14 September 2016

Flying Essentials with a Toddler (2) and a 6 year old!

My Kids have been going on lots of plane rides since they where both 8 weeks old and are 
defiantly what is called a frequent flyer but that doesn't mean i don't struggle and hope its over 
as fast as it can be when boarding a plane!
Now our usual trip to Germany normally takes around 1.50hrs so its quite short and over the last few years i think i mastered a pretty good working routine when it comes to flying with 2 kids.
We are off on Holiday this week to Majorca which takes 2.20hrs so i thought i share with you my flying essentials when it comes to travelling with a toddlerand a 6 year old!

Before we are heading off to the airport i let both the kids pack their little backpacks with 3 small things to play with on the plane to keep them occupied. Finn & Molly-May love to each have their own bag to bring on the plane and it helps me not having to carry around their toys for them!
Whilst i pack my backpack full with the usual nappies (always pack 2-3 more in case of delays), wipes, spare clothes for both the kids and a spare top for myself (lets just say i learnt from my mistakes) 2 light jackets to wear on the plane in case they get chilly and a lightweight blanket (comes in handy when 1 of the kids decided to have a nap especially when you have very early/late flights) which can be used as a pillow as well. I also pack a Snack Bag which is filled with mainly fruity snacks and a few little treats but i try to avoid anything too sweet or chocolate, never a good idea to sugar up your children when you board a plane! We love the huge snack range from Kiddylicous which is a perfect plane snack (not pictured below because the kids decided to pinch them before i took the picture)! I always use little sandwich bags for the loose biscuits so they can be resealed when they don't finish them. (for this journey i opted for Letter Biscuits because Finn loves to tell me all the letter he knows and MM always ask me what letter it is and i make up things like R for Row Row Row your Boat!) I pack all the snacks in a large sandwich bag which doubles up as a bin when the snacks are gone! 
Another important item in my backpack has to be some special plane presents which i wrap up and the kids can open 1 each every hour spend on the plane. 
Now this could be anything from little Poundshop toys to a colouring in book, etc!
For our Journey to Spain i bought Finn a Usborne Pirate Activity Book (after all we are heading to a place called Pirate Village) and a pack of Mini Lego Figures.
For Molly-May i found some 1£ hairbands which i thought would be cute armbands for her as well as a new NUK bottle (with Anna & Else from Frozen what else!!).
Once we arrived at the airport, checked in our hold luggage and gone through security its time to head to the shop to get some drinks to fill up the children's drink bottles some might think its 
other thing to carry around with you but i find our NUK cups are great, both the kids drinking on the 
plane so i don't have to faff around with cartons, straws and spillage on the seat or even worse 
on the kids or your own T-shirt! I also pick up some sandwiches and little nibbles (nuts, raisins, fruit bars etc) for the children and myself to eat on the plane.
NUK Push Pull Cup & NUK Flexi Cup
Then the fun bit starts where we head to WHSmiths and the kids can choose 1 magazine or a little book each. Finn is into Star Wars, Dinosaurs and Octonauts right now so he has always got plenty of choice in the magazine isle. Molly-May loves Frozen and Peppa Pig but sometimes i can convince her to get a little book instead of a magazine because with her 2.5 years she is mainly interested in the toys that come with the magazine and not so much in the stories or games inside them. 
Although she loves stickers so that's a good thing!
Once we boarded the plane and a ready for take off i make sure the kids have some snacks and a drink in hand so their ears wont pop and they are occupied with eating until we are up in the sky.
Especially with Molly-May who isn't too keen on keeping her seat belt on for a very long time.
Now another thing which i haven't mentioned above when going through my list of things that i pack into my backpack/hand luggage are headphones and a tablet which are both a lifesaver when it comes to that point in the journey when they don't want to play, read or drink/eat anymore and just had enough. Kids BBC iPlayer has saved my bacon many many times with me being able to download their favourite episodes from Andy's Dinosaur Adventures to Topsy and Tim there is loads to choose from. I also uploaded the CBebbies App, Lego Juniors Quest, Minion Rush, Peppa's Paintbox, Lego Ice-cream & Animals as well as Balloon Pop (those are just a few examples what the kids currently like to play on their tablet). I also recently purchased a splitter which is a 2 headphone connections so both the kids can watch something on the iPad together lets see how that works!

Now this isn't really a essential when it comes to hand luggage but i thought i share it with you anyway! If you have read my previous posts regarding holidays and car seats you might know 
that i am taking the Joie Elevate and the seriously small folded BubbleBum Booster Seat 
for the kids with us. But i am a bit of a worrier when it comes to hold luggage after all my OH works at the airport so i know the gentle approach of the workers whilst handling carseats and buggies on the bag belt so i ALWAYS use a buggy or in this case a carseat bag.
All the carseat bags on the market are created for Stage 0/1/2 bulky seats so that gives me plenty of empty space in the bag which i use to bring along nappies (yes i could buy them abroad but i don't like to pay silly prices and a different brand then the one i know is ok for my eczema prone daughter)
towels and a Gro Blackout Blind (after reading the hotel reviews i decided to purchase one 2. hand.
Now some of the Airport Staff do like to have a look inside the bag to ensure there is really just the carseat in there so i decided to put the towels underneath the seat and the blind and nappies behind the back of the booster seat so when opened its not to be seen! 
Now i save myself some luggage allowance to bring along some more books to read and i equality made sure that there is enough padding to keep the carseat save 
from a few luggage handle belt throws:
I hope some of the info i wrote about was informative and helpful for your next flight with your 
little ones to ensure that you have a smooth journey!
You can also read another travel inspired post on my Top 10 Holiday Travel Products

11 September 2016

I am going to BlogOn again!!

The lovely Zoe from MummyGeek started a BlogOn Icebreaker Linky so I thought I join in 
with the fun so here it goes:
1. Share a recent photo of you.
2. Describe yourself in five words or less!
talkative, loud, non spontaneous (so my husband says), funny, mother
3. How long have you been blogging, and why did you start?
I have been blogging since April 2013 so just over 3 years now and I started it because I love writing and wanted to start a diary for the kids to look back in many moons to come! 
4. What are you hoping to get out of Blog On?
I am there for a childfree weekend with some blogger friends to enjoy, laugh and meet new people. I am rebranding/renaming my blog very soon so I will be attending a few sessions this time (last time I managed 1)
5. Name a few of your favourite blogs.
Just off my head there would be: Tobyandroo (I might have a slight "blog crush" if you want true parenting honesty about those summer holidays read it!), TheDadVenturer (if you need a laugh!), Adventures of a Monkey Footed Mum (love all the videos of her adorable kids)
6. What’s your favourite social media platform(s)… and what’s your username?
Instagram for sure @mybuggyjunction
7. Share a fact about you no-one would guess.

I am German/Bavarian but I don't have a German accent so people don't tent to notice                       unless I tell them
8. What’s your favourite bit of tech?
I guess it would be my iPhone 6 because i use it a lot but my iPad Air is coming close too! 
9. If you won the lottery, how would you spend your winnings?

Now there are 2 scenarios to that: If it's a lot then I would buy a plot of land and build a house on it! 
If it's a smaller sum then I would spend it on a holiday with the whole family and maybe some lipo.
10. If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?
Julia Roberts or Jude Law (only that I could flirt with him!)
11. Share a funny (or favourite) memory from your life.

I guess that would be when my now Husband proposed to me at my local Beerfestival in front of a "little" crowd aka about 3.000 people and my Family defiantly a moment i will never forget. If you want to read more about it: "You have my Hand, my Heart and my Soul!"
12. What is your favourite book (or film if you’re not a big reader) and why?
Film: Pretty Woman (who doesn't love Julia Roberts & Richard Gere)
Book: that's a hard one there so many! But I love John Grisham & Lee Childs Books!
13. What picture is on your phone/tablet lock screen?

14. If you had an hour of time all to yourself, how would you spend it?
Sleep or read a book!
15. What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?
When I became a mum for the first time somebody said to me you will hear lots of opinions and different suggestions from many people but just follow your gut instict and you will be alright! 
Fancy joining in? Then head over to Mama Geek.
You can follow Blog On’s twitter account (@BlogOnUK), and join the Facebook group –         there’s loads of chat going on in there and it’s a great place to get any questions                            you may have answered too.
See you very soon at BlogOn!!

9 September 2016

Our Visit to the London SEALIFE Aquarium

Over the last few weeks right at the end of the summer holidays we had a house guest from Germany staying with us and because its only her 2. time in London we decided to have a day out in town and visit the SEALIFE London Aquarium with Melissa.

Finn remembered from previous visits that right at the start of the tour there is a glass floor where you can spot the sharks and walk right above them he was exited and anxious at the same time but he loved it even more this time...until a massive shark came right up to the gas that is and he jumped to safety i wish i filmed it it was quite funny to watch #badmummy!

I absolutely love jellyfishes and how they move around! Here are a few of the many pictures Melissa and I took on our visit:

Finnster stroking a sea star, lots of turtles colourful fish pods and funny looking fishes and Finn photobombing Melissa's Picture.

We absolutely loved this little area which is called Frozen Planet: Face to Face experience (and has been new to the aquarium since February this year!) where there is a computer animated pond with ice around it and up popped a polar bear with its cub and a massive Orca wale. Finn thought it was pretty cool but he didn't quite understand why he couldn't see himself on the screen when he jumped "into the water". Got to love technology!!

From little Nemo's to big sparkly piranhas and Finn even spotted a fish fossil on the walls 
and couldn't get enough of the massive skeleton in the shark tank!

We watched one of the penguins dive around in the water area of the penguin tank which was very amusing and the kids both sat there in silent for quite a while.

Finn's Highlight next to spotting a fossil was defiantly the shark tank which is on ever level of 
the aquarium. My favourite Picture is the bottom right one of Finn and Melissa's shadow 
with the 2 massive sharks swimming behind them!

I would say you can do the whole Aquarium in about 1-2 hours we took about 1.5hrs this visit!
 We had a fantastic time and will defiantly go and visit soon! 

Even though it was in the holidays (on a weekday) the crowds were alright and the only time 
we thought it was a bit packed was in the penguin area which was very narrow 
and we had slight problems passing through with the buggy. 
Its a shame the London Aquarium haven't got a buggy park to store the buggies there until we finish our tour but i think the next time we visit we might just brave London Town without a buggy and just take the carrier for little miss instead!

Disclaimer: I have been sent some SEALIFE Tickets for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

4 September 2016

Degustabox August 2016 Review

Its time for a brand new Degustabox review to see what new delights there packed up for us:

Lets start with the drinks in this months box:

#1 Get More Vitamin Drinks provides a refreshing way to top up your vitamins, made with spring water, natural flavours and no added sugar.
I tried the parking Lemon & Lime and thought it tasted a bit like Fanta the only thing i don't like is that there is sweetener in the ingredients list which i am not a huge fan of!

#2 Mahou Cinco Estrellas, the quintessential taste for beer lovers, has always been a byword for quality and authenticity. A beer created to satisfy the most discerning palates, made using the highest quality varieties of hops and yeast which shapes its characteristic body and flavour.
Now this one i let Mr. C. test after all he is the beer lover in the family and he liked the taste of it!

#3 Sparkling Lime and Jasmine is a sophisticated, complex and refreshing drink that is aimed at a growing group of consumers seeking a credible alternative to alcohol. In line with the Fentimans range of premium adult soft drinks. Sparkling Lime and Jasmine is made using the time-honoured botanical brewing technique to deliver real body, a unique depth of flavour and a liquid that delivers the cues of a sparkling wine. 
A light but finely balanced liquid with a distinctive botanical aroma. The initial refreshing bitterness on the tongue is quickly balanced by the botanical sweetness of Hyssop, Lime Flower and Juniper Berries to leave a clean, dry citrus note. The aroma is created by a complex mix of botanical infusions including white jasmine flowers.

I am not a huge lime lover and dont really drink alot of alcohol either so this drink wasn't 
appealing to me and it also taste to bitter!
#4 Clipper green tea is characteristically light and clear. Kick-start your tastebuds with this energising blend of green tea naturally flavoured with lime and ginger. Its all natural: Baby leaves. Natural ingredients. Plus the only decaffeination process recognised by the Soil Association.

I am not a huge fan of green tea and cant stand ginger since my 2 pregnancies so i had to give this one a miss to try out!

Onto the savoury stuff:

#5 Willy Chase’s Fit popcorn begins and ends its journey at the Chase farm in rural Herefordshire. Our very own corn is air-popped by hand, for a deliciously light and crunchy popcorn. No fryers here! We cook our delicious flavours in our popcorn kitchen, using locally sourced ingredients. Each pack is popping with flavour, but without the guilt.
As much as i love Popcorn and trying out new flavours this one is just not right the Apple Cider combined with Popcorn did not taste nice at all!

#6 Oloves; bring you the tastiest olives, freshly packed and in a range of delicious flavours. Bursting with natural goodness, low in calories. No stones. No fuss. Just the best snack going.
For Olives Lovers this snack is pretty nice. The olives are soft and have a great flavour to it! 
Perfect for a summer picnic in the park!

#7 Rakusen’s has been producing delicious, healthy crackers since 1900. In fact, we were the first manufacturer in the UK ever to do so. Our entire range of crackers & snackers is flame-baked to a traditional recipe, giving each bite a unique but subtle nutty flavour. Also available in Gluten Free!
We tried both the normal and the gluten free version and although the glue free version did not appeal to Mr. C. and myself he loved the taste of the normal crackers.
#8 Introducing NutriPot; the healthy choice for lunch or a snack when you're looking for a convenient, nutritious, quality product. Each pot contains 50% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs; helping you to get through the day with a little more ease.
I had the Aromatic Thai Noodles & the Moroccan Couscous Pods to try out. The Thai Noodles ones was too spicy for me and the the taste of the Couscous Pod wasn't to my liking either.

#9 TABASCO® Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sauce & Marinade is a mild, Barbecue sauce enhanced by the rich and smoky flavours of TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce. Perfect for drizzling over pulled pork, marinating ribs and pouring on your burger. 
I love all the different BBQ Marinades in the recent Degustaboxes and this one is no exception such a  different Sauce to the normal bbq sauces to try out at our next BBQ Mr. C. loves a bit of spice so i know this will be liked by him!

#10 A medium Tikka curry paste with tomatoes, onions, and Geeta's own special blend of exotic spices, creates a delicious aromatic curry. And a medium Rogan Josh curry paste with tamarind, fennel, and Geeta's own special blend of exotic spices, creates a delicious aromatic curry.
We love trying out new Indian Sauces so we are looking forward to tasting this one out 
when we have our next homemade curry! 

And last but not least the sweet stuff of this month Degustabox:

#11 Originating in Switzerland, bircher muesli is made by soaking oats overnight in juice and yoghurt, with a touch of grated fruit. We've simplified the method with our fruity bircher mixes, using finely milled oats and dried fruit which can be soaked in as little as 30 minutes,
 for a cooler, creamier muesli.
I love a good cereal and Dorset cereals are really nice, i am yet to try out the ever so popular soaked muesli but for now i love it with a dash of milk and some fresh fruit for my breakfast. The accompanied cereal spoon is a great little extra and very handy!

#12 Premium Mango Chutney made with the finest mangoes, whole spices, and Geeta's secret blend of spices. Great with Sandwiches jacket potatoes, nachos, meals, and even whipped into some homemade Ice Cream. A versatile Sweet and spicy chutney, that will leave you wanting more.
Mango Chutney is a must have to accompany my slow cooker curry and some crunchy popadoms so i really liked the tasted of this one its very sweet with a little kick to it!

Overall we liked 7 items out of 12 the in the Box I have to say i was pretty disappointed with this month box i expected a summer collection of new food items to try after all its still the summer and BBQ season and there was a lack of sweet stuff too which i think should always balance the drinks and savoury collection! 

If you want to hear more about Degustabox head over to their website or check out 
their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

You can get your very own Box with a whopping 6£ off!!
 Just add the discount code:


Disclaimer: I have been sent the August Degustabox for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

26 August 2016

We took on the Wicked Uncle Challenge

Now who doesn't love a challenge?? Especially when it involves toys and little children!!
So when Wicked Uncle got in touch with me to ask if we would like to take part in their Wicked Uncle Challenge and proof their claim of 
"Wicked Uncle helps people become A* present buyers!"
is true i was more then happy to oblige and see what the fuss is all about!
Wicked Uncle asked that the Candidate taking on the Challenge is a Wicked Grown Up who has no children and has no clue what to buy those little creatures!
So who better to ask then our current German house guest who with her 16 years might know all about buying cool clothes but has certainly not been near a toy shop for quite some time:

She accept the challenge with no hesitation and off she went onto the Wicked Uncle Website to search her way through some cool toys for those 2:

Here is what she thought about searching her way through the website to choose some cool 
presents for Finn & Molly-May:

"The website was easy to navigate around and it was really helpful having the different categories like adventurer and brainiac etc. to make the present finding more specific. This is the first time ever i bought a present online for kids and because i don't really see them much and only knew their ages and some of their likes it was great that i could choose age defined gifts. 
Overall it took me around 20 minutes to choose and put the order through but only because there are so many awesome presents to choose from, some of them i just wanted to order for myself!"

Less then 3 days later our order has arrived and we had 2 exiting little ones jumping up and down with joy who couldn't wait to open the box and see what Melissa has chosen for them:

The Foam Cone Factory from TOMY was a instant hit with both the kids and they couldn't wait till it was bath time to try out their new pretend ice cream machine. 
You only need to drip in a few drops of bubble bath into the cornet at the top...add water...and pull the leverThis clever bath toy uses suction pads to attach to the bathroom tiles or the sides of your bath. The three flat-bottomed cones are designed to sit on the side of the bath, ready to add pretend sprinkles from the shaker that comes as part of the set. 

Molly-May squeaked for delight when she spotted the pretty pink Dolphin Soapbox named 'Ava' and didn't stop cuddling it all day! When i told her she could take Ava for a splash in the bathtub that night and it will even help her to wash herself she did her exiting dance with a big grin on her face!
Ava is made using a soft terry cloth exterior and an anti-microbial sponge interior, she is easily worked into a lather - you just feed her some soap into her mouth.

Finn was pretty happy with his Dinosaur Kit from Wood Workz! And whats not to like, its a fun creative set which contains 23 quality wooden pieces from renewable sources with glue, paint and stickers to make a T-Rex, the king of dinosaurs. This is something he is very much looking forward to creating with Daddy and he already told me once its finished he would like to take it to show and tell Fridays in his school.

Here is a little video for our #WickedUncleChallenge:

All 3 presents been an instant hit with the kids and with myself too! Melissa has chosen some fantastically cool gifts all thanks to Wicked Uncle who have such a big and decent collection 
of just the right toy for everybody!
Wicked Uncle is the one and only address to give out to helpless Uncles, Aunty's, Godparents, Friends and Family who want to buy your children something cool so head over to their website now and have a browse for yourself your certainly wont be disappointed!!
It's a A* present service with some great little extras like having the gifts wrapped individually and there is a free gift tag is attached to every order, ours even came with a little thank you postcard to send to the person who gifted the present which i think is a lovely touch! You can also choose to add a birthday card (which is handwritten for the extra personal touch).
If you need some more convincing (surely you don't by now??) head over to the Wicked Uncle Blog who will give you 4 more reasons that everyone should use their website
You can also find them on 
Facebook: Wicked Uncle Toys
Twitter: @WickedUncle
Instagram: @wickeduncletoys
and YouTube: WickedUncle

Disclaimer: I have been given a £40 Voucher Code for the purpose of taking part in the #WickedUncleChallenge and write about it, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

25 August 2016

Finnster's 6th Birthday & Our Summer Holiday Adventures in Germany 2016

So this years Summer Holiday vacation started off a little bit more unusual then other years. This year my Mum asked me if she can fly over and take both children on her own back to Germany so they can spend 6 days alone together. Who's gotta say no to that? I was immensely grateful for her suggestion of me having a lay in for nearly a week and lots of time to declutter and sort the garage as well as go house/area hunting with Mr. C.

Well i did all that minus the decluttering after all epic 11am lay ins became over the week a little bit too nice to miss and you know what i don't regret a single extra wink i got because i felt refreshed and relaxed going over to Germany to be reunited with the kiddies.
Throughout the week i talked with Finn over the phone nearly every evening and i heard all the fun things he has been up to with his little sister and Oma & Opa.
From visits to his new friends/neighbours to daily swimming pool trips to the village very own little lido, plenty of ice cream and lego playing sessions with Opa as well as UNO (cardgame) matches with Oma he seemed very content and it was great hearing him all exited jabbering away in german.
Oma also told me in hysterics a detailed report about all the mishaps on the plane trip to Germany, from having all her bags taken off her to be put in the hold (which included the kids toy backpacks which Finn didn't find that amusing) as well as "loosing" the kids on the plane when they decided to play hide and seek with her, i just leave it at that!!

Here is another snipped of my Daily Talks with him:

"I put on my swimvest put the thing around my nuts - i am guessing he refers to the safety thing - and then i jumped from the 1 2 3 and 4 step into the big pool at the lido which was sooo far away and it was so much fun!) and i been to the kindergarten and sorted out the dinosaurs with Heidi" And Opa is teaching Molly-May new words todays offering is "Abracadabra" and she can count to 10 in German.

After our childfree week Mr. C. and myself made our way to Cologne to celebrate with a special "Welcome to the World - Naming Day Party" for my gorgeous nephew J. who's already 9 month!!
On that weekend we also celebrated Finnster turning 6 on the Sunday and after a nice breakfast at my Brother's Flat we all went for a walk to check out the Cologne Playgrounds and Parks:

Back at my Parents new Place we had another 2 weeks full of fun, sunshine, swimming, ice creams, family visits, toy shop discovery and much more!

I got a few nice lay ins, time to read some books for my bookclub and i also got a change to catch up with all my lovely cousins at our regular cousin meet when i am in Germany. Molly-May got to see both of her german Godmum's and spend some time with them and Finn was delighted to have found such nice new friends next door (we hardly ever saw him every afternoon because he insisted on playing Star Wars with Noah who is the same age then him!)
We even manage to have a Mummy&Son Date exploring the Willibaldsburg in my hometown Eichstaett which houses a fantastic fossil museum with some dinosaurs fossil to discover too: 


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