Monday, 21 April 2014

Britain´s Got Talent Is Back!!

We have already had the joy of 2 rounds of auditions and are sure the fun will continue next Saturday to watch even more outrageous, fun or utter silliness mixed with flashes of genuine talent.

And let me just tell you if there is anything like that eye candy aka canadian Magician Darcy on again well you know my phone is switched off Saturday at 7pm!

To celebrate the return of Britain's Got Talent Mecca Bingo wanted to know which are your all-time favourite Contestants from the past years on BGT who i thought would have been worthy of the Crown?

So here are mine:

The 3rd Series of Britain´s Got Talent saw a very unusual act in form of Father and Son dance duo Stavros Flatley who certainly kept us entertained with their rather hilarious comedy dance act of wigs, headbands and not to forget those wobbly bellies whats not to love! I would have jumped right on stage with them (without bearing my wobbly belly of course!)

In the 4th Series we saw the self claimed "streetomedy" Performance (oh yeah that means street and comedy!) from 2 young lads who go with the name "Twist and Pulse" they were quickly claimed to be the "new" Ant and Dec with the difference that they actually could dance! I loved their quirky dance routines and only those two could pull of a dance to the mash up tune of East Enders Theme Song and Cheeky Girls "Touch my Bum".

Francine Lewis a former Glamour Model entertained us in the 7th Series with her celebrity Impressions of Cheryl Cole, Amy Childs, Stacey Solomen (my favourite of hers by far!!) and not to forget her hilarious "mocking" of her ex-pal Katie Price gave is barrels of laughter and it was a shame she didn't win but then I all seriousness IF she would have won she couldn't have done any of those above mentioned in the Royal Variety Show with the Queen in the audience she wouldn't know half of those people let alone their voices right?

Another cracker from the 7th series has to be the amazing singing sensation Group Luminites they had every thing going for them great songs, great voices, great harmony and funky looks but I do feel sorry for any solo singer or band coming onto the stage of BGT. Fact is they just don't win because they are "just singing" nothing more, for the viewers that's not enough, not spectacular enough i guess! That's not to say that you can't have a career after BGT (see Susan Boyle).

And then there was this youngster called Jack Carroll:

I was gutted he didn't win BGT last year!! He had the crowd & viewers as well as the judges in stitches with his jokes and I do hope he's going to do a tour sometime in the future I certainly would buy a ticket in a heartbeat to go to see him perform!!

Who would you have liked to see as the Winner of Britain´s Got Talent over the last couple of years? I would love to hear your thoughts!

AK xx

Disclaimer: This is a post in affiliation with Mecca Bingo but all thoughts and options are my own.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Week 16 - Project 365

Week 16 - 13. - 19. April

Day 103
I picked up some spares my favourite cake maker had and i can tell you they didn't last long in that box! Yummy cupcakes!!

Day 104
We went for a walk in Ruislip Woods and only after I took the picture of Finnster and his Uncle C. Exploring the woods I realised they wore partner look!

Day 105
It's a hat kinda day for Finnster! He rather loves wearing them and with my love of buying hats he will soon have the same hat collection that his daddy!

Day 106
Today I was couch bound with this milk drunk sleeping beauty I didn't mind at all though!

Day 107
Finn found a big roll of paper in the spare room so I draw him a road and we made a bridge out of the road and 2 chairs he was entertainer for ours driving his matchbox cards up and down!

Day 108
We had friends over for a play date and the kids raided the fancy dress box and Finn decided to be a policeman and call the station about a fire! Bless him!

Day 109
I had my hair cut yesterday (but no make up on) so I took a picture today of my new highlights and cut. It's rather blond and I have to get use to it again but it's nice to get pampered I haven't been to my hairdresser for ages!

AK xx

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bibetta Changing Mat Review

Back in February I went to the Baby Show which you can read about here and the lovely Bibetta Team gave me a few items to try out for Molly-May.

I actually discovered Bibetta when Finn was a few month into eating solids and loved their bibs because there so easy to rinse out wash in the sink and dry pretty quick you can roll them up and the best thing is they have a flip out pocket to catch all those food bits who missed the mouth! Shortly after we we started using them the floor looked certainly less messy after ever meal!

Here is what Bibetta has to say:

Bibetta's UltraBibs™, bags and mats are made of high performance, neoprene (wetsuit material). They have a 100% waterproof, rubber, inner layer and are covered in tough, durable nylon for easy cleaning and quick drying. The outer, fabric layer absorbs a thin layer of liquid. Our neoprene bibs pass all UK and international safety requirements and are BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free and AZO dye free.

We got the Roll'n'Go neoprene changing mat in green as well as a new design Bibetta bib for when we start the messy food buisness. But for now we are concentrating on keeping the lower body clean!

The changing mat itself is a standard size mat as you can see on the picture below its the same size then my changing bag mat BUT the new design range of Bibetta Roll'n'Go Mats have had not only a pattern makeover their also increased in size and are now longer then the previous model (which we received to review).
The mat can be easily rolled up into a neat and compact size for your changing bag. Its super soft and and warmer then the normal mats who have plastic like outer material. Its totally waterproof and absorbent so you don't have to worry that that massive poo explosion goes anywhere! You can machine wash it and its even safe to tumble dry but to be honest the time you spend putting it in the dryer it will be just as quick dry on your clothes horse again ready to be used again! 

Oh and one more think why i love the changing mat!
Its save to say its defiantly a "men friendly changing mat" as in if i tell Mr. C. to go and get me the GREEN changing mat he at least comes back with what i need! You don't want to hear the items who have been mistaken for mats before!!!!
As you can see by the picture it fits just fine in one of the bottle holder pockets on the sides of my changing bag very neat:

If you want to get your own Bibetta Changing Mat or to browse through the other fabulous Bibetta Range why not head over to their Website and don't forget to check their Facebook and Twitter Pages for updates on new products, promotions and competitions.

AK xx

Disclaimer: The Bibetta Items where given to me free of charge at the Baby Show for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Getting my Case on thanks to Mr. Nutcase!

Recently Mr. Nutcase and his team asked for some help on Twitter and with a funky Company name like that who am i to refuse the offer to check out their services.

With Molly-May´s Godfather´s birthday around the corner i thought it was fitting to get him a little present from her.
He only recently entered into the "Apple" world and is now a iPhone owner too but hasn't come round yet to get some accessories for his shiny new handset, there was the obvious choice of a picture of him and his lovely wife but then he has plenty of those hanging around the house so i decided to go for his 2. passion his boat "Piper".
Recently he took Finn along with Mr. C. Uncle C. and Granddad on a boating adventure taking the boat into a new harbour and i manage to capture a very nice picture of the captain and his crew on his boat:

Ordering on Mr. Nutcase website couldn't be easier and with only a few simple steps i had a preview of my case and was able to spin it as well as zoom in and out on it until it was the perfect fit. It also gives you a option to put some writing over your picture which is a lovely bonus feature.

Delivery is FREE ( can´t get better then that!) and i received a email once it was dispatched 3 days after ordering the case came through my door.
I have to say i love the matt finish and think the quality of the picture on the case is brilliant i would not hesitate recommending a Mr. Nutcase phone case to any of my friends!

But they not only do phone cases for iPhones, Blackberrys, HTC's, etc... they also have Cases for your iPad, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

Starting from only 14.95 Pounds for a ultra lightweight slimline case you can create your very own Case for your Phone/Tablet over here and if you have any more Questions head over to Facebook or connect with Mr. Nutcase on Twitter.

And even better now you can also download the free Mr. Nutcase App over here to created you very own personalised case on the go!

AK xx

Disclaimer: I received a code from Mr. Nutcase to create a Case free of charge in exchange for a review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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