvement (in a very positive way) I would LOVE to see a towel for us adults added to the Cuddledry range! Yes, I might be nearly 32 years old but who wouldn't love to be wrapped up in a leopard print cosy and soft towel after bath time (and match their daughter....just because)!

Our verdict: This towel is not only practical and super soft it is also super cool and definitely a head turner and it doubles up for dressing-up too, what more can you ask for, we love it!
I also have my eyes on the Cuddletwist bamboo hair towel for when MM is a little bit older to keep her curls and long hair all nice and cosy after bath time, I actually got an adult version of this (not as soft as the bamboo one from Cuddledry unfortunately) and I swear by it so I am sure MM 
would love her own one too.
So if you want to buy one for the little snow leopard in your family or even buy it as a wonderful treat for someone you know and help save the snow leopard at the same time 
you can head over to the Cuddledry website.

Disclaimer: I have been sent the Cuddledry Cuddlepaw Toddler Dress Up Towel for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

1 February 2016

New Year - New Releases on Netflix

Netflix the worlds leading Internet TV Network have announced Premier dates for upcoming Comedy, Drama and Kids Series so i thought i share some of my favourite ones which i cant wait to watch:

The Ranch 
First 10-episodes premiere globally Friday, April 1, 2016 at 12:01am PT
Set in present day on a Colorado ranch, this multi-camera comedy series stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. The show follows Colt’s (Kutcher) return home after a brief and failed semi- pro football career to run the family ranching business with his older brother Jameson “Rooster” (Masterson) and father Beau (Elliott), whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years. Winger stars as Colt’s and Rooster’s mother, Maggie, who runs the local town bar.

I do like a bit of Aston Kutcher i must admit and i have grown up with watching My Little Farm and Country and Western Movies with my dad so i am sure this comedy series will be a good watch!

Word Party 
Premieres globally on Friday, June 3 at 12:01am PT
A vocabulary building show for preschoolers, Word Party follows four adorable baby animals as they sing, dance and play. The show invites our youngest viewers to help teach the baby animals new words, learn these new words themselves, and even celebrate these achievements 
with a “Word Party!” 

This sounds like the perfect new program for Molly-May to watch and learn along the way! She loves anything to do with music and dancing and combined with cute little baby animals this certainly will be a huge hit in our house!

Stranger Things 
Premieres globally Friday, July 15, 2016 at 12:01am PT

The new drama series written and directed by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines,Hidden) consists of eight, one-hour long episodes. In the series, a young boy vanishes into thin air. As friends, family, and local police search for answers, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one very strange little girl. The series, set in Indiana, is a love letter to the ‘80s classics that captivated a generation.

Now this sounds interesting i like all that murder and mystery stuff so this sounds right up my street and i cannot wait to start watching it in July!

House of Cards 
Premieres Friday, March 4, 2016
The fourth instalment of the acclaimed and award-winning political drama, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

I am yet to watch any of this but i heard just positive things about House of Cards which is defiantly saved in my Netflix List!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones 
Will Return for Second Instalment

Currently streaming its first season on Netflix, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a suspenseful, edgy look into the life of Jessica Jones, one of the most popular new Marvel characters of the last decade. After a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a private investigator in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood. 

I have just started watching Jessica Jones and was hooked from the beginning so i am glad i do not have to wait all too long to start the brand new Series 2.

Orange is the New Black 
Fourth instalment premieres Friday, June 17, 2016 at 12:01am PT
Ready to do a little more time with the ladies of Litchfield? The outrageous, award-winning and critically-acclaimed series is back! 

Who doesn't love a bit of OITNB Binge watching! I bet i am not the only one who has been eagerly awaiting Series 4 to hit Netflix to follow the jail ladies stories!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
Second instalment premieres globally Friday, April 15, 2016 at 12:01am PT
After living in a cult for fifteen years, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper - The Office) decides to reclaim her life and start over in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers, and a couple of way-past-due library books, she’s ready to take on a world she didn’t even think existed anymore. Wide-eyed but resilient, nothing is going to stand in her way. She quickly finds a new job (working for 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski), a new roommate (Tituss Burgess - 30 Rock), and a new beginning. 

I really enjoyed watching this easy comedy series and i am sure the 2. one will be just as funny so get your popcorn ready to see what Kimmy is expecting next!

Netflix certainly hasn't got a shortage on new Series and Brand new stuff hitting any of your screens very soon, it will never get boring watching Netflix and my List is filled with good stuff to watch once the children are tucked up in bed!

Disclaimer: As part of being on the Netflix Stream Team i am sharing with you my favourite Netflix Series and some of the freshest news!

28 January 2016

Molly-May's Moments Twenty-three Months

I can't believe in a few weeks time my little girl is turning 2!!

Times has just flown by and I thought it's time to write up another one of her Moments Post up because she has grown/learnt so much since the last update 3 month ago:

Tidying up - She still loves to clean herself with a xx after dinner and likes to tidy up BUT she started to not wanting to put her empty snack packs or empty bowls into the kitchen and can get right stroppy about it.

Sleeping/Routine - Since Mid December Molly-May has got her own little room AND she likes sleeping in her bed at lunchtime and at night although there are still nights where after 2am she wakes up and comes into our room to have a cuddle with us but at least we are getting somewhere! I will post about her new room very soon!

Weight - she has been in size 2-3 clothes since before Christmas and we have her 2 year assessment with the Health Visitor booked in for a couple of weeks time where she will be weight and measured which we haven't done in ages! 

Favourite Toys - She got a Melissa & Dough wooden pots and pans set from her 2 cousins for Christmas which she adores and she comes up to me mid cooking and pretends to hand me the spoon to try but says "hot hot" whilst doing so! She also likes to put her babies to sleep in their rocking crib, take them for a walk and give them a bottle and her 3rd favourite thing is her beloved Peppa Pig which she loves to cuddle or play with her plates she got from Father Christmas.

Likes/Dislikes - she loves to dance and sing and loves her little dressing up box (or dresses up with anything she can find in the washing basket - underpants on the head anyone?) but putting her shoes on or keeping them on her feet in the car is mostly not happening. 

Talking - Over Christmas she went on heaps and bounds when it comes to talking
 Minion, frog, mum, thank you, thanks, duck, boat, she also went from dada to dad, finished, butterfly, birdy, money, bottle, more, up,yogurt and I am sure I have missed a few out! 

She also calls a cat "niao" and a cow "moooa" and makes a sniffling sound for a rabbit.
Sometimes she comes up to me all smiley saying "love you" which is only used to hoax me to cuddle her so she can put her hand in my top (its her comfort thing since we stopped BF after 11 month)
When she is very exited for example i tell her we are going to see some friends she throws her arms up in the air and shouts "Yippee" and one of her favourite words are most certainly "no" followed by the cheekiest smirk on her face! 
The other day in the car I had to sneeze and she laughs and said "bless you" so funny! She really picks up everything we and Finn say and remembers it!

And here are her German words:

Schau (look) fertig (done), Raupe (caterpillar), Hase (rabbit), sauber (clean), etza (which is more of a slang word in Bavaria and I use it to tell her that I finished with something or it's done now she now copies me when we get in the car and I finished plugging her car seat belts on she says etza afterwards which is pretty funny!)
She now also says bitte (please) instead of clapping with her hands and Danke (thank you) without me remind her.

Oh and there is another new favourite of hers which is frog....which comes out as a famous swearword every time she says it and i cant help but laugh (and then correct her of course hehe) it works best in a pub filled with all of her family who are eagerly wanting to hear her new word....
 I shouldn't really laugh about it but its too funny:

Her favourite book is "The hungry little caterpillar" Raupe means caterpillar but as you can see for yourself that's not her favourite word:

That is all for today i hope you enjoyed her update and the 2 funny videos!


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