23 May 2015

Less then 10 weeks to go!!

I am not sure how we got there but we are now in the 2 digit countdown! 
Only 63 Days to go till our big day so i thought i give you a little update how my wedding planning 
is going!
I have to say its been a bit slow with all the big things sorted now its onto all those tiny little details which don't seem a lot but if you actually start writing a list oh my its rather a lot!
I ticked off 2 other big things and we are now officially got a photographer and a Guy filming the day.
Its onto the dreaded Table Plan (which i haven't started yet but i know i really should do!) designing and printing Menu's, Table Name Cards, sort out the Table & Hall decoration.
My Wedding Dress will arrive at the shop end of the month so i finally can go for the first fitting and getting ideas for my added on detail of the dress! As soon as i get the spare lace from the bottom of my dress i can send that off to the Lady doing my hairpiece and my shoes and lace 
can be started on as well.
Hair and Make Up is a real stressful subject for me right now! Hair wise i know i want it half up and half down but i need to get my neighbour who is a hairdresser to do it for me with my curling wand to see if it will sit alright for the whole day!
Make Up oh don't get me started i will do a complete separate post on that if i have the muse to it. 
I am a complete newbie when it comes to foundations (i use to be a concealer stick and powder 
kinda girl) primers, smokey eye and make up setting spray and i have still loads to lear.
My lovely german Cousin Simone will do my make up for me but i am yet to find the right products to take with me and especially the right foundation which will last and won't let me look like a ghost in pictures with a flash!
I am living off Pintrest since the beginning of planning my wedding day.
I saw a phrase one day which said You are planning 2 Weddings a Pintrest one and a real one!
I always pin all my ideas i find on the internet, wedding pages or facebook groups onto my wedding boards and ever so often i sit down with Mr. C. to delete things off the board.
 It makes it easier to provide all the info and pictures and let him just say yes and no! So he is still very much involved into the planning but doesnt feel he has to do too much.
Here are my Pintrest boards if you fancy checking them out!
Back to wedding planning it is!! Talk soon!

21 May 2015

Choc it up with 100% natural Sweet Freedom

With my #Opfitbride in full swing and less then 3 month to go to our big day i am trying to watch what i am eating but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy it so when Sweet Freedom tweeted me to see if i would like to sample some products i said yes and was eager to receive and taste them.

Here is what Sweet Freedom say about themselves:

We are Sweet Freedom, with us it's all about the freedom to enjoy the sweet things in life.
We're chocoholics who love sweet things, and we know we're not alone.
Our passion is creating sweet things that taste naughtier than they are.
Only natural ingredients work for us.
All lovingly handmade in our sweetness factory here in the UK.
Our products have won Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards for the last three years running.

What we thought about the ChocShot and the Sweet Freedom Original:

Both Bottles are 100% natural have NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives are
GM & gluten free!

The Sirup is made from 100% fruit; apples, grapes and carob and have only 13 calories per teaspoon 16g of fructose per 100g (sugar is 50g, honey 40g, agave syrup 90g)!

What does it taste like?

The Choc Shot is Sweetened with the magic ingredient, award winning Sweet Freedom and is even dairy free and has once again only 14 calories per teaspoon! This is Hot Chocolate that's not just for drinking! Drizzle it over ice cream, porridge and fruit, squeeze and shake into milkshake and spread on toast! I love having it with Banana and natural yogurt to give it a little bit of a choc kick! 
This one tastes a little bit fruity and chocolaty at the same time!

What does it taste like?

The Sweet Freedom Original is just like sirup but it tastes fruitier and less sweet (but still sweet enough don't worry) its also a little bit runnier then normal sirup which i think is perfect because i hate when my sirup sticks to the plate! We tasted it with some eggy bread (or French toast if you want to sound posh) and bacon and we loved it:

You can buy both products in most of the big Supermarket chains and if you do don't forget to check out the amazing Recipes section on the Sweet Freedom Website it gives you plenty of delicious ideas!

20 May 2015

Oh yeah I'll be there!! BritMums Live 2015!

Soon it will be THAT time of the year again end of June when loads of Bloggers from far and near will head into London for the one and only BritMums Live! Look at me sounding like i know what i am talking about! Well to be honest i have been to BM before but only once so at least this year i can go there a little bit more relaxed because i know what will be and i do hope i can socialise a little bit more this year because i was rather shy (yep sometimes i am that!) and stuck to my small group of blogger friends i have known for a few years now.

So here it is my fresh new Meme for BritMums Live 2015:

Name AK Templer

Twitter ID @mybuggyjunction

Height 5ft 6

brown long hair which will hopefully be straightened beforehand if the kids let me!

brown/green depending on the daytime

Is this your first blogging conference?  
No i have attended last years BM as well as Blog on 

Are you attending both days? 
Yes i most certainly will!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? 
Catching up with my old Blogger friends and making new friends along the way! Networking and learning new stuff from the workshops!

What are you wearing? 
Thats a good Question i am torn between a daytime dress or just my usual leggins Jean skirt and top combo! but most certainly flat and comfy shoes!

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015?  
A good time!

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before? 
Don't be shy and just get into that crowd and meet new people its fun i promise!

And here a little picture of moi so you can recognises me (as the crazy German one!)

See you all in June!!

18 May 2015

A little own Space for Molly-May

We live in a 3 bedroom Flat and when Finn was little he had the Single aka the Box room which was just the right size for his cot a wardrobe and some toy boxes. He never really played a lot in his room and was mostly in the living room with us and we also still had our lodger who rented the 
spare room from us.

Over the last 2 years we had a lot of change, we said goodbye to our lodger and created a Big Boys Room for Finnster you can check our finished work out over here.

Now with Molly-May outgrowing the maxi for the last couple of mo BabyBay bed side cot for the last couple of month we decided its time to tackle the spare box room and transform it into a cosy little space for our little Miss.

This is what the Room looked like when Finn was younger (i haven't got a picture of when it turned into a guest room (or more like a dumping ground):

We haven't manage to paint the walls yet because i can't decide on a colour 
but here is what we did so far:
Now if only she would actually use her lovely bedroom to sleep in unfortunately that's
 still not the case i am hoping once we move we can get her to sleep in her own 4 walls! 

15 May 2015

Molly-May's Moments Fourteen & Fifteen Months

With everything going on and our recent trip to Germany i didn't update you all on MM's monthly posts so here is a double wammer!
Over the last 2 month she has made such a huge step forward not only has she outgrown loads of her 12-18 month clothes already but she is eating like there is no tomorrow!
We also discovered 2 of her top back tooth have come through without us noticing! 

Throwing - She discovered that she can pick up stones and throw them and its fun! So when we are out and about walking thats all she likes to do as soon as she sees it lying there!
Climbing - we now have to lay down Finns Trip Trap on the floor and out his duvet cover over his mid sleeper bed because our little cheeky madame loves nothing else then getting on her brothers chair and bed and beaming from ear to ear but she is not stopping there she climbs even further onto the table and stands up and starts dancing!! And there was me thinking that Finn use to be a little Dare Devil!
Drawing - Unlike her big brother who was never keen on it she now discovered scribbling and as soon as she has a pen in her hand she is off to the paper bin to get any kind of paper she can find so she can sit down on the floor and start drawing! 

Talking - So far we can only hear out "More" and "Manman" (which means I am hungry!) and Dad but she is babbling and blowing raspberries all day long so iam sure more will follow soon!
Favourite Toys - She adores her little dolly (so much so that she puts her into the washing machine and closes the door but not too worry she checks every 2 minutes if the dolly is still there!) she still playes a lot with Finnsters Octonauts and Daddy bought her a little shape sorter bucket which she loves to do!
Walking?? - Thats so last year! Molly-May is Running everywhere as soon as you let go of her hand she is chasing after her brother like a little dog trying to rush there its manic 
and not without blue knees most of the time but she is a tough little cookie and as soon as she 
falls she's up and running again!
Sleeping/Routine - Yep she is still sharing a bed with Mummy and sleeps through most nights but as soon as we move into our new place i will introduce her to her own Bed/Room. 

Likes/Dislikes - Pass her a bowl with fresh fruit and she will happily munch away on it for hours, not only fruit but most of the food which she can take herself we have days where she spends at least 1/4th of the day in her chair eating (well at least thats what it feels like!)
A big No No is Getting out of the bath she finally discovered the water and is very vocal when I want to take her out! 


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