5 October 2015

Molly-May's Moments Twenty Months

So with all the Wedding Planning, Holiday and run up to our big fat Bavarian Wedding i took a step back from blogging so my monthly post about MM got lost. 
(My last one was when she just turned 15 month)
With her getting older now i decided that i will probably post less frequently about it.

So she will be 20 month in a couple of days and she has done such a massive leap not only from the growing perspective (she got rather tall just like Finn at her age) but also on every other aspect of her development. They do say second children always grow up quicker and that's exactly 
how it feels to us!

She of course was my little flower girl on our Wedding and gosh didn't she look the most adorable girl ever i know i know i am biased, but our photographer took some amazing shots of her throughout the day and my auntie capture her cheekiness brilliantly on our registry wedding a few days before
look at those curls:

Talking - Her vocabulary has came on heaps and next to a few new German words like Papa (Daddy), Fee (Fairy), heiss (hot), da (there), aua (ouch), Nein (no),  she now comes out with: more, there, sorry, yes, spider and baby (i am sure i forgot some but those are the most regular ones)

Tidying up - She still a big fan of tidying up but also tidying out my handbag, whenever i leave one for her to reach she's pretending to put it on her shoulder and walk around with it before starting to take each and every item out of the bag to inspect.

Pushchair Mad already?? - She finally found her love to pushchairs and loves nothing better then climbing into them to go for a ride. Only took her 1.5 years to realise its actually fun. She even takes a nap in it and her favourite bit is when i bring a buggy inside she insist to be pushed into the living room so she can watch TV whilst sitting inside it!

Favourite Toys - Charley Bear, Upsy Daisy, her Dolly and her Smart Stages Puppy from 
Fisher Price are her current favourites. 

Sleeping Routine - We already got most of the items we need to decorate her big girls room but the croup came between us and moving her out of our bed into her very own single bed. So we will co sleep for another few weeks and hopefully after we come back from Germany we can settle her into her own room!

Teething - We nearly got the full set! Yay i can only spot 4 teeth missing but all of her back ones are out its just some of the ones on the side who are yet to pop up and say hello! We are still very much fan of the Amber Anklet and actually gave MMs Baby sized ones to my brother and his girlfriend who are expecting there first baby in a couple of weeks!

Likes/Dislikes - She loves nothing better then tapping on my leg to indicate she wants to come up for a cuddle and a kiss. Dancing is her favourite thing to do all day long, when there is a song on the radio in the kitchen, in the car, on telly she starts doing her Irish dancing routine with stomping her legs up and down its so cute to watch!
As soon as she finds a hat she needs to put it on and walk around the house with it, i never seen a child willing enough to put a hat on herself and keep it up there 
(until a better one is found in the hat box next to the front door of course!)
She is eating like a Horse right now, it doesn't matter what you put in front of her she will just demolish it in seconds BUT she needs to eat it herself with or without a spoon 
she wants to be in depended (and messy at the same time!)
Highchairs and Car seats are just the pain of her life she doesn't like to be in them and tries it all to get out of them as quickly as possible. 
When somebody leaves the house and doesn't let her come with them than she can get really upset and she is very particular when it comes to the way she wants to walk to the car. I always go the safe route through our front garden walkway onto the driveway but little miss is heading straight for the front gate along our little garden wall to the driveway.
Oh and did i tell you she is a (very lovable) Nutter? Just like her Brother and Father:

29 September 2015

Slumbersac - a Sleeping Bag with Feet

Both my children have been swaddled straight from birth and after a couple of weeks we moved onto sleeping bags and cellular blankets.
Finn wore sleeping bags until he was nearly 2 years and I think it will be the same for Molly-May.
There is only one slight problem, she is such a wriggler at night so the sleeping bag always got twisted and in the morning she woke up with the sleeping bag tight around her shoulders due to everything being twisted on the bottom!
So I started looking around for alternatives because no sleeping bag wasn't a option she always kicks away her covers and mostly sleeps on top of them come the morning!
And the I found the perfect solution! 
Somebody was actually clever enough to make sleeping bags with feet! 
Hurrah to that!

Let me tell you what Slumbersac says about their innovative toddler sleeping bag with feet:

Slumbers sleeping bags with feet are great for helping your child as they learn to walk and explore their world for the first time! Toddlers can enjoy the comfort and security of their sleeping bag while still being able to move about freely. The innovative sleeping bags are designed so that your child's feet fit inside the sleeing bag when sleeping and when they wake up they can pop their feet through the openings and walk or crawl around in it!
Slumbersac's are made from soft 100% jersey cotton, lined with 100% cotton and padded with soft quick-dry polyester fleece.
What we think about our new Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet:

We have been using the sleeping bag from Slumbersac for the last two weeks and I am converted! 
So much so that I will be selling all my old sleeping bags and get a spare one!
It washes really well and stays as soft as it came out of the package!

We decided on the 18-24 month Size which measures 90cm (from shoulder to feet) and MM got plenty of room with her just turning 19 month old it will last us for quite a while and the 1 tog because even though the heating is not yet on in the house we are still co sleeping so she is sometimes cuddling up under my duvet with me (but only for the start of the night 
then she will wriggle around the bed!)

The Slumbersac sleeping bag came especially handy over the last week when Molly-May came down with croup and fever and just wanted to cuddle and sleep and repeat! So i could leave her in her warm and cosy sleeping bag after her nap whilst cuddling with her on the couch.

I love the fact that they have such a cute unisex star design and the turquoise is such a nice colour. 
The zip opens and closes up nicely and the zip cover on the chest is soft enough to move over when closing the sleeping bag (which i remember was always a faff with our old sleeping bags!)

The Slumbersac's are priced from £18.99 - £22.99 and come in 4 different sized from 12 month up to 4 years and 3 different tog sizes from 1 tog up to 2.5 tog.

You can check out the full range over at www.slumbersac.co.uk.

Another cute little details is that you can personalise your sleeping bag with your child's name for a added £5.95 or even make it the perfect christmas gift for another little one!

Disclaimer: I have been send a Slumbersac for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.
We're going on an adventure

19 September 2015

Drink, Shop & Hen Do!

Back in May my lovely Friend Jen and my Cousin Nic threw me
a fabulous Hen Do to remember forever.
After Mr. C. decided to celebrate a Stag Year with various Stag Events (from a Father and Son's Meal, Stag in the Pub to a whole 10 days in Ibiza and not to forget the night before the wedding one last knees up as a "free man") i decided to start my Hen Do a day earlier then the main event.
My Cousin Nic, my Future Sister in Law Karen and myself went for a Meal at Wagamama before we had a Cinema Screen Date with Mr. Grey.

The next day we took the train to Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush where i had my Make Up professionally done at the Laura Mercier Stand in House of Fraser and after a quick lunch we headed to Kings Cross to meet up with the rest of the Girls.

Having been at my Hen Do Venue beforehand i was looking forward to visiting again.

Drink Shop & Do is a great place for all sorts of shenanigans. 
Its a cafe by day and a bar at night and so much more! 

My Hen Do kicked off with a boozy afternoon tea followed by embroiding our very own Panties 
as well as the ultimative "How well do you think your future Husband knows you" Game. 
Turns out he could learn a thing or 2 about me haha.
Jen decorated the wall in our room with all sorts of "Celebrity Couples" filled with our faces 
my favourite by far was the Kim & Kayne one! So funny:

Filled up with Cake, Tea, Champagne, Cocktails and of course the not to be missed Willie Straws 
we made our way downstairs into the bar where we had our own little area to party on.
My Cousin started a Game "Guess the Baby" where she gave me 3 clues to who the person is 
and then i had to guess which one of the pictures in front of me the said person was!

I normally don't drink but because i stayed over at my cousins house AND it was my Hen Do i might had a few cocktails and a shot,...or 2, 3, 4,..... i think we stopped counting after a while!

I had such a great time with all my lovely friends it was most certainly a night to remember!
And my hangover the next day wasn't too bad thanks to my Cousin's Husband serving me a 
rather delicious Hang Over Breakfast....Lucky me!!

16 September 2015

Its been one of those Days...Weeks...

So when i arrived back in our lovely new rented home after the Wedding and Holiday i had so much spirit and excitement of all the wedding related posts and updates of the kids and much more to bring to all of you and then...
....the end of the summer holidays happened - you know those last 2 weeks where the kids get hyper and Mummy cant do loads because she thought it was such a splendid idea to have her eyes lasered in the summer holidays (not thinking of any complications or healing process taking longer then expected into account....how selfish)
....the week of no driving happened - stuck indoors, rubbish weather with just mummy to have as company....reason can be seen above!
....back to school happened - getting use to early morning wake up calls from your phone (or in our case not hearing the alarm go off and being over 1 hour too late for the first day off school)
....a car accident happened - defiantly didn't plan this one....but last Wednesday somebody drove into my driver doors just after the school run, busy road it just happened... BANG! 
Not a experience i would like to repeat EVER again and after several days of headaches and whiplash pain i am getting back to my normal self again....minus the car which is a write off....or not the insurance don't really talk to each other and everybody said something else....
plus many many phone calls to insurance, claim department, hire companies and so on,
that alone is a headache for itself!
Picture Credit Pintrest
But i am still trying to keep positive i finally have a hire car to keep getting around until its all sorted.
So i am trying to keep my chin up and see the Sunshine through all those clouds!
Sorry for the rather negative and "down" post today but i felt like writing it off my chest!
Here is to positive and better days,....weeks....ahead of me!

15 September 2015

Project Shout - Shouting about Carbon Monoxide Alarms

When we viewed our new rented property for the first time i spotted this small little device installed just next to the boiler cupboard upstairs and immediately asked the Estate Agent what is was because it did not look like a fire alarm to me (and i saw a firearm downstairs already) so when she told me its a Carbon Monoxide alarm which the Landlords have to have fitted on every rented property now i saw it as another positive that i would like to rent the house because not only was it lovely, newly renovated but i felt this little device made it a little bit securer! I have to be honest with you i did not research CO and last week when i received a email asking me if i would like to get involved in Project SHOUT in raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide and i felt very strongly that this is a great project which needs more shouting about so i was more then happy to spread the word, inform/research it myself and tell my readers about it!

Did you know that every year in the UK, over 200 people are hospitalised with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to approximately 50 deaths and one person dies every week from the deadly gas!

Project SHOUT want to change this by raising awareness of this silent killer and highlight the simple solutions that could save lives. 

What is Carbon Monoxide?
Carbon monoxide gas is a silent killer. It has no colour, taste or smell. 
It is invisible to the human senses.

CO is produced by the incomplete burning of fuels such as coal, wood, oil and natural gas. The shortage of oxygen leads to the creation of CO instead of the usually produced carbon dioxide CO2. Carbon monoxide is produced when a fuel is not burnt properly. The most common sources are faulty boilers, gas fires and cookers.

Stacy Rodgers’ lost her son Dominic to CO poisoning!On a night like many others, Stacey kissed her 10 year old son Dominic goodnight, told him she loved him and went to bed. That was the last time she talk to him, please have a look at 
Stacey's Story in this short video:

Louise Aspinall whose family’s lives were saved by having an alarm is talking about her story:

The only certified way to detect CO is with an audible carbon monoxide alarm. However there are additional steps you can take to ensure you’re as safe as possible when it comes to this gas. 
If you visit www.projectshout.com/resources you can find informative fact sheets for you to 
download to help shout about the dangers of CO.

Disclaimer: In return of writing about Project Shout and raising awareness i have been seen a Project Shout Box, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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