2 May 2013

iCandy Apple Review

There is always a first for everything....mine was the iCandy Apple Travel system.

After my 20 weeks scan I collected my eBay bargain blackcurrant iCandy Apple for 200 Pounds. It came with a carrycot, overnight mattress, rain cover, seat unit, chassis, Maxi Cosi car seat adaptors and the jogger wheel (to make it a 3wheeler). It was only 2 years old and in top condition! Even Mr. C. was impressed when we pushed it back to our car I quote: "there is only the engine missing than it would be my kind of ride"!
Back in 2010 I would have described myself a pushchair novice (although I did push a lot of buggies in my time as a nanny) and I didn't think any pushchair company would excite me as much as iCandy.

What made me choose the iCandy Apple?

- its a all terrain pushchair and i had the option to change it into a 3wheeler with the jogger wheel
- it has a unique one hand fold mechanism which I think is great if you carrying your baby and only got 1 hand free to open/close the pushchair
- I compared the sizes of the carrycot and seat units between the cherry, apple and the peach and the apple came out 1. place and i liked the fact my child could stay in the carrycot until he was 6 month old ( I did factor in that my child might be tall like his daddy and wanted it to last long enough until we switched to the seat on the recommended age of
6 month)
- its a 3 in one travel system and can take the car seat, carrycot and after 6 month the seat unit
- the seat unit can be used forward and rear facing.
- I did try a cherry and a apple before I bought one and thought the apple was just that bit more stable and secure on the frame and wheels.
- adjustable handle height which I think is great for the taller dad to be able to push it more easily
- with all iCandy Pushchairs you get very generous size shopping baskets which i think is a very important feature because lets face it when you have a baby you take everything but the kitchen sink when you leave the house at least that's how it feels sometimes ;o)
- and lastly sweet fruity names was defiantly a very catchy name for a pushchair who wouldn't want a slice of a candy apple in his life ;o)

Click HERE for some more information about the iCandy Apple.

Here are some of the pictures of Finn in his iCandy Apple when he was a baby:

But the British family run business founded in early 1930´s didn't stop at just producing apples, 
no there is a whole "fruity basket" for you to fall in love with, 
here a little run down on all the iCandy products:

iCandy Apple - Travel system, All Terrain, can grow with your family to turn into a double
iCandy Pear - double Version of the iCandy Apple
iCandy Cherry - same features as the Apple but it has got a super light weight aluminium chassis making it the perfect City Buggy
iCandy Peach 2 - improved version of the Apple shiny frame and lovely bright colours
iCandy Peach blossom 2 - double version of the peach 2
iCandy Peach jogger - air filled front and rear tyres, all terrain travel system, the most amazing and certainly eye catching flavours (you might have guessed by now I am in love!!)
iCandy Strawberry - upgraded version of the Cherry, lovely sleek and shiny light weight frame as well as gorgeous flavours (colours), unique STEP AND STAND FOLD action, carrycot mattress is suitable for overnight sleeping

Every iCandy comes with a 2 year warranty and iCandy does not allow any of the retailers to sell their products online so you got the chance to "test drive" your new iCandy in the shop before purchasing it, which I personally recommend doing with EVERY buggy you are looking to buy new or preloved its always good to have a look before you buy!

For more Information about the iCandy Pushchair Range & Accessories and the latest news visit iCandy world HERE or check out there Facebook and Twitter Page.

Our beloved iCandy Apple was with us for the first 18 month of Finnster´s life and and mastered all the adventures we took him on into perfection, from snowy Germany to sunny Fuerteventura nothing what he didn't manage.
Because we didn't wanted to just store it in the garage till we need it again it went on a trip over to Germany to be used as Benno´s new ride, who is Finnster´s 2. Cousin.

Overall I would give the iCandy Apple 9 out of 10 and the only negative I can think of is that it wont fold in 1 piece with the seat unit on but thats just me being ultra fussy otherwise I can´t fault the Buggy at all and defiantly would go back to a (newer model) iCandy in the future ;o)

Well, I am already planning way ahead (German preciseness and all that) and for the last year the iCandy Peach Jogger is on my wish list on the top spot for when there is another pitter patter in the "C." Household in the future.

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  1. I have an iCandy Peach Jogger waiting for bump - LOVE it! :)



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