25 March 2015

Hey DJ play a Song! 3in1 Chicco Music Band Table

We have a very musical daughter she loves nothing better then moving up and down as soon as there is some music to be heard. 
So it comes as no surprise that on our recent visit to the new Chicco HQ
she was all over the 3in1 Music Band Table!

A little bit more about the 3in1 Music Band Table:

This brand new music activity table has got plenty of entertaining going on with 25 tunes and sound effects on 3 different musical toys. All 3 of those are removable so the babies can drag them around the living room as there are pleased Molly-May likes to put hers in her big toy car or in her playpen!
So there is the Drums which has 3 electronic play modes, rhythm, time and composing songs.
Then there is the Maracas who feature a a roller and colourful flaps to play with and then there is the super cool DJ console with a slide, scratching disk and a record player stylus.
Her Uncle Sven (who is a DJ himself) would be very proud knowing we have 
a little DJ in the making!
What we thought about the Product?

Molly-May loves playing with the 3 different musical toys but as you can see on the pictures there are very rarely on the base and more on the move with her dragging them off the base!

I love the fact that its bright and colourful and MM and her friends can all have a go at once when they are over for a play date.

Its a lovely Music Table with plenty of activities and sounds to keep the little ones entertained the only slight niggle i have is, although its great that babies can remove the 3 separate musical toys themselves when MM was just starting to stand up she was holding onto 1 of them and it just fallen right out of the base and onto the floor, so holding on to the toys whilst trying to stand up is a no go for younger toddlers now that she is more confident in walking and standing and balancing herself out its not a problem anymore.

The Music Table retails for £39.99 but there are always offers in the Internet to be found!

Its suitable from age 9 month + and as with most of the Chicco Toys we had so far the batteries 
are included (hurrah for that)!

To check out even more great Chicco Toys head over here.

I personally love their Fit & Fun range which is aimed for slightly older children! 
If we would have a garden the Goal League would be on top of my list for his 
birthday in the Summer!

Disclaimer: I have been send the 3in1 Music Band Table from Chicco for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

24 March 2015

"Kids Don't Come With a Manual" Review & Competition

When I was asked if I would like to read a new parent book I have to say I was sceptical because I have read quite a few over the years since becoming a parent and even before that when i was working as a Nanny and I never really found them that useful.

But I can honestly say that this book has changed my whole parenting book perspective!

Ever since Molly-May has joined our family Finn and me disconnected and we are yet to find a way back together we still have a bond but it feels like a string with knots in it ever so often, well actually it's most days we both fall out and I feel like a pretty shit mum when I tell him off because once again he just doesn't listen to me.

The book title says it all: 

A short summary what the book is about:

Deal with everyday parenting challenges without confrontation or anger.
Help children to become happy, fulfilled and self-reliant adults.
Maintain a strong and loving connection with children throughout their lives.
Agree on a balanced and more enjoyable approach to parenting.

Here is what the Authors Nadim & Carol Saad say:

"As a couple, we wanted to find a solution to the endless arguments about how best to parent our three children. Like many families we were torn between the gentler “laissez-faire” approach and the more disciplinarian “tiger mum” philosophy. Yet what we really wanted was a way of parenting that could fit with our two different personalities, allowing us to parent in harmony, raising children who could grow to be happy and fulfilled adults.
We found that so many parents relate to our story that we decided to create simple and effective tools that would help us work better as a team and to make parenting more fun and enjoyable."

This is certainly something I would love to achieve I know nobody is perfect but we both can do with a bit more teamwork and balance when it comes to our parenting skills.
Because right now I feel like it's mummy's word against daddy's or the other way around 
when Finn doesn't listen....

I love how easy and simple the tool sections are and I started to use Tool Number 2 - 
Limited Choices with Finn over the last week.

Every morning after breakfast when it comes to getting dressed or just to put his shoes or jacket on so we can head out the door for the school run there is mostly a "No" or a argument involved. 
So I have been giving him the choice: "Do you want to put your shoes on now or in 5 minutes?" He obviously chooses to carry on playing and I will tell him 2 minutes before the time is over so he can prepair himself. There hasn't been a time where this method or tool didn't work it's so simple but yet I would have never thought of it!

Another great feature of the book are the voice examples where you can hear what the Strict Parent/All-heart Parent has to say about the tool methods.

I told Mr. C. that I would like him to read the book too so we can do it alongside each other. 
My idea is to print out some of the Tools sections from the book and stick them onto my living room wall to remind myself to use them!

Thank you to the brilliant authors who have given me a little slice of happiness back 
for our morning routine!

You can buy the book over on the Best of Parenting website 
for £12.99 (Paperback) & £6.99 (Kindle version).

You can also head over to their Facebook and Twitter Pages for more parenting tips!

Or you can enter my competition to win your very own copy of "Kids Don't Come With a Manual"
all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below:

The competition is open to UK Residents only and will close at 11.59pm on the 3rd of April 2015. 

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I have been send a Kindle version of "Kids Don't Come With A Manual" for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

23 March 2015

BRIDE: The Wedding Show in Ascot - My Mothers Day Treat

This years Mothers Day started like any normal Sunday in our House, getting up with the kids making some breakfast getting them dresses, play with them.
(After a little reminder that it is indeed Mothers Day today) Finn handed me this lovely homemade card which he did at his school:

After we all got ready Mr. C. and the kids drove me to Ascot where BRIDE: The Wedding Show took place for the 2. year running.
Upon arrival i got greeted by the most charming elderly door man ever bless him, 
he really made me smile! 
With over 70 stalls there was plenty for me to explore. Next to Photographers and Caterers, Cake Makers there was Wedding Decoration, Entertainment and Suit Hire as well as a few Wedding Shops showing off some of there Bridal Gowns.
There was a Catwalk show with Wedding Gowns, Mother of the Bride Outfits as well as some dancing Groomsmen.

I really enjoyed the show and thought the music and choreography was fabulous the only slight negative i have to say is that i wished that they would have modelled the dresses on bigger sized Models some off the female Models who where on the catwalk where dressed in too big dresses 
and pinned in which just didn't look that nice!
I am not saying they shouldn't have thin Models at all but it would be nice to have a round of Plus Size Models with some of the Wedding Dress Shops attending the Show who are catering for up to size 32 it would have been great to show off their bigger size range.
I think i don't speak alone if i say that not every bride to be visiting the Wedding Fair 
and watching the Catwalk Show is a size 8. 
After all the Catwalk Show is to give you ideas and show you different gowns for you to take inspiration home!
After watching the show i made my way to say hello to Lisa from Sculptlite who was one off the Exhibitors at the Wedding Show.
I agreed to be her Model for the Day because she had life demonstrations so potential clients can see first hand how it works. So with my Flanks on the machine i had a nice lay down on her table (and nearly fallen asleep i was so relaxed:

Overall i came away having had a lovely chilled out time spend chatting to so many different Exhibitors from the Wedding Industry and getting loads of inspiration for my big day.

Here are some of my favourite Exhibitors i found:

Of course there was Sculptlite the brand new Fat Freezing Treatment 
you can read more about it over here.

Picture credit: Shoes by Suzanne's website 
Shoes by Suzanne who is based in Bracknell, Berkshire (but offers postal delivery too) 
personalises your shoes for your special Day! Prices start from 25£ up to 75£ depending how much sparkles and details you want on your shoes.
I am hoping to bring in my preloved Rainbow shoes and let her work some magic to 
cover the stains with the sane lace then i have on my dress (watch this space!).

Picture Credit: Let Love Blooms website
Let Love Blooms from Berkshire will make your very own luxurious and individual bouquet, corsages, buttonholes, head dresses, fascinators and other accessories everything is hand made to be just perfect for you!
I am yet to decided what to put in my hair but i might use some of the lace of my dress to create a lovely side piece once i figured out how i want my hair for my wedding.

Picture credit: Jason Charles Jewellery website
Jason Charles Jewellery from Sunninghill, Ascot make beautiful bespoke jewellery.
Whether you’d like your wedding ring tailored to fit with your engagement ring, or wish to personalise your band with a unique design, they can help you create the perfect piece of jewellery.
I love the fact that they make a mold for your curvy shaped engagement ring so your new wedding ring has the perfect shape to fit in with your engagement ring.
I am one of those brides to be to have chosen a unusual curvy design so i have no choice then have one made for me i am yet to decide what i exactly want.

The Hanging Lantern Company has got some gorgeous paper lantern and other decorations to make your wedding venue light up and looking fantastic on your big day.

You can either buy and decorate yourself or they offer a professional lantern set-up & installation service which takes that little bit of stress away from your big day and you know it will look perfect!

I am going to Germany soon so i will be visiting my venue again and will be measuring my tables and check out what kind of decoration i would love for our big day. i love the look of the yellow, grey and white lanterns together with some pompoms i think it would go perfectly with our rustic scheme and add the added wow factor.
I also picked up a goodies bag from the BRIDE Stand and a few other freebies like the cute camera biscuit, popcorn and a mug (always useful right?) 

Disclaimer: I have been given a free Ticket to attend the Wedding Show but i have not been asked to write about the companies i mentioned i loved their work and wanted to share it with you so all thoughts and opinions are mine.

21 March 2015

I Said YES to the Dress!

Finally what seemed like a decade i found the one, after at least 15 bridal shops and 1 wedding show (more about that very soon) and 50 different dresses i found the one!
I spontaneously decided 2 days ago that i will book in with a few shops i haven't yet visited 
and my first appointment took me to Beaconsfield a little village near me.
Pure Couture is a nice bright little Bridal Shop, i have been to many over the last few months 
but nothing as pretty and welcoming as this one:
(Picture credit: Pure Couture Facebook/Twitter Page)
I was greeted by the lovely Libby whom I spoken to the day before to arrange a appointment!
She showed me a list of dresses who are possible yes to be ordered in for me in such short notice after all i only have got 4 month until I fly to Germany to sort the last bits out for our big day.
Talk about being organised!
Most of the other shops I have visited in the last few weeks have told me that I'am far too late to even consider ordering new and I need to look in their sample and off the rail sale collection which is nearly impossible when you are a wedding dress size 18 and barely all the sizes are a sample size 10 or 12.
But not Libby, she done her homework and showed me all the dresses I can choose from to try on and  then left me to browse through the rest of the dresses.
I took 4 dresses with me into the changing room and just before we got started she told me that she has one of the dresses in a size 18 so off she went to fetch it for me! Faith???
The first 2 dresses didn't flatter my figure due to a long bodice or half a fishtail 
which I just can't pull off after having 2 babies.
Then i tried on the 3rd Dress (in my size) so she could do up the lace on the back for me.
And there it was, that WOW  feeling you get when you know you found the one!
It might sound silly but I didn't think I would get that feeling, with such short time to play with 
and nearly settling for 2. best (which wasn't even 2. best!) I was praying for a miracle.
Now i obviously cant show you a picture of it but i can say this:
It has just the right floaty feel to it, 
it's sparkly and its from the amazing Designer Stella York
it's the complete opposite of my ivory lace dream dress I thought i want!
Somehow I don't do things the simple way so there will be alterations done to remove the train and shorten it to the length of my shoes as well as adding some capped sleeves and something for the bare back with the same material and lace and beading then in the dress.
I cannot wait to go back to the store start of April to get started on the design for the capped sleeves.
Pure Couture are not only a fantastic Bridal Store they also have their very own team of in house seamstresses whom I cannot wait to magic me some amazing detail onto the dress!
So if you are in need of a wedding dress head and happened to live in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire don't hesitate to ring up Pure Couture and arrange a appointment with their brilliant team.
Another thing what I loved about the brilliant Customer Service was that i never had the feeling that i am urged to buy a dress straight away (and believe me i had the total opposite happen to me) Libby told me the dress has to be right for me and the most important thing is that i feel like a million dollar.
Just after I had my WOW moment in the dress i heard a knock on one of their shop windows, a elderly lady who was passing by the shop and seeing me in the dress gave me the thumbs up and a massive smile, how adorable is that???
So no more wedding dress related post for me for a while I well and truly ticked this box!!
But there might be a little post coming about tips and tricks what i have learnt when trying to find the right dress and visiting a bridal store!
I cannot wait to show you all my finished dress after my big day! Only 126 days to go!!

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write about the Shop but wanted to share my experience and the top level of customer service i received whilst looking (and finding) my wedding dress.

20 March 2015

Trillo Carseat from Joie

Last Month we had a exiting delivery for non other then Finn himself and he even did a happy dance when i told him that the parcel is for him.

The lovely Joie Ladies send Finn the Trillo Caraseat to test out:

Assembling the Car seat was done in less then 10 minutes with the step by step instructions and it was equally easy to anchor the seat to our ISOFIX connection points.

Here are some important Facts about the Car seat:

Forward facing from 15-36kg
ISOSAFE connectors which fit the seat to the vehicles's ISOFIX connection points
7 position height adjustable headrest
Comes with side impact protection
Breathable fabrics
Well-marked colour-coded installation paths
2 tuck away cup holders

Size: l 55 x 38.5 x h 68.5cm (with the highest height going up to 83cm)

The Car seat weighs 5.9kg is classified as Group 2/3 with 15-36kg

What we thought about the Trillo Car seat:

Having used our new car seat for well over a month now we think its brilliant.
It fits perfectly into the seat and the connectors stay in place. 

Finn told me that he is very comfortable in his new seat and his favourite feature is defiantly 
the double cup holders where he hides his little toys (and forgets about them!) if not in use 
with a drinking cup.

I like the fact that the fabric is fully removable for easy washing in case of a accident and i love the 
2 coloured fabric which gives it a nice stylish look.

The fabric itself is not only super soft its also breathable which will be great for the summer and unlike our last model it has much more padding which makes long distance journey in the car much more comfortable for my little rider.

The Seat itself feels really sturdy and together with the sides and head rest my mind is at ease knowing that Finn will have protection from head to hips when we are driving.

With our old car seat Finn barely fallen asleep and if he did then his head was titling forward most of the time. But with the Trillo having a large headrest those problems are a thing of the past and i am happy to know that he will be safe and snug when falling asleep.

The Trillo booster car seat from Joie has a RRP: of £79.99 but there are always deals and promotions online if you shop around. 

If you want to know more about the Joie Car seat range and their other products 
head over to their website.

Or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I have been send the Trillo Carseat from Joie for reviewing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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