26 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide Boys Age 4-6

With only 4 more weeks until Christmas i thought i share with you my Christmas Gift Guide 2015 i hope you find it useful and especially with Black Friday looming tomorrow you might even get to score a good bargain this weekend in the shops or online for your little ones presents this year!
Happy Christmas Shopping!

Here are my Top 8 Presents for boys age 4-6 years 
(and of course all of those are all on Finn's Santa wish list this year!)

Paw Patrol Pup Pals Ryder & Marshall // Minion Headphones  // Playmobil Fire Engine
Octonauts Gup I Transforming Polar Vehicle // Minion Christmas PJ's // Paw Patrol Super Pub Rubble's Crane

*Paw Patrol Pup Pals Ryder & Marshall
Those 8" plush pups are made from vela plush and are super soft to touch and are the ideal new cuddly mate under every little Paw Patrol Fans Christmas Tree this year!

Minion Headphones
Which little Minion Fan wouldn't be delighted to receive those cool Minion Headphones they will be ideal for our recent purchase of a portable DVD player for longer journeys in the car so both kids can watch their own favourite DVD with their headphones on (and peace and quite for us Parents!)

Playmobil Fire Engine
Ever since we took Finn on his 5th Birthday to the Playmobil Land in Germany he has been obsessed with anything Playmobil so to go with his Fire Rescue Operation Advent Calendar this year he asked for a Playmobil Fire Engine to put all his Fire fighters in. The fire engine includes the truck , a figure and many accessories. The truck has working lights, storage spaces and a removable roof. 
You can purchase a separate force pump (4824) which can be connected to the fire monitor.

*Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre
With the Paw Patrol Rescue Truck being in the Top 12 Dream Toys List of 2015 its no surprise that our Paw Patrol obsessed Son has chosen the Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre from Spin Master his most wanted present this year.
Chase is on the case and keeping his K9 skills sharp as he rescues kitty from the tree, launches some tennis ball target practise and rides the zip line to bring Chickaletta down to safety with a perfect pooch landing. Only the Rescue Training Centre keeps your pups rescue-ready to save Adventure Bay. Race to the ruff-ruff rescue with the Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre!
And don't forget:
 "No job is too big, no pup is too small!  In the dark of night, in the light of day, 
the Paw Patrol will serve Adventure Bay!"

*Octonauts Gup I Transforming Polar Vehicle
A few month back we where lucky enough to get send the brand new Octonauts Gup I to test and with his sister already giving it the sign of approval i am more then certain that Finn will be over the moon with the new Octonauts Vehicle. You can read more about it in our review but it has very much a transformer feel to it which will delight any young boy! 

Minion Christmas PJ's 
Buying some Christmas PJ's has been a tradition in our family ever since Finn was born (along with dressing them up in cute Christmas Fancy dress when there where younger and Christmas Jumpers now that there both older) so i was delighted when i found those Minions Christmas pyjamas in Matalan the other day. Some Families have a Christmas eve box filled with sweets, Christmas PJ's and a Christmas DVD or book but i decided this year that St. Nikolaus (who is filling up the children's wellie boots on the morning of the 7th December) will bring the kids there Christmas PJ's this year so they get alot of wear out of them!

*Paw Patrol Super Pup Rubble's Crane
Rubble is on the double! Rubble's Crane Vehicle saves the day with its movable scoop and crane! Go high up with the crane and scoop pp the pieces of scrap as Rubble rides inside. With real working treads, Rubbles Diggin' Crane Vehicle gets him where he needs to go!
Watch out on the blog over the next few days for the Christmas Gift Guide for Girls as well as some Christmas Stocking Filler Post for Boys and Girls and Her coming up very soon!

Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet or are you already finished by now? 

Disclaimer: Please note that the Toys marked with a * have been sent to me for reviewing purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

20 November 2015

Peppa Pig's Surprise Theatre Show

Last Weekend Molly-May and myself had a very special Mummy/Daughter outing to see Peppa Pig's Surprise Show in our local Theatre in High Wycombe!

With her 22 month she currently is in love with Peppa Pig and loves to watch a few episodes after her lunchtime nap whilst cuddling up with me on the couch or have a little dance around in front of the TV when Peppa comes on so i knew she would love our surprise outing for her to share the fun we also took along her lovely Childminder and her own little one who with her 3 years is loving Peppa Pig just equally as much as Molly-May.
I don't want to give to much away because where would the Surprise be in that? But here is the very cut down version of the story and a few pictures from the show:

It's a lovely day and Peppa is playing outside with her friends. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have got a surprise for her and George - they can't guess what it is, can you? 
Enjoy fun, loads of songs and of course, surprises in this charming, colourful new show. 

Peppa Pig's Surprise is much certainly the perfect theatre show for all pre-schoolers!
The Show has lots of cute little touches like Daisy who is the human friend of Peppa and there is even a little red monkey making a appearance just before bedtime!
The Story runs over 2 days and the interval is cleverly made just after Bedtime for Peppa and George.  Overall the length of 1.5hrs  (including the interval) its just the right amount of time for the little ones but even though Molly-May did get tired towards the end (because it came close to her nap time) she did not stop jumping up and down as soon as Peppa and her friends started with another song.
Peppa Pig and her friends (all except Mummy & Daddy Pig) are all life sized puppets with a actor behind them dressed all in black moving them around and talking/singing along. It was a little bit strange at first but for some scenes the actors went on their knees and after a while you kind of forgotten there where actually there. 

I did not take any picture (and the ones i did take are taken rather hasty so apologise for the awful quality) because i was far to busy admiring and smiling at Molly-May dancing, jumping up and down and just standing there in awe of seeing Peppa Pig on the stage right in front of her she also had plenty of fun playing with her new flashy Peppa Pig light she got kindly given by Jo:

If you want to take your little one to see Peppa Pig Surprise head over to the website where you can find all the remaining Tour Dates of the Show which runs this year and all the way through 2016.

Disclaimer: We have been give a family ticket to attend the show and review it, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

18 November 2015

A Magical Evening with Harry Potter! #HogwartsInTheSnow

Last week Thursday my friend Justine and myself made our way to the Warner Bros Studios for a evening full of magic to attend the Preview Event of #HogwartsInTheSnow!

For a limited time only Warner Bros. Studio is once again offering its visitors a breathtaking magical transformation, from a very festive Great Hall decorated with the original props seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll see flaming plum puddings and the fireplaces lit for a Christmas feast! And the majestic Model of Hogwarts Castle has been covered in a blanket of snow all carefully hand sprinkled onto it.

You can discover the secrets of how special effects experts make snow that never melts, 
how set dressers transform locations for Christmas scenes, and how flames are created 
without fire, as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London opens the doors 
on its most magical makeover yet.

For the first time this year, the Goblet of Fire will emerge from its original jewelled casket, rigged by special effects experts, and will be ‘lit’ with flames that change from blue to red. 

Those and many more special effects can be found all our the Warner Bros. Studio Tour this year and we where lucky enough to check it all out before it opened the doors to the public.

We where welcome with a rather tasty blue smokey cocktail and after we had a look around the rather amazing Harry Potter Shop filled with the movies memorabilia and you can find anything what your Harry Potter loving heart desires from the Tour book to be kept as a Souvenir to Clothes, all sorts of crazy sweets directly from the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and of course some replica wands who cant be missed in any wizards collection 
and so much much more!

The our tour began with a little video and a welcoming message of the 3 main characters from all the Harry Potter Movies here are some of our highlights of the evening:

Yummy smoky blue cocktails and a lesson in how to work the magic of a wand.

The great hall all festive including the flaming plum pudding.

we arrived at Platform 9 3/4 and after a little train ride spotting some frogs outside the cabin it was onto some delicious Butterbeer and we bumped into Queen of #GBBO Nadia who was lovely!

Butterbeer outside in the snow and how about some Puking Pastilles anyone??

The magical and rather impressive snowy model of Hogwarts at the end of our tour

Some of the sweet goodies which can be found in the shop.

And i even had a ride over Hogwarts Castle on a broomstick now thats what i call a entertaining evening!

I cannot recommend the Warner Bros. Studio Tour enough for any Harry Potter Fan out there and i will most certainly return again! 
After chatting to a fellow blogger on twitter i thought i let you know for those who would like to visit with younger babies the whole tour is very buggy friendly with big paths and the choice of ramp or stairs we did the tour in 4 hours so just that you have a estimate when visiting with children.

Thank you Warner Bros. for inviting us onto this magical and mystical tour!

Hogwarts in the Snow is running until Sunday 31st January 2016 and all Tickets must be pre-booked (all extra activities are included in the ticket price) you can head over to the Warner Bros Studio Tour Website to book your tickets.

Disclaimer: I have been invite to the Preview VIP event #HogwartsInTheSnow for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

17 November 2015

Give some Personalised Gifts this Christmas from Treat Republic

Who doesn't like a nice personalised item gifted to them? I love things which just gives it a nice little touch and its not just bought from the shop last minute.
I have a very easy Christmas this year when it comes to my other half due to us getting married this summer there are plenty of ideas in my head what i could get him 
(all kind of wedding day related).
So i was over the moon when Treat Republic offered me the chance to review some items from their Personalised Wedding and Christmas Gifts!

Treat Republic began from a passion for gifting and creative personalisation and launched in 2012 with the aim of making personalised gifts that were inspired by all the things they love.

The parcel arrived within days of me ordering it and it was very well packed and wrapped up so nothing could break whilst in transit.

The first item i received was this lovely Mr & Mrs Couple Keepsake Box which is exactly what i had in mind as a gift for my other half.  The keepsake box is fully lined with velvet feel interior and i cannot wait to fill it with all our little keepsakes from our big day!

You can personalise it with your surname and your date as well as the option of Mr/Mr, Mrs/Mrs or Mr/Mrs (and a few other ones like Dr., Ms, Miss,...) which i think is fantastic.
I love the glossy black finish and stylish look to it and think its a very good quality item and just the right size, the price of £35 is reasonable for such a nice item.

The Dimensions of the box are as followed:
Length: 18.1 cm , Height: 7 cm , Width: 18.1 cm

The second item in my parcel was this round pine Christmas Tree Hanging Decoration  which assembles part of our rustic table decoration we had on our wedding and it also fits just perfectly into a Family Traditions of ours since we had our firstborn. Each member of the family gets a Christmas Ornament to hang up ever year on our Christmas tree so this year being officially a Family it will get a special place on our tree!

Its hung with a rustic woven cord and can be personalised with a message up to 35 character around the Christmas tree design in the middle and it costs £12. 

Both items i receive would make a great Christmas or even Anniversary Presents for any newlyweds or new parents to hang on and put under the Christmas tree this year.

If you want to give your loved ones something personalised this year why not head to the Treat Republic website to check out all their other fantastic gifts!
Disclaimer: I have been send some personalised gifts from Treat Republic for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

11 November 2015

Just 5 more Minutes, please?? #BedtimeBattles

It's 6.30pm on a school night and Finn knows its soon time for brushing his teeth, 
getting his PJ's on and get ready for bed but every night i hear his plea of 
"please mummy only 5 more minutes there is a very important and funny thing coming up in the minion movie." (despicable me 2 that is, his favourite movie on Netflix right now)

When it comes to bedtime excuses, you are not alone. More than 60% of parents around the globe are dealing with kids’ stall tactics before bed, which add up to nearly 20 minutes every single night.

But fear not Netflix has a new solution for you:

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation are launching "Dinotrux Favourites" an entire episode of the latest hit all in a nice little 5-minute package — letting your little negotiator think they’re getting away with the age-old ‘just five more minutes’ ploy, but the last laugh is for you. 

So how do you handle the bedtime battle??

In our house we using the Egg Timer when the sound goes off Finn knows his last 5 minutes are over and its time to head upstairs to get ready for bed!

Just a little tip if you use on a older child put the egg timer out of reach for the kid otherwise the last 5 minutes seem very long all of a sudden!

Are your kids also masters of excuses and what is that best trick that works in your household?
I would love to hear some more tips and tricks!!

10 November 2015

Fun Garden Times with the Little Tikes Cape Cottage

Having had as little as a small balcony and unsecured garden strip in our old ground floor flat we are in heaven with our new Garden and i couldn't wait to make it all kids friendly so Finn and Molly-May have hours of fun outside!
We celebrated Finns 5th Birthday in Germany but we surprised him with a trampoline when we got home from our wedding holiday but i also wanted to have a something less bouncy for our smaller member of the Family so we where more then thrilled when we got send the super cool and newest product from the Little Tikes Family the Cape Cottage to have a play with.
Little Tikes is well know for its sturdy and fun toys so it comes to no surprise that we have been fans since Finn was little and we have a Little Tikes slide which we brought over from granddads garden and a black Cozy Coupe Police Car which Finn got given on his 2. Christmas and its well loved 
by Molly-May and any of her little friends now.
It's Building Time!

It just happen to be that shortly after i took delivery of our new playhouse i went off to a blogger conference for the day and left my little munchkins in the trusted hands of their uncle and auntie who are building experts and had tons of fun putting the house together with the kids:

well...that's the posing over...lets get on with the real stuff.
First important task: Reading the instructions!

Finn was in his element and made sure that its all tight and secure!

Last but not least putting the stickers on:

Our verdict on the Little Tikes Cape Cottage:

I love all the little details from the white windows, arched door and the brick details to the letter box and stickers. The colours are very vibrant and its a very sturdy and secure house and due to all the fixings being plastic nothing will rust and i am sure we will have years and years of playtime fun ahead of us! It comes with its very own Little Tikes plastic screwdriver which Finn absolutely loved and as you can see he was very concentrated whilst building the house!
It is recommended age 24 month - 5years and the RRP of the Cape Cottage is £99.99 and it also comes in pink or tan/red.

And here is a little video in the style of DIY SOS and Finns verdict:


For more Playhouse fun check out the whole range out over at the Little Tikes website.
Disclaimer: I have been send the Little Tikes Cape Cottage for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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