23 July 2016

Family Travelling Tips - Taking Carseats Abroad + WIN a BubbleBum

When holidaying abroad with Children there is always the burning Question of: 

"Shall I bring their carseat or not?"

For me there is no debate that whatever regulations other European countries have regarding travelling in a taxi or airport shuttle bus without a booster/car seat i will be bringing my children car seat along to our holiday.

When i use to work as a Nanny for a family with twins who had a holiday home in /America which we visited up to 5x a year when the girls where age 6 month to 4 years i experiences it first hand how dangerous hiring a car seat for infants/children can be.
When we arrived at Miami Airport and went to pick up our rental car with 2 very grumpy and tired babies not only did they forget to put the car seats into the hired car but they then brought the wrong age group car seats along so our wait was even longer until they returned with the right ones.
I couldn't believe how old and dirty the car seats where but buy that point we all just wanted to get to the flat so we didn't complaint.
First thing the next morning my boss was not only on the phone to the hire company complaining about the wait and the dirtiness off the hired car seat but she refused to pay the additional daily charge of hiring both car seats and went to a shop to purchase two new seats for her children.
After that incident we always took our own car seats onto the plane to be used in the hire car when we travelled abroad and it made things so much easier!

Did you know that hiring car seats or booster seats can cost families up to £150 a WEEK during your 2016 Summer Holiday! Prices are up to £75 per car seat per child!

PLUS a quarter of people surveyed said they have been offered an unsuitable car seat or a car seat that was unfit for use! 
Cities with the highest individual prices found in Europe for Summer 2016 were Tenerife, Spain (£11.33/day), Barcelona, Spain (£10.00/day) and Paris, France (£9.64). Outside of Europe, New Zealand was the most expensive destination at £16.00 per day, followed by San Francisco at £10.32 per day.  Prices for car seat hire in Greece came in at the cheapest,                                                    with booster seats found for just £3.20 a day in Athens.
But price isn’t the only issue facing parents. An additional survey (conducted by BubbleBumof 1023 people found that there was also an issue with suitability and availability of seats hired when they arrived to pick up the car whether due to age, cleanliness or damage; and that, worryingly, one in 20 had booked a car seat only to be told there were none available on at least one occasion. Child safety is at risk as unsuitable seats are offered or on some occasions no seat is available at all! 

So for our first ever holiday abroad as a family of 4 i will take my trusted and safe car seat /booster seat with me for my piece of mind when we take a taxi or travel on the airport shuffle bus.

Now i can totally understand that it would put somebody off taking your expensive car seats or high back booster seats, who are probably heavy and rather bulky with you abroad worrying about how the baggage handlers will look after them (throw them around) but despair not. 

I have done some research and come across the Joie Elevate which is a Class 1/2/3 Car seat perfect for Molly-May who turned 2 in February this year and with its weight only being 5.47kg (which is even lighter then my Yoyo Pushchair!) you will have no problem transporting it to the airport shuttle, coach or taxi when travelling abroad! 
Its loaded with comfort (fully ventilated mesh sides) and fantastic extras including a integrated cupholder . Its suitable from 9-36kg has a height adjustable head rest, side impact protection to assure maximal safeness for your precious cargo!

For Finn i have the super smart little inflatable BubbleBum booster seat which is suitable from ages 4-11 years. But don't let the small size put you off this car seat has been tested to the highest standards and at a cost of £29.99, its easily recouped (considering all the hire car seat chargers you can save yourself!) and will last your child through all your holiday travels!

How does the Bubblebum work?  
BubbleBum is inflatable by mouth – taking less than 20 seconds to inflate, it can be deflated to pack away into its very own stretchy bag. It is colourful and comfortable with an added belt-positioning clip to ensure extra comfort and safety.  Bubblebum is crash-tested to ensure its reliability, and meets all US and EU regulations in providing the functional equivalent of any rigid booster seat. It’s also the lightest car booster seat on the market – weighing the same as a pack of Digestive biscuits!

With the Holiday season up on us the lovely BubbleBum have kindly offered the change for one of my readers to win a black BubbleBum booster seat!
So for your chance to win just enter my Rafflecopter Competition below:

Good Luck!!

20 July 2016

Summer is coming with Polarn O. Pyret!

Summer has finally arrived in the UK just in time when the kids breaking up from school/nursery 
so we all can enjoy plenty of warm days ahead of us!
I have a wardrobe full of dresses, shorts and tops ready to finally get some wear out of them!
One of those outfits is this adorable floral playsuit and hat 
made by a Swedish company called Polarn O. Pyret which for me just shouts out 
SUMMER don't you think??

Who are Polarn O. Pyret?
"Quality Kids Clothes, Made for Play"
For over 40 years they have specialised in designing and making the best possible clothing for babies and children. Look out for clever clothes that grow with your little one, distinctive colourful prints and patterns, organic cotton clothes that are good for the planet, outstanding Scandinavian outerwear and design features that make life easier for parents!

I love the fact that PO.P are avoiding stereotypes by using unisex colours and prints. Over 30% of there clothes is made from organic cotton and its all about pattern, colourful clothes and funky stripes which are great quality and their motto is: 

"Let children be children! We design specifically for children, not mini-adults, this means colourful clothes that can stand up to play and adventure!"

The sizing is very accurate Molly-May is wearing this outfit in Size 2-3years (Height 98cm). 
It has such a nice and soft feel to it and the hat is a very generous size but MM loves the floppiness of it and thinks its funny:

Look at that little poser! As soon as she sees i am taking a picture she's all cheese and smiles! Another great feature on the playsuit is that you can adjust the length of the strap (see top left picture)
 which i think is brilliant because you wont get any loose straps, it also has a adjustable drawstring waist and elasticated leg cuffs.

And in even better news PO.P currently got a smashing SALE on so i couldn't help myself to put a little collage of a summer holiday clothes wish list for my kiddies (you might have noticed the floral design of her playsuit returning i adore this top and shorts combo!):

Polarn O. Pyret also have some great Tips about Sun Protection this Summer on their website for you to read and when your on it check out their fabulous and wide range of summer clothes!

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: I have been sent the P O.P Outfit for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

19 July 2016

Finn & Molly-May's Sportsday 2016

Over the last weeks both of the kids had their Spots day at school and Nursery and it was fun watching all those kids having fun and running races (and of course watch those eager and competitive parents cheer their kids on!)

Finns School always split the class up in 4 different coloured teams and they have to go through 5 different stations, from a stick race, sand sack on your head, between your knees and on your neck (on all 4s) right to the ancient old traditional egg and spoon race, sac race, hurdle race and this years new addition was a brilliant tug of war where we saw the boys/girls of the two Y1/Y2/Y3 classes competing against each other. 
Finn really enjoyed himself, clowned around a bit and gave his best in the tug of war (which they unfortunately lost)! Overall i had a very happy but exhausting Year 1 Boy that day!
The Sun finally came out to play on his Sports Day which made it even more special and Mummy even got a bit of a sunburn!

Later in the week it was Molly-May's turn to have her first ever Nursery Sports Day although the weather looked a little bit worse then at her big brothers day we didn't let the cloud bother us and it was adorable seeing all those little ones run, craw through tunnels, hold their spoon (with the egg taped on) doing rolly polly's and beam from ear to ear when they arrived on the finishing line.
When the heaven opened we moved with all the children and adults into the nursery where the kids sang us some songs and they had their congratulation handshake and medal ceremony before it finishes. It was a bittersweet first sports day because the owner of MMs Nursery (who already looked after Finn and i had the pleasure to be working alongside her as a emergency nursery nurse for a while) is retiring along with her 2. in command who is onto new ventures but thankfully the rest of the team alongside a new head from a local school nursery will be continuing her good work whilst she has some well deserved time off!

MM was very proud of her medal and enjoyed her winner sweeties on the way home in the car!

11 July 2016

Degustabox June Review

Another month has past so we got another food box delivery to our house! I am always very exited to see what will be in the box and this month even the courier guy was intrigued so i told him a little bit about Degustabox and what to expect and he said that sounds like a fantastic surprise box and i totally agree with him on that!
So its time to check out what the June Degustabox has to offer:

Lets start with the drinks this time:

#1 Cloudy Lemonade from Zeo is made with 98% spring water, blended with naturally extracted flesh of succulent lemons with the essential oils from the skin. For sweetness we have added a touch of Stevia and beet and cane sugar, which means each 250ml serving has only 28 calories and 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. 
I am personally not a huge fan of Lemonade and i didn't enjoy the taste of it i felt it was very sweet and too tangy for me.

#2 A King Star shines brightly on the Wych Wood drawing on the expertise and knowledge of our master brewers to hand craft a big and bold lager which is laced with flavour. 
This crafted Lager is just the right refreshment for Mr. C. after a hard days work!

#3 Amoy Coconut Milk is made from ripe, fresh coconuts. It adds a delicious flavour and richness to traditional Asian dishes such as Thai curries and desserts.
I never knew its made by HEINZ which is a family favourite brand for us anyway! I cant wait to make something yummy with this!

Onto the savoury items in this month Degustabox:

#4 Miracle Noodle have a whole range of amazing different noodles, pasta and even a fantastic alternative to rice! All healthy, low calorie and guilt free! 
Miracle Noodle is excited to offer Organic Angel Hair! Only 5 Calories. Zero Guilt. No Net Carbs. No Bloating. No Energy Crash. No Pasta Belly!
I am looking forward to trying the noodles out when my husband is cooking one of his famous stir-fries again very soon!

#5 Liven up your BBQ with our range of Branston Relishes. Available in three tantalising flavours, our relishes taste great with burgers, sausages and sandwiches. Our flavours are Caramelised 
Red Onion, Tomato & Red Pepper and Spicy Tomato Relish, and make good alternatives 
to ketchup with your main meal.
We received the Spicy Tomato Relish and i really liked the taste of it and its defiantly will be on my table for our next BBQ in our garden.

#6 Haywards Medium and Tangy silverskins bring a tang to any dish. This blend provides a classic and flavoursome taste. Crisp silverskins are a great accompaniment to a cheese board or a BBQ salad.
Knowing that i won't be reaching for them i past them on to my FIL who had them with some cheese and crackers and he said he enjoyed them very much and liked the tanginess of the silver skins.

#7 Sacla’ are the original Pesto pioneers, with a wide range of Italian truly authentic recipes. 
I am a huge Pasta with Pesto fan and have been buying the big Sacla Pesto for a long time but i loved the idea of having little pesto pots which are just the right size for a meal for MM and myself for lunchtime when Finn is at school. Another favourite of mine is putting some pesto on top of a Naan bread and stick it in the oven for a few minutes! delicious!!

#8 American Smokehouse Homemade Burger Mix has been expertly formulated to make tasty, juicier burgers. Each packet contains the perfect amount to make 4-6 burgers so there’s no need to measure! Simply add to mince, shape the burgers and grill. Available in American Smokehouse and Classic Steakhouse.
Now we finally have a garden furniture and recently got our self a nice little grill the BBQ Season is officially open in our house and i cant wait to make some homemade burgers with this mix very soon!

 And last but not least its the sweet category inside the June Degustabox:

#9 Makes one portion of the Bakedin miracle Mug Brownie! A rich and velvety Belgian chocolate brownie made with the very best ingredients; such as Belgian chocolate and award winning flour. 
All you have to add is a little butter and milk or water and hey presto- 
you've got a freshly baked brownie!
Now i was very exited when i got this Bakedin Mig Brownie Product out of the box and couldn't wait to try it out, it tasted very nice but i was disappointed that it didn't rise alot in my mug so it felt like only half a mug of brownie goodness.

#10 Butter Waffle Crisps are a very typical and famous all butter specialty biscuit. 
The source of this waffle dates back many decades as traditional product from Flanders
agriculture country side of Belgium. 
Those amazing Butter Waffle Crisps didn't even make it till the photo shoot, yes i took a picture of a empty box and they have to be the favourite thing in there this month! Mouthwatering goodness!!

#11 Popping with taste and temptation, Butterkist's Yogurt Coated popcorn is a lighter snack choice that's hitting the shelves this year. You can enjoy this new guilt-free recipe while still satisfying your sweet tooth. Everyone will love the taste of this light yet creamy treat - perfect for picnics, lunchboxes, on the go or sharing at home.
I love yogurt and i love popcorn so i couldn't wait to try them combined in one product, unfortunately they where a tad to sweet so i couldn't eat more then a handful at a time (which might be a good thing because they lasted longer!)

#12 Smooze is an all natural 'freeze at home' fruit ice made from 40% coconut milk and 50% fresh fruit juice and puree. Available in four tropical flavours Mango, Pineapple, Pink Guava and Simply Coconut it is 100% vegan and free from artificial additives, preservatives and all major allergens including nuts, dairy, gluten and egg. Containing on average 40% less fat, sugar and calories than other frozen treats!
I love the sound of those and i am always on the hunt for new healthy frozen treats for the kids. 
They tasted really lush very flavoursome and i think it will be hard to share them with the kids!

Overall we liked 11 items out of 12 the in the Box which is the BEST score so far!! I loved the variety of this month box and think there is something in there for everyone and it had a very summery BBQ like feel to it! So bring on the Summer!!

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:


Disclaimer: I have been sent the June Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

21 June 2016

Selfie Phone Clip Review from Paladone

Now who doesn't love selfies? Either just from yourself or with your children, friends and family or your best mate, you want to capture that special moment!

When Paladone send me one of their Selfie Phone Clips i couldn't wait to try it out!

Here is what Paladone write about their Selfie Clip:

Be the selfie king or queen with this must-have smartphone accessory. A specially designed phone clip for your camera lens that will transform your selfies and party pics to top quality selfie-pro standards.
The Selfie Phone Clip is the perfect way to boost your selfies. No longer will you need to struggle to fit all your friends into one shot. The Selfie Phone Clip is a specially designed wide angle lens that easily clips onto your smartphone and increases the scope of your photos. Perfect for group selfies or panoramic shots, this is a great way to get the most out of your smartphone camera. Simply clip the lens onto your smartphone, gather your friends, say cheese, then add great new photos to your collections or onto social media.
The Selfie Phone Clip fits most standard smartphones, and comes with a lens cap and storage bag to make sure everything stays well protected, or safe and secure when not in use.
So why not add a few extra smiles to your photos. The Selfie Phone Clip is perfect for more inclusive group photos and spectacular selfies, and is a fun gift for anyone who loves to get the most out of life. 

What i thought about my new Selfie Clip:

I love the idea of getting more people into the picture and have panoramic shots. What i really liked is how it did improve the quality of my selfies when the camera is facing towards me. I did notice that you do have to make sure the lense is clean otherwise you end up with some blobs on your selfie.

 I use the Selfie Clip at my Cousins Wedding and found outside with the right light and a clean lense it gave me some fantastic shots, unfortunatly the wedding venue where the reception was held was too dark so the selfies didnt come out as good (i know i should have put the flash on but these where more spontaneous pictures!)

Left one was taken outside and right picture was taken inside. 

Here are some examples of pictures i took to show you the comprising how much more you get into the frame when using the Selfie Clip:

I think its a great little gadget and very reasonable priced and i will defiantly be using it for upcoming parties and meet ups with friends to get us all in one picture!

The Selfie Phone Clip is designed by Paladone and you can purchase it for only £6.99 over at IWOOT.

Disclaimer: I have been sent the Selfie Phone Clip from Paladone for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

8 June 2016

Degustbox May Review

Another Month has gone by and its time for a brand new Degustabox in May.
There is always excitement in the house when the delivery man brings us our next Degustabox and there is a huge variety of items in this month box, something for everyone!

Lets start with the sweet stuff from this month box:

#1 A traditional French breakfast wouldn’t be the same without an all butter croissant from Brioche Pasquier. These delicious croissants are are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats
 and artificial colours.
We love them because there are packed up individually as pairs so they make the perfect on the go snack but obviously there much nicer with some butter and jam spread all over!

#2 A guilt-free mid-morning treat or an afternoon bite, these chocolaty corn cakes from Kallo are made with the highest quality ingredients, suitable for vegetarians and are also coeliac friendly. At only 78 calories per corn cake, they make a delicious snack that satisfies any chocolate craving. 
I loved the taste of the chocolate corn cake allot there was plenty of chocolate for my cravings mixed with some crunchy corn cakes! We also tried out the Kallo yogurt coated rice cakes who are individually packed up in pairs and Molly-May in particular loves them as her afternoon snack!

#3 Get Fruity is an award-winning fruit and oat bar that has a high percentage of the named fruit making it authentically fruity. Get Fruity contains gluten free oats & virgin coconut oil with no added refined sugars, produced on a nut free site and is 100% natural. Get Fruity comes in six fruity flavours.
I tried the juicy apricot, orange & ginger flavour which tasted very fruity indeed but the ginger taste wasn't to my personal liking.

#4 Pech Keks, Misfortune Cookies are Black cookies with black humour: ideal for Lucky Lukes and Bad-Luck Brians, superwomen and high-flyers, crybabies and wussy wimps, iron ladies and tough guys. These cookies are like a left hook: because you can be sure that they won’t predict eternal love or unimaginable wealth. The messages are crude, truthful and direct – the glimpse into the future brutally honest and pessimistic. So you’re left with no choice but to take them with a sense of humour. And that means one thing is guaranteed: lots of fun!
They tasted just like the normal fortune cookies and the message was certainly funny a great little joke present to bring to the next BBQ or party.

#5 An exciting new range of two gluten free Madeleines from Mrs Crimble's. Perfectly baked sponge cakes available in Classic or Chocolate. The Classic is delicately flavoured with vanilla 
whilst the indulgent Chocolate has a gooey choc filling. 
Six cakes per bag, individually wrapped to enjoy on the go.
We had the classic Madeleines in our Degustabox and really enjoy the taste of those sweet and fluffy.

#7 Fusilli Bucati Corti, a corkscrew shaped pasta, is one of the many great shapes available in the UK from Italian pasta maker Garofalo. Made from only high quality durum wheat and shaped using a bronze die gives Garofalo pasta its premium taste and texture; and not forgetting the Italian passion, which why those who choose Garofalo pasta can be sure of enjoying a great experience!
We are huge pasta fans and have it at least 2-3x a week we tried it together with goulash the other day which was great and i think those Fusilli would taste lovely with a Pasta Bake too!

#8 The Wonderful Co. Almonds & Pistachios are sun-ripened in our California orchards. Our high quality almonds have a sweet, mild flavor and crunchy texture. Ideal for snacking and cooking. Taste the California difference.
I love to snack on nuts when i get peckish so those 2 little packs where perfect and just the right portion. The almonds where crunchy and had a sweet kick to them and the pistachios had a great flavour and just the right amount of saltiness in them.

#9 Gluten, wheat and dairy free, our unique Date Nectar is made from 100% pure dates, 
absolutely nothing else!
Great as a topping on porridge, pancakes or as an alternative to sugar in home baking, it offers a delicious, naturally sweet caramel taste, and unlike honey, is suitable for vegans.
I am looking forward to trying this in my next bake as a sugar alternative, i already had a little spoon full to taste and really like it!

#10 Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey Barbecue Glaze is infused with the soft flavours of the popular Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey™ Liqueur, giving the glaze a hint of honey 
and a delicious, smooth flavour.
Now who doesn't like the sound of a JD BBQ Glaze Sauce over their chicken or ribs? I cant wait to try that out when we have our first BBQ soon!

#10 In our California orchards, we grow only the Wonderful variety of pomegranates for our Pomegreat Juice; the variety we feel produces the sweetest and best-tasting juice. We harvest our pomegranates when they are a deep, ruby red and bursting with flavor. Using our special recipe, we enhance the unique pomegranates with aronia juice from concentrate for a delicious and refreshing fruit drink the whole family will enjoy. 
  I am not a huge pomegranates fan but i could see this juice working well as a mixer for a summery cocktail at the next BBQ.

#11 Cranes is a 4% alcoholic drink that is brewed purely from crushed cranberries, with added juice for real flavour. It comes in three distinctive flavours: Original Cranberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate and Strawberry & Kiwi. The product is 100% natural, high in juice (16.5%+), low in calories (99 calories) and has little added sugar.
This sounds like a very summery and refreshing drink to have for the upcoming garden session! I am looking forward to having a taste of the 2 flavours we received one upcoming weekend!

Overall we liked 10 items out of the 13 in the Box!

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:


Disclaimer: I have been sent the Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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