29 April 2016

Degustabox April Review

Another Month has past and once again we received a yummy box full of treats from the Degustabox Folks so here is what the April box had on offer:

Lets start with the sweet stuff:

#1 The new Canderel Sugarly tastes like sugar and looks like sugar but with zero calories. Use it in hot drinks, sprinkle on fruit and cereals or even cooking and baking, to maintain a healthy balanced diet without compromising on taste.
So it seems like i am pretty much one if the rare ones who don't diet in my friends circle so this sweetener came in really handy when we had friends from school over for a playdate and i could offer the mum a tea with the new Caderel Sugarly granulated sweetener she said it tastes really good! 

#2 The SMARTIES Sharing Block combines delicious milk chocolate with whole, crispy sugar shell mini SMARTIES. Containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!
Now who doesn't like smarties it really doesn't matter how old you are those are always a hit so the new smarties sharing block seems like a adult version of a smarties treat and tastes delicious!

#2 New MILKYBAR Milk & Crunchy, a perfect sized bar which kids will love! A fun cow shape with a delicious creamy & crispy centre adds excitement, with all of the milky taste that both Mums & Kids enjoy. It is available in a single bar and a multipack (4 bars).
I am a huge white chocolate fan so once again i decided to test those on my own (bad mummy!) and have to say there just as fab as there sound!

#3 Bebeto Fruit Strings has been awarded The Product of the year for its innovative use of fruit juice and reduction of processed sugars with the added benefit of it being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
The kids loved those a great car snack when on the go and their favourite ones where the strawberry and raspberry ones!

Onto the drinks selections this month:

#4 The Green Lady modern restyling of an ancient beverage, using Green Darjeeling tea leaves and an assemble of the finest natural ingredients; to create a calming and entertaining alternative to alcohol. This is healthy drinking with style.
I am not such a huge Tea fan so this wasn't to my taste at all. 

#5 Derbyshire spring water enriched with amino acids, Rejuvenation Water is specifically designed to deal with the rigours of modern life. The unique amino acid profile has been shown to fuel the immune system and build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety.
The taste of the mince was a little bit too overpowering for me in this drink.

#6 Enjoy the crisp refreshing edge of English cider with the legendarily glorious flavours of Pimms Cider Cup…. Oh, and it wouldn’t be Pimms without a hint of strawberries and cucumber.Simply pour straight from the bottle onto lots of ice, and enjoy with friends wherever, whenever.
We had friends over at the weekend so i happily shared my first ever Pimms Cider Cup of the Summer 2016 with my friend and we both rather enjoyed it next time i make sure i have plenty of fruit and cucumber in the house to make it even better!

And lastly we come to the savoury delights:

#7 Veetee microwaveable rice range is the ultimate mealtime solution. Whether you are trying to conjure up a meal from the contents of the fridge, or find an innovative way to use up leftovers we’ve got a rice for that. 
We received the Basmati Rice and a Wholegrain & Quinoa Rice whilst the kids went for the basmati version i tried out the wholegrain one (after all even though i don't do diets there is nothing wrong with eating healthier!) both tasted nice and soft and went really well with our curry!

#8 Parle G is the largest selling biscuit brand in the world. Filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, Parle-G is a source of all round nourishment. Treat yourself to a pack of yummy Parle-G biscuits to experience what has nurtured and strengthened millions of people for over 87 years.
It taste a bit like a malt biscuit but a little bit sweeter a great treat for the kids to eat on the way 
home from school/nursery.

#8 Parle Rusk - Crispy and crunchy toasts made from the choicest of ingredients.
Baked to perfection and enriched with Cardamom, it’s the perfect companion to your daily cup of piping hot tea. While the delicious snack will appeal to your taste buds, the distinctive packaging with a contemporary look and feel will make you want it all the more.
I love rusks so this one didn't disappoint and tastes lovely with a nice sweet hint to it!

#9 Lord’a Mercy! Levi Roots’ fabulicious Coat ‘n Cook sauces add big, bold flavours to your meal easily. No marinating necessary - Simply pour over chicken, ribs or fish and cook straight away! Available in 3 delicious Caribbean flavours: Jerk, Ginger Beer and Smokey BBQ. One love!
I cant wait to try this out at our next BBQ which probably will be held at my BIL and the boys in our family all love a bit of a spice to their meat so this will defiantly go down well!

#10 New to the Popchips family are award winning sea salt, garlic & rosemary and sea salt, caramelised onion & thyme. Both new Limited Edition flavours are full of flavour and crisp in crunch, delivering a naturally delicious, lighter snacking alternative with all the flavour of fried crisps, but less than half the fat.
I love the flavour and texture of those Popchips just the right amount of crunchiness 
but still soft enough!

Overall we liked 10 items out of the 13 in the Box and thought it was a well balanced box although i would love to see more fruit juice in the future instead of favoured water bottles!

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:


Disclaimer: I have been sent the April Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

18 April 2016

Our Easter Adventures in Germany

Strictly speaking we didn't fly over to Germany to visit Oma&Opa (my parents) until after Easter 
but then it was also the Easter half term.

This is our second visit to my parents new house/new village and this time the kids felt more at ease with it and didn't play up as much as they did when we first visited in October last year.

The flight over there was packed to the max but due to Molly-May eligible to a seat (and costing the full ticket *boohoo*) we had a row to ourselves which was nice and very much needed.
Finn is the perfect child to fly with he just loves it from the moment we drive past the model air plane before we enter the tunnel in Heathrow all the way to the moment when we exit the baggage hall to be greeted by his exited Oma&Opa in Munich. You can give him a Octonauts (or his newest obsession Andy and his Dinosaur Adventure) Magazine and he is happily occupied all they way through the 1.15min flight. Not so much his sister who i tempted with a Peppa Pig Magazine, clearly too young to be the slightest interested whats inside it and just wanting to play with the toys which lasted a whole of 10 minutes, that's nearly 4£ down the drain!
There is the tempting of snacks until the bag is empty, various toilet trips so she can play with the water tap, plenty of drinks and of course seat swapping, poor Finnster was asked about 15 times to give up his seat because she wanted to sit on the window and then back again,....if she would have it her way she would happily run up and down the plane all the time but unfortunately that's connected with pushing somebody's laptop button, trying to nick their drinks or snacks or if you are a unlucky child even their toy will be taken....yep so much fun!

Now that Molly-May is hardly going into the Carrier anymore its harder for me to control her and i did try some reigns which we both didn't like so i decided it was time for our last ever pushchair, shock horror I KNOW!!! I don't even want to say it out loud but she might have another 6 month or so left before she is fit enough to go without one but until then i decided to bite the bullet and bought one of my favourite ones on my list a Babyzen YOYO. Even though i bought it preloved it was still a big chunk of money so i was praying that she will like it but hey she is my daughter after all and she has fallen in love with "my buggy" as she calls the yoyo straight away and even had a nap in it once already! And it came in more then handy on our recent trip. With other parents leaving their mostly huge travel systems/pushchairs at the gate to be collected and *thrown* into the bottom of the plane i packed up the yoyo in the little non padded travelbag swung it over my shoulder and stored it in the overhead locker above my seat! Ready to be used for a very tired toddler when we left the machine in Munich! Babyzen YOYO for the win!!
With my previous small Maxi Cosi Noa i always had the struggle to convince the Flight attended that it will fit in the overhead locker but with the yoyo i wasn't even questioned what i had in the bag! 

Once we arrived at the new house it was time to discover the kids new scooter which Oma&Opa bought for them as well as loads of other fun to be had with the neighbours tractor and on the playground, rediscovering all the toys and books and having fun in the garden in the glorious 25 degree sunshine we had for a couple of days! Finn also manage to find a new friend in a neighbour's boy who is the same age then him which is lovely for him. 

Throughout the visit my Mum teached Finn and even Molly-May how to play Uno and well he learnt from the master so far he beaten me 5 times in a row (before i decided that's it no more card games!) I am still fascinated how much Finn loved to draw since starting school nearly 2 years ago (in Nursery i always had to beg him to join into the painting activities with his teachers).

We also manage to meet up with my dearest friend Heike and Lottie at the Zoo in Augsburg which is a rather small Zoo but still plenty to see for our little explores and a nice day out to catch up!
Heike and me meet many many years ago at a Playground in London and i talked to her when i heard her talking to her charge in German. I have been her bridesmaid at her wedding when i was about to pop with MM and in return Lottie was a beautiful bridesmaid on our wedding last summer!
Heike left the UK to be closer to her family 2 years ago but thank god for whats app and trips like this we are able to keep in contact and its great to see that the kids get on just as well as last time when they stayed at ours in the UK for a little holiday!

After 9 full days packed with as much fun as possible and even some lay ins and child free times for Mummy it was time to say Goodbye and return back to Mr. C. but we will be back very soon for the wedding of the year of my cousin and her lovely fiancee! 
YAY who doesn't like a good family wedding, i cant wait!!

13 April 2016

Our Easter Bank Holiday Adventures

So you might have noticed that its been a little bit quite on my blog i guess i just had too much fun with the kids but i thought i tell you all about our Easter Adventures.

For the long Easter Weekend we spend some much needed quality time together.
We got invited by some friends to come over for a BBQ on Good Friday which was lovely, great food the weather was sunny and bright and the kids had a blast playing together.
The rest of the weekend was a little bit off a wash out weatherise which was a shame but we made the best of it. Of course on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny has been to our garden to hide some treasure for the kids to find and you didn't have to tell them twice to put on their wellies grab their baskets 
and see what they could find out there:

Molly-May was delighted with each little mini egg she found and carefully put it in her shopping basket:

And Finnster was over the moon to have found a delightful non chocolate surprise in his basket with a written note from the easter bunny praising him for being dry at night! He was after the Octonauts Gup H for a while and luckily for him the easter bunny found a bargain one on eBay!!

Monday's plans got cancelled due to the weather being so unpredictable and we didn't fancy the windy and wet drive all the way to Kent where there has opened a brand new Dinosaur Exebition (apparently the largest one in the UK yet!) but its open all over the summer so we keep that for another weekend in the summer! So we went to visit Grandad instead and the kids couldn't belive their luck when they heard that Grandad talked to the Easter Bunny telling him his grandchildren are coming to visit soon! So off they went on another hunt:

After eating loads and loads of easter chocolate and playing with the new toys it was time to unwind and thanks to Parragon sending Molly-May a super cute little finger puppet book called "Hippity, Hoppity, Little Bunny" we did just that! As you can see she loved the book and bunnies are her favourite at the moment she thought it was super funny that the bunny moved when she put her finger in the back of the book: 

Disclaimer: We have been send the finger puppet Bunny Book for reviewing purposes for being part of the Parragon Book Buddies Scheme but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Degustabox March 2016 Review

Just in time for the long Easter weekend our March Degustabox was delivered with some rather yummy Easter treats for us!

Lets start with the savoury bits from his month's box:

#1 Pipers Crisps endeavours to make Britain’s tastiest potato crisps. They have won 23 Gold Great Taste Awards and have been voted “Best Snack Brand” by the readers of Fine Food Digest 4 times. 
I loved the rich Cheese & Onion flavour of those although the texture was a bit hard for my liking.

#2 Karyatis Meze To Go brings a taste of the Mediterranean to your everyday snacking. A delicious sweet & smokey roasted red peppers and tangy feta dip, perfectly complimented by crunchy rosemary crackers, all packed in an easy-to-carry box. 
The perfect little picnic treat, i loved the flavour of the dip but the crackers had a bit too much of a crunch to them once again its my personal liking of softer biscuits.

#3 The light, crispy biscuit from Monaco, sprinkled with salt, is the perfect savoury twist
you can add to your ordinary boring moments.
Those rather crunchy savoury biscuits tasted grant with some creme cheese on top!

#4 Kallo Quinoa and Seeds Multigrain Cakes
We don’t think eating sensibly has to mean saying no to the things you love. We’ve developed these delicious Multigrain cakes with sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds perfect for snacking on their own or top with your favourite ingredients for a lovely light lunch.
I enjoyed them as a light mid morning snack with some creme cheese on top!

#5 Kent’s Kitchen stuffing's are a tasty addition to a roast dinner. Made with all natural ingredients and chunky pieces of fruit, herbs and spices, these easy to make stuffing's will complete your meal. Just add water, stir, bake and serve the delicious stuffing for an added taste explosion. Each pot serves four people.
Now that sound great and i cant wait to try these out when we cook our next family roast!

And here is what we had an offer when it comes to the sweet stuff:

#6 These NEW Pains au Chocolat contain a generous helping of delicious crème pâtissière. Individually wrapped, they are ideal for breakfast on the go or as a snack. Free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. Can be enjoyed warm. Pre-heat your oven to 200 C and warm product for 2-3 minutes.
I really should read the instructions! I bet they taste even more delicious heated up but the kids and me where happy to eat them just like that out of the package! 

#7 Indulge in the mouth-watering delight of India’s best moulded choc chip Hide&Seek biscuits.
Well that's just what i did and how delightful they where! Shame they don't come in large sizes!

#8 At Kallo, we believe smooth Belgian chocolate and puffed wholegrain rice is a combination not to be messed with. So we don’t. Keep snacking simple with our delicious Chocolate Rice Cake rounds, and with 78 calories per cake, they are the perfect sweet treat.
These are by far the BEST chocolate coated rice cakes i have ever eaten and i am a huge fan so much so that i didn't share them with the kids!!

#9 Chewits were one of the first chewy sweets to hit the streets! Like those who chew them, they’re great fun and a little bit cheeky. In the 50 years they’ve been around they’ve had some sweet success and remain an iconic British confectionery brand still loved by the nation today.
Who doesnt love chewy sweets! Both flavours tasted lush and they will show up on my shopping list again that's for sure!

#10 Discover the delicious Lindt White Chocolate Gold Bunny 100g, made by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers this Easter. 
Whats not to like! I adore anything from the Lindt Range and white chocolate happens to be my favourite so this has to be my favourite item in this month box!!

#11 Metcalfe's skinny's newest addition to the popcorn family, Cinema Sweet! Sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract, Metcalfe’s skinny are the first to introduce this delicious and unique popcorn, which has 67% less sugar than all other sweet varieties on the market. With only 93 calories per serving, say hello to guilt free munching!
I love popcorn but i am always swayed if i shall go for sweet in the cinema because its just that tad too sweet for me! So i am loving the taste of the new Metcalfe's cinema sweet just right for me!!

And last but not least the drinks:

#12 Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Drink with extra Protein delivers a proper breakfast that fits your morning routine because it contains all the energy and fibre of a Weetabix cereal with milk in an ultra-convenient, smooth and tasty drink. Plus its packed with an extra 20g of Protein per serve to keep you feeling full, energised and ready for the day ahead. It also contains 4 vitamins, iron and calcium and absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.
This wasn't for me the flavour was OK but i am just not a huge Protein Drinker.

#13 a2 Milk™ is pure cows’ milk that feels better in your body. Unlike regular milk, it naturally contains only the easy to digest A2 protein. 
100% free-from the inflammatory A1 protein – guaranteed. 
I am yet to try this but i have heard about this brand a few years back at BritMums Live and really like the sound of it!

Overall we liked 10 items out of the 12 in the Box, well that's the highest score we had for ages and i must say the variety of this month box was just perfect! Well done Degustabox!!

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:


Disclaimer: I have been sent the March Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

14 March 2016

Degustabox February 2016 Review

Another Month, another exiting Food Delivery in form of the Degustabox February 2016 and here is what we got this month to try out:

Lets start with the always popular sweet selection of goodies:

#1 Introducing new Hartley’s Fruit in Jelly pots, tasty jelly pots bursting with fruit pieces in a range of scrumptious flavours. 
Whats not to love fruit and jelly combined i liked the flavour and enjoyed the little pots who are just the right amount for a little desert.

#2 Hartley’s 10 Cal jelly pots are delicious and at less than 10 calories per pot fit into even the most restrictive diet, perfect for your New Year’s resolution! 
Honestly i couldn't taste much different between those and the normal jelly pots, although i don't diet i think there a healthier alternative even for the kids!

#3 New Exceedingly Good Slices. A moist golden oaty cake with tasty wholesome ingredients like fruit, coconut and oats for a delicious permissible treat! Chocolate & Coconut: Dark chocolate chips a sprinkle of coconut and topped with British jumbo oats. Fruity Cranberry & Orange: Sprinkled
With honey toasted British Oats.
I wouldn't say i love them but there tasted alright and where a nice treat inbetween meals.

#4 Our Beloved Bars are 100% natural, no added sugar, and the only cereal bar bound with natural date nectar! They’re made from the finest ingredients, all tumbled gently and cold pressed together to fuse the flavours and lock in the goodness. There are simply no other cereal bars like them.
I had those bar just before my first PiYo (Pilates&Yoga combined) class and they where delicious defiantly a great pre or post workout treat.

#5 Do you have a soft spot for caramel? Mid-afternoon is just the time for a sweet treat, which is why Divine Caramel bars hit the 3 ‘o clock #DivineSoftSpot! All Divine products are Fairtrade, natural, suitable for vegetarians and free from palm oil. 
Do I have a soft spot for caramel? Of course i do and who wouldn't with those delicious and divine caramel bars i wish there where more in the box!

#6 Nutribix is a wholegrain cereal. With Gold and Grains we’ve lovingly created what we believe is the crunchiest, tastiest and most delicious breakfast around. Using coconut, honey and the ancient grain Sorghum this makes the perfect choice for anyone who really wants to get going in the morning.
I am not a huge soaky cereal bar type kind of girl so they weren't really my thing.

And here is what the Degustabox has to offer on Drinks this month:

#7 Developed by J2O’s blend masters, the J2O Spritz range has been carefully crafted to combine delicate bubbles with crisp blended fruits. Created specifically for adults, Spritz offers a deliciously light taste experience which at no more than 63 calories per 275ml bottle is the perfect accompaniment to great food.
I am a huge J2O fan so i was exited to be trying out the new Spritz and there didn't disappoint for a non alcohol drinker like me there are great alternative to put in your wine glass for a night in with friends at dinner time.

#8 Vit Hit - The Juice based soft drink with 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of 8 different vitamins, no added sugar and with fewer than 35 calories per bottle. With health giving teas and minerals for overall wellbeing Vit Hit contains real juice and no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. 
Yeah not one for me at all.

#9 Nari Palm Juice is coconut palm sap infused with 100% natural fruit and spice extracts. The zesty flavour of lemon and the refreshingly spicy nature of ginger combined with palm juice gives Nari's Lemon & Ginger flavour its distinguished identity. Nari’s Apple & Mint has an explosive fruit twist; the word refreshing will certainly come to mind.
Once again i didn't like the taste which was mainly down to the fact that it had ginger in it which is not to my liking.

And last but not least the savoury bits in the box:

#10 Sarson’s, the UK’s number one vinegar brand, is set to launch a new limited edition Malt Vinegar bottle featuring its well loved ‘Fish and Chip’ characters created by artist Paul Thurlby.
Loving the characters on the bottle but i am just to German to like vinegar on my chips but my husband said it was great and is looking forward to another round of fish & chips with vinegar soon!

#11 Ritz Crisp & Thin are a delicious new oven-baked potato snack that brings a touch of glamour to any situation, so whether you’re snacking solo or amongst friends you can always Put on the Ritz!
I love Ritz crackers so i was eager to try out the new Crisp & Thin's. I love the texture of them and i defiantly will try some of there other flavours because with the sea salt and black pepper the black pepper taste was a tad to strong for me!

#12 Hand-cooked in the heart of the capital, our great tasting crisps combine classic crunch with no-nonsense flavours. Each of our 5 delicious flavours takes inspiration from a different area of the fantastic capital city of London and they can be found in Fuller's pubs across London!
Once again i thought the texture was ok but it sweet chilli wasn't my preferred flavour.

Overall we liked 6 items out of the 12 in the Box. It was a good mixture and the J2O Spritzers and Divine Chocolate where my favourites this month!

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:



Disclaimer: I have been sent the February Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

2 March 2016

Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition Storybook & Stickers Gift Set Review

For Molly-May's 2. Birthday which is just a few days short of Valentines Day we have kindly send this adorable Who Loves Me? Storybook and Gift Set for her to enjoy.

Here is a little bit of info about the Company I See Me:

I See Me! personalised books are award-winning, unique keepsake gifts that children and parents will treasure for a lifetime. 
The mission of I See Me! is to increase a child’s self-esteem by creating for them their very own personalised book celebrating their uniqueness. The goal is to show each child how absolutely special and unique he/she is.
Each book tells a different story in which the child is the star. Children love to see themselves as the star of the story and not only does this build their confidence but also engages them into learning about the spelling of their own name and into building their vocabulary skills. The books can also help with issues such as bed-time routines or how to help a child prepare for becoming a sibling.
You can choose from over 40 books, suitable for children from 0-8 years ranging from fairy-tale princesses to adventuring pirates on the high seas
I See Me also offer a range of personalised gifts such as puzzles, place mats, growth charts and lunch boxes.
We received the lovely Who Loves Me? Valentines Edition Storybook & Sticker Gift Set and 
Molly-May couldn't wait to have a look through it:

The Award winning book with beautiful illustration shows your little one how much he or she is loved by each person and you can not only feature the name of the child's siblings, parents, family or friends but also have a picture of your child printed on the dedication page of the book which is such a lovely touch because lets be honest every child loves looking at pictures of themselves.

Above is a example of the dedication page as well as 2 of the 20 pages of the Who Loves Me? Book.
Its such a nice text and Molly-May is a huge fan of animals and flowers so this book couldn't be more fitting to her! She loves hearing her name pop up in ever page and the last few days she even says Molly when she talks (normally she refers herself to "me").

As a little extra in the Valentine addition of the Who Loves Me? book you also receive a sheet of 19 stickers which is such a cute touch! I have put the stickers away for now but once Molly-May is older i will give them to her and she can create some lovely card or other crafts with them!

As you can see from the pictures above she is very much in love with this absolutely adorable book and she insisted on cuddling the book when i ask her for a picture that privilege is normally only reserved for her favourite Peppa Pig or Dolly.

I think this personalised Who Loves Me? Book would make fantastic present for so many occasions.
Birthdays, Christmas or becoming a big brother or sister or just because you love somebody!

The Who Loves Me? Book is for Children from age 0-6 years old.
The book on its own can be purchased for 20£ and with the stickers it comes to 23£.
The shipping is 6.50£ with a turn around time of just 2 weeks.

If you want to have a look at the book and check out the full collection head over to www.iseeme.com

Disclaimer: I have been sent the Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition Storybook & Sticker Gift Set for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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