2 May 2014

A new chapter - Let the countdown begin!

Today is the 2. May 2013 in exactly 1 year/ 52 weeks / 365 days we are getting married!!! So I just thought it's fitting that today I will start OFFICALLY with planning the big day!

Of course there has been times already where we started chatting about colours (can't do red and white too much "Arsenal" colours he said!) and food and music and outfits,...I put it down somewhere as a note on my phone or on a piece of paper but now it's getting serious!
With me spending the next couple of weeks in Germany I have time to source the caterers my Mum got recommended talk with my florist friend about ideas, check out the venue and maybe have a look at some churches once Mr. C. comes over for a log weekend later on into our stay.
Loads to plan loads of decitions to be made but I cannot wait to share my planning with you all and hope your looking forward to following my journey to our big day next year!! (Your probably not as exited as I am but that's completely fine!)

So here it is let's do this!!
Let the Countdown begin!!
Wish me luck!

Any tips you have along the way to not turn me into a "bridezilla" along the way?

Anything you had at your wedding and thought you could have actually saved yourself some money there because it was not needed at all? I would love to know!

One exiting bride-to-be AK xx

1 comment:

  1. Yay, how exciting! it will no doubt fly by too! That also means my big monkey will be 7 that day....scary!



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