21 October 2016

Something NEW is coming soon...!

Now i am sorry to disappoint you but this is NOT an announcement of another pitter patter 
joining our already complete family of 4!
This is all about me and my little blogging corner!
Since the start of the year i felt like my journey in the pushchair world is slowly but surely coming 
to an end sooner then later so i decided it is about time to say Goodbye to My Buggy Junction 
which has been a pleasure to write for the last 3.5 years!!
Now its time for something NEW and exiting coming your way (and mine!!)
Finally after month and month of brainstorming and coming up with names which i then discovered to have already been taken...i found the one and after sourcing a illustrator to design me a brand new blog banner with my new name and going through the whole process,
I cannot wait to share it with you all VERY very soon!
I am hoping in the next couple of weeks i will be able to make the switchover 
(don't worry i am keeping all my old content and moving it over with me!)
Keep your eyes peeled!! 

13 October 2016

Check out the all new Sea-Slimed Octopod Playset!

Its always exiting when there is a new Octonauts Toy coming on the market especially 
when you have a Octonauts mad son (followed slowly by his little sister) in the house! 
We where lucky enough to try it out for ourselves just how cool the new Sea-Slimed Octopod is and let you know the results!

Here is a little bit of info about the new Slime Octopod:

It’s slime time with this Octonauts Octopod Slime Playset! The Octonauts find themselves in a sticky situation when the Octopod becomes mysteriously covered in slime! Press the Octopod’s mouth to see its translucent tentacles light up and glow a cool slime-green color and to hear phrases from the crew. Make a quick exit out of the Octopod using the Octo-hatch in the Launch Bay or search the Octopod for the missing octopus—could he be hiding in Barnacles’ or Kwazii’s quarters or maybe he’s escaped to the Garden Pod? The Sea-Slimed Octopod Playset comes with Barnacles in his slime-green Octo-suit, a rescue net, a slimed octopus, a slime catapult and a container of extra gooey slime!
What we thought about it (+ some comparising pictures with the 1st generation Octopod):

Building the new Octopod took less then 10 minutes and was pretty simple, you might want to turn off the Octonauts Alarm on the bottom of the pod because i jumped when i accidentally pushed it whilst assembling the parts! The Octopod comes with a Octopus Captain Barnacles in a very green Slime suit and a large scooper as well as a little pot of extra slimy slime which can be used 
on the catapult to shoot some slime!

The new Sea-Slimed Octopod has got some pretty cool features which includes a Octonauts Alarm button inside to Octopod which gives out different sounds and phrases from Captain Barnacles like:
"Sound the OctoAlert" - "Octonauts, to your stations!" - Octonauts, activate the sea slide!" 
"Its time to slime" - "Octonauts, good work!" 

If you stand Captain Barnacles on the slimy OctoHatch and push the green button next to it he will slide down the legs ready to head out of the Octopod to get quickly onto his next rescue mission!
The coolest feature has to be when pushing the pod's mouth because it will light up and glow a pretty fantastic slimy bright green colour! And all 4 Pods rotated 360 degrees which is super!

Now Finn also has got the old style 1st generation Octopod so i thought it would be nice to compare both of them together and show you some of the 1st generation Octopod features too:

The 1st generation Octopod comes with over 10 play pieces (not all shown on the pic because we lost a few over the years). It has a red OctoAlert button on the top which has sounds and phrases and
can be removed and clipped onto trousers. You can launch the Gup A from the base of the Octopod and the Octonauts can slide from their Pods into the middle and down the OctoHatch and out of
the Octopod for their next mission. You can also buy some extra add on: "On The Go Pods"
which are the sleeping quarters of the 4 Octonauts as shown in picture 1 and 3 they can stay
open or close up and attach to the arms of the Octopod.
The old style Octopod is taller and wider then the new one and even though
both have similar cool features i do prefer the new one!

This brand new Sea-Slimed Octopod will make the perfect Christmas Present for any Octonauts Fan and you can get the Slimed Octopod for you just £39.99 from your local Smyths Toy Superstore.

    Disclaimer: I have been sent the Octonauts Octopod Sea-Slime Playset for reviewing purposes, 
    but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

    10 October 2016

    Finn's DinoTASTIC 6th Birthday Party!

    The day before we went on our holiday we celebrated Finn's 6th Birthday once again. 
    This time with all of his best mates and friends from school.
    So far for the last 6 years we have managed to keep his birthday parties very low key 
    and mainly celebrated with family and close friends. 
    But with him being in school for the last 3 years and having been invited to plenty of amazing birthday parties which where held at Farms, Indoor Trampoline Centres, Bowling Alleys, 
    Gym's and plenty of more cool places we decided this year he can choose his very own big party which we will throw him after all this might be his last birthday here in this area,
     before we move next year!
    Hes been going to Dinosaur Escape Adventure Golf for a quite a while now. well mostly Daddy took him there so the dedication was made pretty quickly to hold his party with his 10 friends there.
    The whole course is surrounded by massive dinosaur figures and "lakes" and other 
    fantastic features from the dinosaur era:
    We got a Birthday Package Deal which included the invites, a round of Mini Golf, 
    1 hour use of the dinosaur themed party room, party food, ice-cream and drinks for the children 
    as well as a certificate and a dinosaur party box.
    I was happy that the food part was taken away from me because that's just added on stress, after all i have been throwing birthday parties on mass even before the children where born when i use to work as a Nanny, it was fun but utterly exhausting organising it all especially with me decided to book it so close to us heading off on our family holiday (what was i thinking!)
    Now with sourcing Pintrest for the coolest Dinosaur Ideas for the leftover stuff like the cake and some party games and the thank you cards i couldn't help but add on a little extra in the 
    kids party bags because it was such a cool idea! So here are some instructions how to make 
    your very own "Thanks for stomping by!" party favours:
    You need some:
    1. "Dinosaur Eggs" aka chocolate mini speckled eggs you can get them in any supermarket i got them from the pick'n'mix station at my local one just make sure you take a few extra (i got a large tub) just in case some off them are broken. 
    2. Tiny little dinosaurs (which you can pick up at ebay in a 12 pack quite cheap).
    3. temporary dinosaur tattoos (because who doesn't like tattoos right?) 
    i picked them up in a pack of 24 from amazon.
    4. small clear plastic bags (forgot to take a picture of them individually) 
    which can be bought off ebay for a few quid!
    Add the eggs 1 dino per package and 1 tattoo into the clear bag and use a stapler to attache 
    your "Thank you for stomping by!" label onto the bags. 
    I created them with a image of 2 different dinosaurs (found on google images) and edited 
    on Picmonkey with the 'Coollock Black' font (which is a premium one so you have to 
    have an account but there are also many free ones to choose from).
    And voila there you have some supercool hatched egg dino party favour bags with a 
    added thank you note for attending the party.

    The Sun came out and we had a fantastic hour with all the kids playing or attempting at least 
    to get those balls into the holes although a few went into the stream which promptly made  
    - especially the boys - giggle hysterically!! 
    In honour of her brothers dinosaur party i found this supercute dress covered in dinos from next (at a bargain price on ebay because it was last seasons) for Molly-May to wear:
    Me being be I forgot the balloons but hey i had a dinosaur happy birthday banner a few stand up table  decorations and we had a supercool orange triceratops pinjata so that kind of let Finn & all the other kids forget about the missing balloons! Although the pinjata game didn't go to plan at all! 
    Little Tip make sure you cut a few holes into the side and bottom of the pinjata it took the children plus a few adult way too many attempts to hit it open! But once it finally 'exploded" the sweets plus some (medium sized) Dinosaurs (which i picked up from a bucket set for 4.99£ from B&M) 
    went down a storm with all the party goers!
    And then there was the cake (you can't have a party without one right??)
     I thankfully found a mum from Finn's school to bake me a small cake which she surrounded with choc sticks and covered in (icing) grass and added a 3d scene with edible rice paper dinosaurs (who i bought off ebay and then single handed cut out one by one oh the joys!! Next time i pay some extra few quid to not do that again!!). She also baked a lot of cupcakes with some white and green icing where i stuck lots of different edible dino rice paper on top.
    I packed them all in little cupcake boxes ready for the kids to take home together with their party bag.
    (Btw. i found the the orange triceratops on amazon)
    Despite the pinjata mishap, the forgotten balloons and the room being very very echoey it was the perfect dinoTASTIC birthday for our now 6 year old Finnster!!

    And last but not least there was the matter of writing little Thank you notes to all of his mates and friends who where kind enough to bring him some presents along:

    Once again i made them with help of picmonkey and printed them on a bit of a thicker brown paper.

    Here is a draft which i pinned for you on my Pintrest in case you would like to use it:


    7 October 2016

    Getting my Boots on - Thanks to Brantano!

    Its getting chilly again and although the sun is still shining and giving us some warmth the time to eat my beloved flip flops and ballerinas is most certainly come to an end!
    Its time to get those boots out so whatever the weather come rain, shine or i am ready for the rather cold morning school/nursery run! Lucky me even got some brand new shiny boots thanks to the lovely people at Brantano who asked me if i would like to review some of their ankle boots

    Choosing the right pair was quite a task because there are some beautiful shoes in their shop!
    But in the end i went with the Orinoco Spice from Clarks who are looking rather dashing 
    in their ankle boot cut design in black leather with a full warm lining. 
    They have Ortholite® footbeds which offer cushioned, moisture wicking comfort - now if that 
    doesn't sound promising for a comfy walk to and from school then i don't know what will!

    I love the look of my new shoes the lace has something classic but the back and sole look 
    a little bit biker chick which i think goes fab together! 

    I ordered them in a Size 6 (which is actually a EU size 39.5 as stated on the box) there are a perfect 
    snug fit but you can always loosen or tighten the laces to make them stretch a but when 
    wearing them over some jeans or jeggins which is what i did the last few days!

    I think there are the perfect boots to wear over your skinny jeans or leggings as well as 
    with a boot cut or normal cut jeans underneath.

    This Clarks design is currently 60£ on the Brantano, with black being such a timeless colour and 
    with the right care these leather boots will defiantly last for quite a few seasons to come!

    I love my new boots and wont be dreading the wet and frosty weather to land in the UK very soon apparently its suppose to be a very white winter with lots of snowfall but at least my feet 
    will be cosy and warm with my new footwear!

    Brantano let you choose from: standard delivery for £2.99, a free super saver delivery 
    when you spend over £35 and FREE returns on all UK orders and you can also reserve in store 
    and collect for free (excludes web inclusive lines).
    Disclaimer: I have been sent the Clarks Boots from Brantano for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

    6 October 2016

    Molly-May's Moments Thirty One Months

    So its been a rather long time (back when she was 24 month old!) that i have written a little update on our youngest member of the family so i thought i better get writing to tell you all about 
    what she has been up to and believe me its rather a lot (oh and i realised i am a month late in posting this update because i forgot to schedule it whilst we where on holiday! oops!)

    Sleeping/Routine - She is still in her room and since we come back from our Summer Holidays in Germany (touch wood) she has been sleeping through the night IN HER OWN BED without her normal 4am visits to crawl into bed to cuddle and sleep with mummy, which is rather nice. But unfortunately we are back to lying down to fall asleep and it doesn't matter if we stay for 15 or 30 minutes she will wake up again and cry that we leaving her. Somehow Daddy is starting to trick her into thinking its her idea that he is leaving the room now but sadly that doesn't work for me.
    She is still having a 1.5hr nap (and sometimes even a 2hr one after nursery) at lunchtime but she is starting now every other week to refuse to go to sleep but is pretty cranky come 4.30pm so she is defiantly not ready to drop the nap just yet which is fine by me!
    We are slowly starting to wean her off the dummy and trying to only use it for nap and bedtime and when she gets really tired 9about 30 min before its time for bed) which works pretty well!
    I do want to go cold turkey with it eventually and let the dummy fairy come and get them.

    Potty Training - Before the summer holidays she showed signs of trying out the potty so we encouraged her to use it and go on the toilet but its on and off due to her ongoing constipation problem which is apparently very common in girls age 2-3 years she is on CosmoCol on and off to regulate it and hopefully it will go back to normal soon! She is using the toilet before bath time and sometimes before bedtime and she always takes of her nappy once she has done a wee and brings me a fresh one to put on same with her telling me that she did a Nr. 2 and she wants to be changed so i think full on Potty Training mode isn't too far away!!

    Weight - She's 15 kg now and is wearing 3-4 years clothes for quite a while now.

    Favourite Toys - Her IKEA toy kitchen is still a firm favourite of hers especially when she sees Daddy or me cooking then she is off to copy us! Although she is still playing with her Peppa Pig play sets the Frozen fever has hit the house. From watching the DVD to playing with her little Frozen figures its all about Anna (her favourite) and Co! She adores feeding her dollies and taking them for a walk/putting them to sleep! She started to play dinosaurs and Lego with Finn and its amazing to see how many different dinosaur species and Lego figures she knows the name of when you ask her!

    Likes/Dislikes - She absolutely loves to draw and comes home with about 3-4 sheets of paintings from nursery on the 3 mornings she is attending. Dancing and especially accompanied with loudly high pitched singing is still a favourite of hers and she mainly likes to do that in public or as you can see in the video below in the waiting room at Finns Swimming Lesson.
    Dressing up is still a huge thing for her but its now come to the extreme (that's when the dislike part comes to light) that SHE has to decided what she is wearing today and mostly it will be one of her many "party dresses" (which are her normal dresses but she calls them all her party dresses) which now made me start hiding certain dresses on nursery days because there is only so much
    paint and mud a nice "party" dress can take!


    Swimming/Ballet - After our late summer Family Holiday to Mallorca she finally started her 2 new classes and was in particular VERY exited to start ballet. When we got there and she saw the other girls wearing tutus just like her (she hasn't received her proper ballet uniform at that point so a frozen tee and a red tutu did do) she run up and down the hall singing "i am going ballet, i am going ballet" and all the way through the class she beamed and was overly exited and maybe not as good with listening as i wished she would have been!
    The swimming lessons where all new theory for her and myself so i was glad to see that our new (Seriously FUN Swimming) teacher Tanja was super friendly and helpful advice us what to do next (the other mums and tots already had the first lesson under there belt) with her being nearly every day in the water the week before when we where on holiday she was rather confident and even enjoyed being dunked under twice she is very eager to swim on her own once the swim bands are on half way through the lesson and absolutely enjoyed her new found love of swimming on her back with her head looking up the celling. I am so glad i signed her up for swimming and cant wait for her
    to learn it because i regret not starting Finn until he was nearly 3 years old.
    Talking - Its lovely to hear her trying to say full sentences and telling us what she has been up to at Nursery or explaining to daddy what she did at swimming.
    She also mixes random German words into her talking which reminds me very much of Finn at her age doing exactly the same. If i ask her what that noise was she tells me "gar nix, mama" which means "nothing, mama". She randomly comes up to any of us with a cuddle and a 
    "I love you Mummy give me a hug!"
    Her most favourite sentences right now are "thats cool!" and "It wasnt me Daddy did it!"
    She comes out with the most random stuff at times, well maybe not that random in children's eyes but its just hilarious! For example last weekend we went on Uncle Marks boat "Piper" and once we returned to the marina after a trip up and down the Thames there was a boat passing and she shouted "Woooow, that's a big boat!" which had us all in stitches except Uncle Mark who ask her if his boat wasn't big enough?

    And last but not least i leave you with a video i took of Finn asking Molly-May to repeat her newly learnt German words in the summer holidays:
    Here is a translation of what they said:
    Molly-May sag a mal - Molly-May can you say
    Donnerwetter - word to word translation would be Thunder weather 
    but it means something like "oh damn it" 
    (this word wasn't teached to her intentionally but my Dad does say it sometimes when he drops something so she just catched on it and couldn't stop saying it and laughing whilst doing so)
    Wunderbar - wonderful
    Opa. wo ist mein Wurstbrot? - Opa, where is my bread with (sliced) sausage?

    4 October 2016

    Bedtime Bing & Owly Night Light Review

    When Fisher-Price where on the hunt for little Bingsters to review the sweet new Fisher-Price Bedtime Bing & Owly that helps little ones with learning a bedtime routine just like Bing, 
    there was no hesitation from myself and my little Bingster and when Bedtime Bing finally arrived Molly-May was in awe of it and couldn't wait to open it! 
    Molly-May has always been my co-sleeping baby and after a rather long 2 years of cuddles we decided it was time to move her into her own bed and room which was coincidentally just around the time when we moved into our new rented house so after decorating her room she moved into it and loved her own little space. But with holidays and visit to my parents in Germany where we have to share beds again its always a little bit of a struggle for her to go to bed all by herself when we are back home again so i was eager to try out if Bing and Owly could be of any assistant to us 
    after we just arrived back from our family holiday!

    So let me tell you all about Bing & is friend Owly:

    If your child is a fan of the huge Cbeebies Emmy award wining show "Bing" which has been on Telly since 2014 you probably already noticed that Owly looks just like Bing's nightlight in his bedroom! 
    Bingsters will love going to sleep with a soft and cuddly Bing and their very own Owly nightlight. Owly plays music as coloured lights slowly fade in and out, changing from one colour to the next for a soothing bedtime effect. A simple switch allows you to choose from three modes: 
    Lights and Sounds, Lights only, or Sounds only. Its suitable from 2years+.
    Bing is dressed in his blue hoppity voosh pyjamas, ready for a bedtime story and a cuddle. If you press Owly down to see colourful lights slowly fade in and out, creating a soothing nighttime glow. You can choose from rainbow lights or soothing soft orange. And it also plays soothing music. The Nightlight features a 15-minute automatic shut-off which is a perfect time 
    for your little one to fall asleep!


    Here is what we thought about the Bing & Owly Nightlight:

    I was trying and failing miserably to capture the different colour changes when the night light is on it basically goes from a light soft yellow to a orange and then onto a red colour.

    We have been using Owly in just the Light&Sound mode because Molly-May loves to hear the "Bing Bong" song for bedtime (yes, that is from another show entirely but she decide to name it that).
    The 15 minutes of changing lights and soothing music is just the right amount of time for me to sit with her whilst she is drifting off to sleep and we have a little agreement when the music stops and she is still awake Mummy is leaving the bedroom but she can have another round. She is pretty pleased with that although 50% of the time she will be snoozing away before the music stops anyway! At first i thought the music was rather on the loud side for a lullaby but because her brother might be still up and going up or down the stairs or Daddy is preparing to head out for his Night shift i quite like it that way now so the outside sounds are muffled thanks to the music coming from Owly.
    And we also have Owly a little bit further away from her bed so it isn't right near her ear anyway. 
    But i have to state that towards the end of the 15minutes the music does go quieter!
    The nightlight is sturdy and turning it on is simple with a little push down the Owly's head which is easy enough for little hands to do themselves. I think its a fantastic nightlight & cuddly toy set and i can see Molly-May loving it for a long time to come! The only thing i would improve is a level button for the music but other then that it would make a great present for any little Big Fan!
    Just like all the other Fisher Price Toys we have and had in the past this one is coming with the required Batteries (3x AAA) so no rushing to the shops with this one!
    This Bing & Owly Night Light Set will make the perfect Christmas Present for any little Bingster and you can get your Bedtime Bing for you just £27.99 from your local Smyths Toy Superstore.

    Disclaimer: I have been sent the Bedtime Bing & Owly Nightlight for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

    We're going on an adventure


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