25 July 2014

Lets start AGAIN.....

....with a countdown that is!
I have been very quite with my Wedding posts recently because there was just 1 hurdle after another.
When i arrived in Germany for our 7 week stay i thought i had it all planned out the date, the church, the priest, the venue....and then this happened:
Oh yeah outside our planned venue they knocked down a house, surely that will be gone by start of next May i hear you say?
Well it would be IF it would be a ordinary building side where the old house goes and a new one is getting build. Unfortunately its a bit more complex and the owner of the land wants to sell to the parish of the Village who would love to buy it but money is an issue. And so we are expecting this picture to last for a while.
I just cant see myself having a venue where i go outside and stand right next to a big pile of gates and rubbish. So off i went to find a new venue and somehow i just run out of option.
Until my Auntie suggested to pop by a nearby restaurant with attached hotel whom had a freestanding hall right next to their hotel which boast round tables, a little stage, a bar and space for 190 people which is plenty and best of all its open end so we can party till there is no tomorrow!
So 2 days before i left to fly back home to England i had a new venue with my old date.
Or so i thought.....
Back home and having attended our sons upcoming School Information Evening we realised our date is nowhere near a school holiday.....yep you might have guessed we moved our date.
So now with a new venue and a new date i only have to slightly change my Save the Date Cards (oops...thank god i haven't send them out yet)
and then it's all ready to go!
So i am happy to say (once again!!) 
Let the Countdown begin 

I have exactly 365 days to organise the biggest day of our lives!
Let the madness begin!!!

Having fun with Toogiez - Review and Competition

The other day i received a email from Noa one of the 2 Noa's who came up with a new and fun Product which launched this week at Kickstarter.

So let me introduce you to Toogiez - the wearable, playable, stickable sidekick for kids!
Toogiez are a match made in heaven - adorable, collectible plushies that stick to comfy, stylish, specially designed t-shirts. Attached securely and displayed proudly, toogiez are a child’s best friend, wearable sidekick and constant companion.
As moms of toddlers quickly growing up, the Creators of Toogiez realised their kids could benefit from a toy that could act as a companion, empowering the children to enter the world independently and confidently. They also wanted to create a toy that could also encourage the kids to communicate their feelings and emotions.

What we thought about the Toogiez Range:

As soon as our Toogiez arrived Finn couldn't wait to wear his and show it off to his Mate J. and his little Sister M. who is wearing the girls version of it. The kids had fun all afternoon with playing, swapping and sticking them on and off the tee so many times and as you can see on the t-shirt Finn was kind enough to let his friend wear the (in his words) "super cool Zox" superhero t-shirt.
Finn is right now at that age where he is outgrowing Thomas and its all about the Superheros so we couldn't have chosen any better and little M. didn't let go of her new friend "Sheldon" the Duck all afternoon, she even pushed him around in her baby buggy!
Along with the T-shirt and the plushie we got a little booklet which showed us all the Names and little Stories for each character, Finn has a little obsession with booklets so he took quite a while looking through it and asking me to read the little text underneath some of his favourite characters.
I thought the Velcro attachment was really strong and i love the fact that its a heart shape for the girls tee and a star shape for the boys one which makes it fitting to the pattern of the rest of the t-shirt!
Finn and his Friend J. are wearing Size 5y and M. is wearing Size 4y. So i think the girls t-shirts are a bit on the small side. 
The Material is nice and thin which makes it the perfect summer top!
One thing i have to mention is that the T-Shirts which we received are prototype designs and you can see the revamped ones on the kickstart page.
Here are some of the adorable characters for girls, boys and the unisex range:

And this is what the kiddies though of their Toogiez:

You can check out the full Toogiez Range on their Kickstarter Page and you can find them on Facebook and Twitter too.

Would you like to WIN your very own Toogiez for your child to wear? 
Well you better get entering my Competition then, to be in for a chance to win 1 Toogiez T-Shirt and 1 Plushie of your choice all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below. The competition is open to UK Residents only and will close at 11.59pm on the 8th of August 2014.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!
Disclaimer: I have been send 2 Toogiez for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

23 July 2014

Amber Anklets Discount Code

The lovely Tamara from Amber Anklets has given me a special Discount Code for all my lovely readers who lost out on winning my latest competition! You can now purchase your Amber Anklet for 1 week only with a special 15% discount, so pop over to her shop and enter this code:
Happy Shopping!

It's time to jump around with the new First Steps Jumperoo from Fisher Price!

We are a huge fans of Fisher Price a company who have been around for ages, i can remember having a Fisher Price Chatter Phone when i was a toddler and i use to love pulling it around on the string and i quite often took it for a walk down the stairs into the kitchen much to my mums despair.
When Finn came along we got the Precious Planet Bouncer which he adored and he always giggled along to the animal sounds, we also borrowed a Rainforest Jumperoo and he went crazy every time he went into it and it did wonders for his sleep!
With Molly-May getting more mobile she wasn't happy in her swing or bouncer anymore and got frustrated easily because after various rolls she ended up on the cold wooden floor and off her play mat.
But help was near and Fisher Price have offered to let us test their brand new and improved First Steps Jumperoo which is two great products in one—a jumper & a walker.

Here is what Fisher Price have to say about their new Toy:

Introducing a brand new way for baby to jump, walk and play! First, it’s a free-standing jumper, rewarding every bounce and move with music, lights and sounds. The seat spins 360° so your little one can see all around. The frame also extends to let baby walk back and forth, taking their first steps! The soft spring covers keep little fingers safe and the height is adjustable in 3 positions to grow with your baby.

What we thought about the new Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo:

From the moment i was unpacking it she was drawn to the vibrant colours and once i put her inside the seat unit she immediately started to play with the red frog roller ball which since that moment has been her favourite by far!
I really like the netting's either side because that means if she has a teething toy of hers and throws it around the net will prevent it from dropping down the floor which saves me the cleaning various times a day part!
It seems Molly-May is not a fan of any music unless its Daddy singing "Fields of athenry" so if its her Fisher Price Mobile, the swing or her new Jumperoo she prefers to make her own sounds to her bouncing. But the Jumperoo awards the baby when jumping up and down with some sounds which makes it certainly even more interesting to bounce around.
Another think i noticed is the little section which looks just like a tray (1st picture above) which would be perfect to hold a little snack if i remove the toy bar (which is so quick and simple to do)

Obviously with her only starting to get her strength up on her feet we haven't tested the expendable legs to turn it into a walker function yet but i will keep you posted on that!
The only slight niggle i could find is that the new Jumperoo is rather on the large side, we are lucky enough even though we live in a flat to have a nice sized living room after making it open plan but for parents with a smaller flat space can be a issue.

I have taken a comparising picture after borrowing my neighbours son's Jumperoo for this shot:
The First Steps Jumperoo is priced as a RRP of 124.99£ but you can get yours for only 93.79£ right now at Mothercare over here.
You can check out the full range of Fisher Price Toys on their website. And why don't you head over to their Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest news.
Well i thought i leave you with a little video of Molly-May and her exact thoughts on her new bouncy toy:

Disclaimer: I have been send the new First Steps Jumperoo for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
We're going on an adventure

22 July 2014

Last Day at Nursery for my big Boy!

Where did the last 2.5 years go??
I can remember like it was yesterday when we took our little boy off to his first afternoon session to the nursery just down the road from us.
He went from 2 afternoon session lasting 3 hours to 5 mornings a week and the last half year he did 2 longer days and 2 short ones. 
I ended up working at his nursery as a emergency Nursery staff for a little while before i went onto Maternity leave.
He loved every second of it and made some great friends in his pre school along the way.
Now there is only 6 weeks of summer holidays then he is off to his big boy school in uniform and all that "grown up kids stuff" like a book bag and school dinner. eek scary stuff!
But here's to enjoying the summer and just let the kids be kids!
Here he is on his first and last day of his nursery my not so little boy anymore:

17 July 2014

Week 28 - Project 365

Week 28 - 6. - 12. July

Day 187
Went to a fair and came home with this lovely cupcake check out the flower and the neat detail on it:

Day 188
So this happened today:

Day 189
Well this is what happens when you do a tesco online food shop and don't look at the weight! I am now proud owner of a 3kg bag Fusili:

Day 190
Little Miss started to become quite attached to her new teething toy FanFan aka "Bruno" so she's making sure nobody is stealing him:

Day 191
Special Delivery! Finn wanted to "help" me make the cardboard box smaller for the recycling bin:

Day 192
Finally our new tires arrived! We had cracked alloys for a while and had to pump up the wheel every time we drove, which was a right pain:

Day 193
This is where I spend most of my afternoon today #DIYgonewrong

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