1 September 2014

Week 35 - Project 365

Week 35 - 24. - 30. August

Day 236
Check out those little cute gloves and hat combo #foxy I found in boots:

Day 237
We went into London to meet up with Mr.C's Cousins and Frank and his 4th cousin Ted loved exploring the Disney cars Top Trump card set:

Day 238
I made some yummy lasagne for the mister today:

Day 239
I couldn't help but pop into Kiddicare once again before it's closing it's doors forever I manage to get loads of 50% off wooden toys to keep in the present drawer:

Day 240
Today I helped out a friend and done a days work at her Nanny Job she's looking after 2 girls so we had a say at the hairdressers for those My Little Ponies:

Day 241
OK here's a little explanation about my late night snack #naughtyme! When I was small every time I went to a kids party we eat a schaumkuss which is fluffy marshmallow coated in choc with a waffle on the bottom. I love a good schaumkuss sandwich although Mr.C. Thought it's vile but then I don't get marmite!! #loveitorhateit

Day 242
Finn and his uncle glued this Dino together and then the spray painting begun:

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28 August 2014

Let them eat Cake!

So the last Bank Holiday of the Summer 2014 gave us everything from sun to all day rain from toothache too late nights, from BBQ's to quality family time and best of all Cake!

Oh yeah you heard right, on Friday i got a tall parcel of a rather stunning "little" (although strictly speaking it wasn't little at all) summery cake design delivered right to my doorstep from the fabulous Cakes by Robin :

I did have high intentions to share this cake with Mr.C.'s Brother who turned 50 this Bank Holiday but due to him spending his birthday weekend abroad in the south of France with his wife and the dog we went to see Finn and Molly-May's Granddad and we had a little Family Gathering to celebrate his Birthday non there less. 
To be fair we did send him a picture of the cake and a cut piece to see that we love him dearly and we eat the cake in his honour:

Here is what my tester and me thought about the cake:

I would say the cake would easily feed 12 people but luckily with some of the Family on Holiday we all got 2 slices each, lucky us!
Granddad told me the icing was a nice consistency and defiantly not too sweet and the cake was delightful!
Aunty Nic and Uncle Marc thought the fudge was brilliant and the cake was good all around!
Mr. C. and I loved the richness of the chocolate and Finnster thought it was yum yum yummy!!

Need i say more? I though i leave you with some more pictures of the tiny little details who all looked absolutely perfect:

You can check out Robin's Cake creations over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or head over to her website to get in contact about a personalised cake design for your party, from cake pops to cupcakes and wedding designs there is plenty to choose from!
If you are ever near Wimbledon (Southfields, 26 Replingham Road) you can pop into Cakes by Robins very own Shop where she not only sells all sort of delicious cake goodies but you can also hire her space for some great and defiantly fun cake decorating parties for you and your friends!
Disclaimer: I have been send this Summer Cake from Cakes by Robyn for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

27 August 2014

Week 34 - Project 365

Week 34 - 17. - 23. August

Day 229
We went to our first ever Lollibop Festival and had an amazing time:

Day 230
Picked up those bargain wellies in a size 4 for Molly-May for 50p in our local charity shop:

Day 231
We had Hawaii Toast for Dinner it brings back childhood memories because it was a meal we use to have for tea at home a lot:

Day 232
We had a go on doing another page of our Parragon "starting phonics" book for the #SummerwithGoldStar Challenge:

Day 233
  We went to see some Nanny Friends of mine and they got MM this lovely wooden toy rattle which she clearly is very happy about:

Day 234
There is a cake in the Hut! I can't wait to eat it! #reviewcomingsoon

Day 235
I love watching her sleep (well for a few minutes and the I try to do the same): 

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21 August 2014

Discover Your Way with Fisher Price!

Last week we travelled into London where we had been invited by the lovely Folks from Fisher Price to visit the Prima Baby Magazine HQ in honour of their brand new "Discover Your Way" Campaign.

Fisher-Price, the leading infant and pre-school brand, has launched ‘Discover Your Way’, a celebration of all the wonderful and different ways that children like to play helping them 
to develop happily at their own natural pace.
Fisher-Price® knows that children are happiest developing at their own natural pace, creating products perfectly-designed to feed children’s natural curiosity, encourage exploration, stimulate imagination and facilitate discovery through play, to help babies learn and grow their way. 

Finn and Molly-May enjoyed the huge area full of Fisher Price Toys and their very own Fairy Heidi who keeped the bigger kids entertained:


It was lovely catching up with some Blogger friends and meeting new faces whilst enjoying some delicious lunch courtesy of Fisher Price.

We listened to Susie Boone from Madeformums.com and Dr. David Whitebread from the University of Cambridge who gave a very interesting talk about "Child-led Play".

Dr. David Whitebread mentioned that allowing children to play independently is an important part of their development: 
  1. The really big concern over the last decade is the relative loss of opportunities for children to engage in child-led play. Children’s lives are much more structured than they have ever been – and there is quite a lot of evidence to suggest this can be detrimental. Parents can certainly be given guidelines about productive ways of playing with their children, but it’s important that play is not structured all the time”. 

    I remember when i grew up (back home in Germany) that my Mum let us play a lot in the garden, we played hide and seek in the Forest or went off on our bikes to our local village playground. Being a Mum of 4 there was always plenty of housework, cooking and other work to do for her which meant we would play a lot on our own or with each other and it didn't do us any harm.
    I remembered that i use to love sitting in front of our radio for hours and hours wearing my headsets and talking into a microphone pretending to be a Top Radio Presenter and recording my very own radio show on tapes (i use to love talking from small on it seems!)
    I really hope that both of my children will have such a great imagination as i had and they can enjoy playing by themselves.
    I do think less is more and since Finn moved into his big boys room we also moved his train table from the living room into their and he loves going off into his room various times a day just playing with his trains, planes and cars and you can hear him making up stories (mostly Thomas related) and singing his favourite song.

    1. Here are the results of the survey by leading parenting website MadeForMums in association with Fisher-Price who explored the play time habits 
      of over 1,100 parents with children aged 0-3 years:


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